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Day 3 – The Big Tri-boski

Date: January 16th, 2013

Maxence Parrot lands the first contest kicker Triple Cork in Europe, Toutant not far behind.

Just when you think it’s time to send out that press release, something happens and it’s all hands on deck again. As the lights were about to go out at the end of tonight’s training session here at the O’Neill Evolution, Maxence Parrot (CAN) decided there was no time like the present to try his first Triple Cork. His first attempt was close, landing on his feet but slipping out and taking a nasty bum check in the process. Anticipation in the press tent was high as he dropped in for his second attempt, and this time he stomped it in a Torstien-Horgmo-Winter X-Games-perfect-score type of way, making it the first contest kicker Triple Cork in European history.

O’Neill team rider Maxence Parrot Triple cork

Never one to be outdone, Sebastien Toutant (CAN), the last rider to drop in during tonight’s training session, went within a whisker of stomping his own variation of the Triple. The consensus on the ground here tonight is that we may well end up seeing a triple knock out another triple in the new 6 Star Big Air head-to-head format – suffice to say the level of progression is going through the roof.

As ever, the O’Neill Evolution brings together the best in progressive freestyle snowboarding, and this year’s edition is shaping up to be one of the best ever. A perfectly shaped halfpipe will host the Men’s and Women’s 5 Star World Snowboard Tour Finals on Thursday, building towards the Gian Simmen (CH) ‘Legends Session’ at 15:00 on Saturday, in turn leading into the 6 Star World Snowboard Tour Big Air Finals.

A change of Tour leader is all but guaranteed with Antoine Truchon (CAN) needing only a Top 14 finish to take over the top spot, and a complete re-shuffle of the Top 5 is also on the cards as the French Canadian domination of Europe seems certain to continue.


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