Seb Toots
Full name: Sebastien Toutant
AKA: Seb Toots
Date of birth: 9 November 1992
Nationality: Canadian
Home town: Montreal, Canada
Local spot: Repentigny
Height / weight: 1,70 m / 70 kg
Started riding: 9 years old
Stance: Goofy
Favorite spot: L'entrepot Restaurant and to ride Mont Royal.
Board: Ride Buck_Up Seb Toots Signature
Favorite trick: BS 540
Favorite event: Ride Shakedown Montreal
Heroes: Travis Rice

Seb's Favorites


It was very clear very early on that Sebastien 'Seb Toots' Toutant was destined for snowboarding greatness, particularly after he snared his first international title before the age of fourteen. Within two years, Toots had turned pro and quickly began imposing himself on the pro freestyle scene.

Within two years, Toots had turned pro and quickly began imposing himself on the pro freestyle scene. Despite his fair share of injuries, Toots has maintained his position at the forefront of the sport in an era when trick innovation has arguably accelerated more than at any other point in the sport's history.

The Montreal native now has the kind of trophy cabinet his arsenal of tricks deserves, including some of the most sought-after titles in the game, including X-Games medals and an Air&Style ring. With his talent and consistency to call on, there’s no stopping Toots as he strives for the ultimate goal in 2014.


When and how did you start doing your sport? ? I started skiing around 4 years old and at the age of 9 i broke my skies and it was the end of the season so i had to use the old snowboard of my brother. At first, i hate it... And then after, snowboarding was all i want it to do.

When did you decide to become a pro? It was not really a decision.. I was riding as much as i can and i started competing. I got some sponsors and started traveling and i was becoming pro without even asking myself how can i be pro.

How did you become a part of O’Neill? Back then when i was 12 years old, the new team manager in Canada was looking for new rider that was young and talented. One day i got a phone call and got sponsor by O'Neill.

What makes you unreasonable? What i do. Haha.

What has been a highlight in your career? Winning 5 XGames medals and doing project with my filmer that made people stoked.

What are your plans for the future? Trying to make my riding even more unreasonable!

Name 10 things you never travel without? Tooth brush, passport, sunglasses, headphones, rings, phone, computer, gopro, shampoo, hats.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Anything i could do that is fun and unreasonable.

If we visited you at breakfast, what would you be eating? Eggs sandwich with orange jus or shake.

If you weren’t snowboarding, what would you do? Something else that I would be passionate about.

Any other sports you’re good at? Skateboarding, wakeboarding and golfing.

What music are you listening to? Hip hop and everything with a good beat.

What has been the scariest moment in your sport career? Over shooting the Air&Style jump in Innsbruck.

How does your training routine look like? Off season: lot of gym and other sports i like to practice. During the season: less gym and pretty much always on my board competing, praticing of filming.

Describe your perfect day? Round of golf in the morning, snowboarding in the afternoon, BBQ and skate sessions until it's dark with the homies.


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“The more you try, the more you'll succeed”