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Viva con Agua at the O’Neill Evolution

Date: January 15th, 2013

Joining the World Snowboard Tour for the first time as a sponsor in 2013 is the charity partner Viva con Agua who will be present at Tour Stops across the globe this season. Their launch event where they will be conducting several activations will launch at the 6 Star World Snowboard Event, the O’Neill Evolution in Davos, Switzerland over the 14th to 19th of January.

Viva con Agua, which when translated means, ‘Living with Water’, has a clear stated mandate: to achieve access to clean water and sanitary accommodation for everyone worldwide. The need for clean and sanitary water is one of the most basic needs facing people in the developing world today, and Viva co Agua raises money and awareness while organizing on site projects in several locations across the world.

As one of their first fundraising programs, Viva con Agua will be holding a raffle at the O’Neill Evolution with huge selection of prizes and products to be won, where all money raised will go towards Viva con Agua Switzerland’s current project in Mozambique. (For more information please check the video here: http://vivaconagua.ch/index.htm?post?342 ). In addition to the raffle, members of the Vivia con Agua will be onsite at the O’Neill Evolution to answer all questions and to distribute information on all of their projects, the dire water situation worldwide,  and how you can get involved and the concrete actions that are possible to take.

Viva con Agua hopes to demonstrate that being socially engaged creates a similar joy, passion and satisfaction – something the activity and lifestyle of snowboarding also achieves.


Viva con Agua would like to thanks the World Snowboard Tour and the O’Neill Evolution for the chance to present their projects to a young and active crowd and highly appreciate their amazing support.


For more information on Viva con Agua, please check out the website: http://www.vivaconagua.ch


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