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Wednesday, OCTOBER 31st

Date: November 1st, 2012

BRIEF OVERVIEW:  Fun size WNW swell prevails on the first day of the waiting period, Thursday the 1st. A passing front will bring some showers in the morning, with skies clearing over the afternoon and manageable wind conditions most of the day. A larger WNW swell is lining up for the afternoon of Sunday the 4th and Monday the 5th with favorable conditions, if the storm behaves as forecast in the next few days.



SWELL/SURF: Mid period WNW swell continues with surf in the 4-5’+ occ. 6’+ range on the face (head high/slightly overhead sets).

WIND/WEATHER: A passing front will set up some showers in the early morning, clearing for the afternoon. Wind will be light/variable to light E/SE in the morning but really doesn’t look too problematic. Wind shifts to the W/WNW through the later morning and afternoon 5-10kts.



SWELL/SURF: Fading, but contestable, WNW swell with mostly 3-4’+ sets and a few leftover sets reaching head high. The swell will be backing down through the day, although the afternoon lower tide will help out conditions.

WIND/WEATHER: Light/variable to light NE wind in the morning. WNW wind in the afternoon 7-9kts. Patchy fog in the morning, clearing at least partially in the afternoon.



SWELL/SURF: Weak leftovers from the WNW and minor SW swell with very small surfthrough the full tides in the morning/early afternoon. As the tide drops some 2-3’ (waist high) sets show in the afternoon.

WIND/WEATHER: Mostly sunny skies and light/variable to light NE wind in the morning. WNW wind in the afternoon 7-10kts.



SWELL/SURF: Rebuilding swell/surf through the day. Fun size WNW swell in the morning with 3-5’ faces. Larger, long period NW swell building in the afternoon with overhead sets, if the storm behaves as currently forecast. Stay tuned.

WIND/WEATHER: Mostly sunny skies and light/variable to light NE wind in the morning. Light NW wind in the afternoon 5-8kts.



SWELL/SURF: Mid to longer period WNW swell fills in further, and is strongest in the morning, if storm behaves as forecast in a few days. Good potential forsurf running from head high to a couple feet overhead. Stay tuned.

WIND/WEATHER: Mostly sunny skies and light/variable to light ENE/NE wind in the morning. Light NW wind in the afternoon 5-8kts.




A fun to medium size WNW swell will move in on Thursday from a storm now just off the coast of Central California. Head high+/slightly overhead sets will show at the Lane on Thursday with decreasing, but contestable, waves on Friday. Minor leftovers prevail Saturday along with a minor pulse of SW swell.


Our next swell continues to look more promising and will move at the end of the weekend and continue into Monday,with a couple of different pulses, if the storm behaves as currently forecast. The first pulse will move in for the morning with fun size, mid period and more westerly angled surf in the chest-head high range.


The second and larger pulse will be longer period, more NW’erly in direction and will build in for the afternoon hours Sunday and continue through Monday. Surf running from head high to a couple feet overhead will show at the Lane and it could even be a little larger. Smaller, but still very contestable waves in the waist-head high range prevail Tuesday. Stay tuned, we’ll have more concrete details on thisdeveloping swell as we see the storm evolve in the next couple days.


Going further out, after the above swell fades there is nothing of real significance on the longer range charts/models.



A passing front on Thursday will set up morning showers but wind conditions look very manageable, even for the morning. Wind will be light/variable from the E/SE early, but not much more than 3-6kts. Winds clock around to westerly over the late morning and come up from the WNW in the afternoon as skies clear.


High pressure will then build over the region Friday and strengthen later this weekend and continue over the region early next week. Wind conditions will be light and generally favorable throughoutthis time (see day by day breakdown above for specifics). Patchy fog Friday and into Saturday will give way to sunny skies Sunday through Mon/Tue.


Going further out, long range charts/models indicate the high will break down for the second half of nextweek with increased onshore flow and the possibility of precipitation. Staytuned.


Next Update: Thursday night, Nov 1st


Forecast Blog: http://www.surfline.com/surf-science/oneill-coldwater-classic—official-forecast—forecaster-blog_78034/


Happy Halloween!












This forecast is provided as part of an event consulting agreement recognizing Surfline as the official forecaster for the O’Neill Coldwater Classic. Your organization is free to publish this forecast information and release it to the press under the condition that Surfline is credited as the source of the forecast information.

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