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Day 5 – Head to Head Begins!

Date: January 18th, 2013

Webcast of First Round 6 Star World Snowboard Tour starts 16:30 Swiss time.

 Bright sunshine and perfect riding conditions met the qualification session today here at the 6 Star World Snowboard Tour O’Neill Evolution. A total of 27 riders put on a serious riding stomp-a-thon while vying for the 13 converted main event spots meeting the 11 invited riders in the all new Head-to-Head format for the O’Neill Evolution 2013. In possibly the best Big Air set up seen yet in Davos, a perfectly shaped, poppy 18-meter booter sends riders into the biggest rail section developed by Schneestern for the event. Riders are required to pull out their Q-game kicker and rail riding…

With the first two rounds of the main Head-to-Head element of the day scheduled to kick off this afternoon, the qualification session already suggests the level of riding is going to be off the hook. Qualifying first in this morning’s session was Kalle Järvilehto(FIN) with a Backside Double Cork 10 to Frontboard 180 on and 180 off, followed by Even Solbra(NOR) with a Fronside 1080 mute to Frontside Lipslide to Backside Lipslide, and Max Buri(SUI) rounding out the top three with a Double Cork 10 to F/S 270 to 50-50 in the rail session. (Click here for full list of Qualification Riders). 

The riders heat draw the knockout session was made shortly before training got underway, pairing the 24 riders into 12 individual battles in the first round, delivering 12 winners and bringing in 4 lucky losers into the second round this evening. The first round is judged on a two run, best run counts format, while the second round moves to a three run best run counts format this evening.

As the main event approaches, the difference may come down to which rider will bring the best contest head to their individual battles.

Some of the more interesting match ups includes:

Julius Nicholas(USA)         vs                    Eric Beuchemin(USA)

Max Buri (SUI)                      vs                    Dash Kamp(USA)

Simon Kaneborg(NOR)     vs                    Emile Ulsletten(NOR)

With the big guns of Antoine Truchon(CAN), Sebastian Toutant(CAN) and Maxence Parrot(CAN) drawing seemingly easy first round opponents, fireworks look certain to explode by the second round. However, with the Head-to-Head,  knockout format, nothing is guaranteed…

Check back here for the results of the first round, or check out the webcast starting at 16:30.


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