37º N is the latitude of Santa Cruz, California, O’Neill’s original heartland. It’s also our conceptual guide for this season’s creative 
direction, connecting everything back to 
O’Neill’s deep heritage with our Americana line. Americana is all about those traditional colours of the USA – red, white and blue –, bold vintage patterns like Native Navajo, checks and stripes, and classic silhouettes. We’ve mixed these timeless traditions into new rugged shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, classic pants, T-shirts and outerwear using brand new fabrics, modern tailored fits, new trims and details. And this hugely popular range introduces more than 50 different artworks reflecting the colors of the California coast and its mountain heartland – that special golden light, those abandoned Californian towns and the rusty metal signs we pass as we move through dynamic landscapes from the magical fall surf and the first winter snows.

O'Neill Americana collection

Americana collection for men

Americana collection for women