Ski / snowboard Goggles

Men's snow goggles

Fresh powder is a beautiful thing. But keeping those flakes from clouding your vision is important. O'Neill men’s ski goggles come in a variety of styles and colours so you can protect your eyes from the wind, cold and sun. They filter the light so that you can shred even in the nastiest conditions. All our men’s ski goggles come with serious UV protection. Early morning ride or midnight run? There’s always a pair of ski goggles that’s perfect for your trip. Learn more about our ski goggles!

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There are two main types of men ski goggle lenses that you can choose. A darker colour like the smoke-tinted Horizon goggles for those mid-day rides when the powder is mirroring everything. On the evenings switch over to a lighter shade like the Chaser goggles that will keep the snow out of your eyes and have you looking great. Our men’s ski goggles are built tough enough to hold up in a tight spot and keep you on the mountain longer.

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