Choose your Goggle!

There are two main types of goggle lenses that you can choose; each type/color lens will filter light differently. A ski goggle lens in the colors yellow, rose and blue are designed to perform best in low light, so when you have a cloudy vision on a powder day these types of lenses will help you see all the snow bumps on the slopes. Other lenses will function better on sunny days, these ski goggles lenses are recognizable because they are often mirrored and come in the colors black, grey, and gold. These ski goggles have as key purpose to protect your eyes and keeping the sun out.

Our advice is to always bring two pair of snow goggles when you go on ski holiday, one for the sunny days and one for when it’s cloudy. Because the more time you spend in the slopes, the more weather conditions you will encounter. O’Neill goggles can last a lifetime but only when you take care of it! After using a goggle on the slopes, first air dry you’re goggle before you store it in a soft sack. Be careful that you don’t let your goggle dry directly in the sun this can damage the anti-fogging coating. Also never let your goggle lens touch a hard surface, it can damage your goggle lens. O’Neill x Ski Goggles!


Ski Goggles for cloudy weather

Ski Goggles for sunny weather