The Equipment

SUP Board
The choice of the right SUP board depends on where you want to use it. For a tour in shallow waters there are specially designed Touring SUPs and small WAVE SUP boards. The all-round paddle boards are more suitable for longer and shorter distances on the water. If you like to compete then the Racing speed SUP board is the best option. The Stand Up Paddle boards are also available in various sizes. Usually a smaller paddle board is revving better, but has the disadvantage that it has less speed in shallow waters. Moreover, the titling stability and load capacity is affected by the volume of the paddle board. This means that heavier riders need more volume than lighter ones. Important: your Stand Up Paddle board has to be labeled with your name and address when using it on inland water, otherwise you may get a fine.

SUP Paddle
If more people want to use the Stand Up Paddle board, an adjustable paddle is recommended. Otherwise, a fixed paddle can be selected that will be cut to the required length. The length of the paddle depends on the height and where you want to paddle. Tip: (height + 20-30cm). The SUP paddles are available in different materials: aluminum (rugged and cheaper), wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

As with the surfboard the leash is the connecting line between body and paddle board and it is used to avoid losing the board during windy days or stronger swell. Important: Do not use a leash while paddling on a river, as there is a risk of getting stuck on sunken trees, rubbish etc. which can cause accidents.

Stand Up Paddling Outfit
Boardshorts, bikinis, wetsuits, surf leggings or UV Lycra T-shirts, here at O’Neill you can find everything on clothing to finish your look for a great and fantastic time on your paddle board. With the right clothing your SUP season can be extended to the whole year. Get your outfit now at O’Neill. Happy paddle boarding!


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