The majority of the plastic in our oceans is broken into small pieces 1/4 of an inch or smaller and scattered over massive areas. The center of a Vortex, where the plastic concentration is highest, is constantly moving. It is difficult to collect and retrieve this plastic without harming fish and other sea life. Only a minority of ocean plastic floats on or near the surface, while the majority sinks to the ocean floor. While it still seems impossible to clean up the Vortexes, huge volumes of plastic debris wash up on beaches and shorelines, where it can be collected relatively easily and without complex technology by the global Parley network of cleanup organizations.

Awareness campaigns, cleanup operations and recycling initiatives allow us to help alleviate immediate threats to marine wildlife and reduce the use of virgin plastics in product design, manufacturing and distribution. In close collaboration with major brands, we also work to reduce overall plastic use. Read more about A.I.R