From Backcountry to the Backyard – And Everywhere in Between.

Our new Jones range naturally reflects this need for serious function but it pays equal attention to on the hill performance, and style that’s inspired by the street and surf vibe. Jeremy, who worked closely on every aspect of the collection, says that until now, he really felt like snowboard clothing made him “look like an astronaut going to the moon”. For him, he says, snowboarding isn’t “this big technical deal”, it feels more like it’s his art form. Jeremy wanted clothing that reflects this natural approach, clothing that works exactly how it needs to, but looks “more like I’d wear when I’m not in the mountains.”

Fresh And Bold New Lines

His collaboration with designer Kyle NG, which includes a new line of women’s mountain wear, has found a brand new balance between style and function. It’s Jeremy Jones once again drawing bold, innovative and ultra-stylish lines in the snow. O’Neill x Jones line supports Jeremy’s innovative and important mountain foundation, POW, Protect Our Winters, to help fight climate change.

About Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones isn’t just one of our sport’s greatest snowboarders, he is a true innovator whose own expectations of himself have taken him to unreasonably high levels. Literally. Jeremy is the master of backcountry riding, which means among other things, he spends extended periods of time in the high wilderness, hiking, climbing, camping and riding. The demands on his clothing can be truly extreme.

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