Snow season has started!

Our new winter collection includes some unique new styles, we start by taking a look at an O’Neill rider whose own expectations of himself have taken him to unreasonably high levels in the world of snowboarding. Literally. Jeremy Jones is not just one of our sport’s greatest riders, he is a true innovator. His refusal to be limited by the known has taken him deep into the unknown and to do this he has broken boundaries throughout his career. Jeremy’s story is an inspiration and his new line of clothing is inspired by deep knowledge of snowboarders’ and skiers’ needs and desires. From street look resort wear to highly technical backcountry gear, his collaboration with designer Kyle NG has, once again drawn more bold, innovative and ultra-stylish lines in the snow. Another outstanding new winter collection is coming soon: Retro Ski! The snow items of Retro Ski will bring us back the nostalgic memories of the first snow gear from a bygone era. Stylish and dry while reminiscing epic times shredding the slopes with the coolest/happiest retro ski clothes you can find this season.