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Riders info

Winter has arrived, the first 6-star event ended with a banging triple cork in Bejing – the next big event on the World Snowboard Tour is around the corner: the annual O´Neill Evolution (6Star) will kick off the year 2013 in Davos, Switzerland from January 14th to 19th.

According to the TTR Riders Protocol we are very happy to invite you as a top ranked rider officially to the O’Neill Evolution 2013 in Davos.

Here are the details about the event and some procedures, facts and figures:



Big Air:            6-star World Snowboard Tour
Halfpipe:          5-star World Snowboard Tour



Big Air:            Men & Women
Halfpipe:          Men & Women





Big Air & Rails

The main kicker will be similar to last year and will be massive and very stylish; the longer in-run will be again undisturbed from the start gate. Depending on snow conditions, the plan ist to make the kicker bigger and longer to have you guys throw down triples…The bottom feature will be a creative, fun and also challenging rail feature with 3-4 different options. Here’s a first sneak preview:



The halfpipe will be the same height as usual in Davos, but with the later date, we will have enough snow to build an halfpipe that is top notch in terms of height and transitions.



Total prizemoney:        $ 125.000



The Big Air Finals Men will be live on numerous TV stations around the world.

All Big Air rounds will be live webcast.



You need to make your way to Davos yourself. Access by train is very easy and convenient.  Get off the train at the Davos Platz station – the hotel is 500 m from the train station on the same street.

Normally, you don’t need a car in Davos.



We will have a spacious and comfortable riders lounge next to the event – with food & drinks all day, games, relaxing area, physiotherapist, warm-up area & board racks. All for free for invited riders throughout the event. The lounge will have a riders-only section this year.

You can register your coach and one team manager to get access to riders lounge. They need to check in at the registration desk/race office.



Please check in at the race office/registration desk at the event site next to the riders lounge as soon as you get to Davos.

You will receive your bib, lift pass, wristband, goodies and all information at check-in.

Contact: Raceoffice@eim-solutions.com



Please complete the attached confirmation and return it by email to Tommy Klaehn.


We will have a dedicated contact person for the riders: Tommy Klaehn will be your contact before, during and after the event. He will be there for you to assist with anything possible and also impossible.

Feel free to contact him anytime:

E-mail: evolution@oneill.com

phone +43-676-3417800

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