Life of Glide

Backcountry snowboard legend Jeremy Jones launches his latest movie ‘Life of Glide’ in association with O’Neill and TGR. After raising the bar for backcountry snowboarding with Further, Deeper and Higher Jeremy’s latest film is a celebration of the pure snowboarding and the simple pleasures it gives to those who do it. The inspiration for Life of Glide comes from a poem Jeremy once wrote, in which he summoned up the greatest influences he experienced in the mountains and dissected his lifelong passion for the simple and sacred feeling he calls “the glide”.

Jeremy Jones collection

Jeremy Jones collection

About Jeremy Jones

A dictionary of superlatives has been exhausted on Jeremy Jones and he’s deserving of all. He’s hiked and ridden above and beyond what was expected of snowboarders. He’s had the strength of conviction to stand up for the environment. He created a board company following the ethos of sustainability, durability and quality. For 15 years of this transformation - O’Neill has been supporting Jeremy and together to the mantra of “rider development, rider proven” we have created a durable and functional line of big mountain wear, designed to withstand whatever the backcountry and mother nature could throw at it – the O’Neill x Jones line.

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