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Gian Simmen – Last contest

Date: January 17th, 2013

We asked Gian a couple of questions directly after his last contest run to gauge the significance of the moment,

“Finishing my 23 year contest career here is simply a dream come true. It’s like the closing of a circle. I put on a board for the first time here in Davos. Won my first major contest here, my two World Championships here… To finish my contest career here as well, it’s the icing on the cake. More importantly, to see Jan Scherrer and Verena Rohrer taking out the contest was all time. I couldn’t have wished for a better pair if you look at it as the changing of the guard. I can’t tell you how proud I am for both of them… “

When we asked Gian, “How would you compare the nerves of dropping into your last run at the Nagano Olympics, to your last run here in Davos?”, he replied,

“Nagano was way different. Back then, I had a drive to finish and place well in a major event. There was a certain focus, you sort of closed everything else out. Here in Davos, it was completely different. I hiked the pipe to keep warm, and because I was a little pissed at myself with the run I’d just done. But I have to admit, walking to the top of the pipe for the last time was pretty emotional. The whole week has been emotional in truth. But it was the younger riders who pooped me up. I was thinking about just going big in for the last run, but the kids said, “Nah,..  Gian, we want to see you A-game.” I took a deep breath, soaked up the atmosphere, and tried to make them proud… and to make it just that much more special, my two children swamped me at the end of the pipe before I ‘d had a chance to appreciate that it was done! It’s been a really special day.” 

Gian Simmen who placed a solid 6th in today’s O’Neill Evolution halfpipe final had his best, and final contest outing with a BS 540, FS 720 Indy, Cab 7 Indy, FS 900, Stalefish and a massive Backside Air. When we asked Gian how he thought others would see his snowboard legacy, he said:

“I don’t know. I suppose that is up to others to decide. But snowboarding has given me so much, the friends, the experiences, a chance to live a very special lifestyle – it was a place that I could clear my mind. As that person who won the first Olympic Gold, I understood very quickly that there was a certain expectation of me. I just hope people remember me for the work I’ve done for snowboarding, the work that I still plan to do, and that they enjoyed riding with me over the years. I can’t thank everyone enough for this amazing journey.”

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