O’Neill Ski pants
A good pair of pants is essential on the mountain!

Our ski pants are designed to stand up to the cold during the icy winter months. The comfortable fitting insulated ski pants offer fantastic warmth and protect you against the elements! With 10K/10K waterproofness, Hyperdry technology, breathability and Thinsulate insulation it will keep your legs warm in any weather condition which makes our O’Neill ski pants the ultimate riding pant for any skier or snowboarder out on the slopes all day!

Gearing up with the appropriate ski outfit is essential, O’Neill is committed to creating innovative solutions that help you stay out in the elements longer and our O’Neill ski pants are specially designed to do just that! Keeping you warm while complimenting your performance on the slopes! Our new collection ski pants can be matched with our new collection ski jackets. Pick your favorite ski outfit and stand out from the crowd this winter season!