O'Neill Ski Jackets
Be ready for any element!

Time for a ski jacket update? The previous O’Neill jacket collection is out of stock. But no worries! The new collection is coming up within a couple of months and this winter we have the new and unique Jeremy Jones Collection waiting for you.The O'Neill ski jackets are the perfect choice for adventure seeking powder head! O’Neill ski jackets give you the performance you need with the look you want. All our ski jackets are waterproof, breathable, have cool prints and isolated with Thinsulate. The O’Neill Hyperdry with Nano-technology makes your ski jacket extremely water repellent and the O’Neill Firewall treatment reduces weight, maintains warmth and offers greater comfort on cold days!

O’Neill has a wide choice of 2 and 3 layer ski jackets, like our shells: softshell jackets will keep you dry and give you all the breathability and movability you need. The women down ski jackets are feminine, & fashionable, designed to hug the body and provide ultimate warmth and style. All O’Neill ski jackets are waterproof, breathable and have a Thinsulate insulation. This new collection of top quality ski and snowboard jackets are fully equipped for a long day on the mountain! Find your perfect O’Neill ski jacket online or in one of our O’Neill stores.