What would you do when you could surf day and night, camp everywhere you want, what would you do if only the elements of nature would stand between you and the most amazing waves on the planet? Only 1/3 of the surfable ocean waves are warm and tropical. Jack O’Neill developed the wetsuit in 1952 and with that opened the door to the other 2/3 with often empty line-ups and ice-cold but picture-perfect waves. Why always go to tropical over-crowded locations is what O’Neill Benelux team rider Dominga Valdes asked herself. Together with 4 of the best Dutch and Belgium surfers, she travelled to the freezing cold land full of mysteries: Iceland, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean - to find perfection.

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They left with a bag full of thick O'Neill wetsuits, camping gear and thick winterclothes to the Island only 3,5 hours by plane from Amsterdam and came back with great stories, amazing images and an experience to never forget. It does not matter which direction you look, every view is even prettier then the one before and in every bay the most amazing but brainfreezing cold waves. Enjoy this breathtaking country and the surfing from Holland and Belgiums best surfers.

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