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CWC | Teaser

For decades now, one staple of late fall in Santa Cruz is the Coldwater Classic at Steamer Lane.  Last year ushered in a new format unlike the various incarnations the event has seen previously. That same format returns in 2014 with the second annual O’Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational. The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Specialty [...]

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Torrey Meister | Chapter 5 | Las Palmeras

Torrey Meister | Chapter 5 | Las Palmeras from O’Neill on Vimeo. For Torrey Meister, Winning the 2013 O’Neill Coldwater Classic, not only provided him with an O’Neill sponsorship and $50k to travel the world to surf the WQS.  He also received an additional prize provided by Mulcoy Travel and the Las Palmeras Surf Camp. [...]

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Torrey Meister | Chapter 4 | Gooseberry Road Trip

Torrey Meister | Chapter 4 | Gooseberry Road Trip from O’Neill on Vimeo. Torrey Meister’s win at the O’Neill Coldwater Classic in November of 2013 not only provided him with $50k to travel to compete in the WQS, it also provided a full O’Neill sponsorship. As a sponsored O’Neill surfer, Torrey got the invite to [...]

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Torrey Meister | Chapter 3 | OZ FLURRY

Torrey Meister | Chapter 3 | OZ FLURRY from O’Neill on Vimeo.

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Torrey Meister at Home – Chapter 2

Torrey Meister at Home | Chapter 2 from O’Neill on Vimeo.

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Torrey Meister – Chapter 1 “Welcome to Team O’Neill!”

TORREY MEISTER – CHAPTER 1 “WELCOME TO TEAM O’NEILL!” from O’Neill on Vimeo. In November of 2013 Torrey won the Coldwater Classic Invitational and took home the “winner take all” grand prize, which was a sponsorship from O’Neill consisting of $50,000 to travel the world and compete in the World Qualifying Series in pursuit of [...]

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2013 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Re-Cap Video

2013 Cold Water Classic Invitational Recap from O’Neill on Vimeo. The 2013 Coldwater Classic Invitational was a complete success! Great waves, weather and 16 surfers pushing themselves to the limits to take home the prize of a $50,000 sponsorship with O’Neill.


2013 Cold Water Classic Invitational Highlights

Check out the highlights from one extremely long day of competition during this years Cold Water Classic Invitational. We would also like to welcome Torrey Meister to the team!


O’Neill CWC 2013 Invitational Preview

As the longest running surf contest in North America, Santa Cruz’s Coldwater Classic has been drawing some of the biggest names in the sport for decades. While the contest has been a 6-star ’QS and World Tour event in the past, this year we’ll see an entirely different format. In an attempt to shine light [...]

O'Neill 60 Years of Innovation Art Tour

Art Exhibition



Matt Wilkinson, Steamer Lane


Taj Burrow, Steamer Lane

Finals – Best Action clip

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Day 5 – Highlights – round 3 & 4


Day 5 – Best action clip – round 3 & 4

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Local artist Jim Phillips

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Day 5 – Morning Show

Kelly Slater, Steamer Lane

Day 4 – HIGHLIGHTS – round 2 & 3

Dusty Payne, Steamer Lane

Day 4 – Best Action Clip – round 2 & 3

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