O’Neill Snow Boots - Featuring O’Neill Firewall to keep your feet warm in cold weather!

Check out the new collection super comfortable and warm O’Neill snow boots made with quality materials. Our snow boots features the O’Neill Firewall technology that will make sure your feet are always kept warm and dry. Several cool technical details are added in our snow boots, like super soft lining for great comfort, removable molded insole for great cushioning and reinforced laces. Next to that, the snow boots could easily be worn underneath a pair of jeans to keep the casual look but also very comfortable to slide in after a long day of snowboarding or skiing.

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The O’Neill men snow boots have rubber toe shell to protect against impact and have water resistant construction up until the ankle. The seams are sealed and also made waterproof. The women snow boots are winter boots with a casual sporty twist. The women snow boots are fully lined with fake fur to keep your feet warm and have a basic water repellent upper. Our snow boots are designed to provide you with the optimum grip in the most extreme conditions, while keeping your feet warm & dry.