Stand Up Paddle Boarding, also called SUP is a new water sport trend fascinating everyone who likes water in combination with a paddle board. SUP is becoming one the fastest growing watersports of the last three decades. It is not quite as well-known as a bike, but it will be noticed more and more on the waters around the globe. SUP is quick and easy to learn, a lot of fun and offers a great full body workout. Reason enough to shortly introduce you to the new water sport trend! As is the norm, SUP originates from Hawaii. In the 20th century it was only photographers and surf instructors who used the paddle board to gain a better view through the upright position and to maintain contact with their students. The paddle was added later and had the advantage of quicker entry and exit to the water. SUP was recognized as the perfect alternative for days without waves and is in the meantime used on inland waters such as rivers, lakes and canals. Additionally, SUP also offers the opportunity to explore lonely and beautiful landscapes, not only in summer, but also on colder days. For those who need a little bit more action, it is also possible to attend races against other ‘suppers’.

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