Anna Sui special Bohemian Collection

The Anna Sui for O’Neill Fall collection is full of drama. Beautifully hand crafted touches add to the luxurious feel. Anna’s spring 2013 collection served as the starting point, with a print taken directly from her show and a few new prints inspired from her previous runway looks. The essence of Anna comes to life through details such as art nouveau motifs and her signature butterfly sprinkled throughout the collection.

O'Neill x Anna Sui bohemian collection

This collection was truly inspired by the light of the moon. She wanders across desert frontiers, dancing among bone-dry seas of sand and fiery black rivers. She blazes a trail through the barren landscape like a windswept gypsy warrior. The spirit of the land fills her soul. There is nowhere to go but everywhere, nothing ahead of her but vast roads and endless sky. The prairie winds carry her to a lonely truck stop. It is her last chance for a breathing spell; the final stopover before her dance with the moon shadows begins. As the last light of day fades, she turns her eyes to the sky and listens to the howling in the distance. The dancer closes her wild eyes, breaths in the beat of this whimsical rhythm...and absorbs the energy of the cold blue moon from across the desert sky.


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