Wetsuit entries

Z.E.N ZIP closure Z.E.N ZIP closure Z.E.N ZIP (back) entry system with free floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole, keeps you warm and unrestricted.
F.U.Z.E closure F.U.Z.E closure Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses a free floating zipper panel and anti flush barrier with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose.
Modular close Modular closure Modular Closure system system with dual cinchies. Interchange the Neck and Hood depending upon the conditions.
Zipless zipless Lightweight Closure System Over a 360° Barrier with drain holes and Cinch Cord. Water tight seal with ease of entry and exit.
Backzip Backzip Backzip entry system with durable zipper provides easy entry and exit with the water resistant seal.

seam design

super Seam Weld Super seam weld Stitchless, 4mm silicone-based urethane seal applied to both the sides of a triple-glued seam. Lightweight, non-chafing, waterproof, and flexible.
tb3x: fully taped seams tb3x: fully taped seams The lightest, stretchiest neoprene seam tape ever. 0.5mm split-neoprene applied to triple-glued seams with water-based-glue to keep you dry and loose.
ultraflex: fully taped seams ultraflex: fully taped seams Soft and durable neoprene seam tape. 0.5mm split-neoprene applied to triple-glued seams to seal out water keeping you dry and loose.
fluid seam weld fluid seam weld 8mm silicone-based urethane sealed exterior with triple-glued and blind stitched interior. Watertight, durable, and ultra flexible seam.

features & technology

minimal seam design minimal seam design Insane flexibility, fit and durability using a unique design which utilizes larger panels and less seams.
redzone zip redzone zip Urethane coated, offset zipper teeth interlock to stop leaks and keep water from entering the suit.
double super seal neck double super seal neck Fully adjustable glideskin seal. Comfortable and watertight.
thermo-x hyperdry thermo-x hyperdry Max insulation with minimal water absorption and DWR Coating.
hyperdry hyperdry Durable water repellent technology keeps you dry with minimal water absorption.
24-7 technology 24-7 technology Technical material designed to be highly breathable, light weight, moisture wicking and durable.
SEAMLESS PADDLE ZONES SEAMLESS PADDLE ZONES An ergonomic, seamless under sleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing. Flexible and unique design which utilizes minimal seam placement for comfort.
Super seal cuffs Super seal cuffs A bonded low profile cuff seal that keeps water out. The ultimate seal and durability. O'Neill's Super seal cuff is fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending creating the best seal ever.
Drain hole Drain hole Any water that penetrates the Z.E.N. Collar or Super Short Zip is blocked by the Barrier and forced out the Drain Hole.
Krypto knee padz Krypto knee padz Abrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. Flexible and unique design utilizes and extended knee pad for added durability.
Barrier-2 Barrier-2 The anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole keeps you warm and unrestricted.


technobutter 3 technobutter 3 O'Neill's exclusive, maximum stretch, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate warmth and comfort. Built to last.
technobutter 3x technobutter 3x O'Neill's exclusive new pre-stretched neoprene with featherlight, ENVY foam rubber core. The lightest, most flexible, sotfest material ever created. Superior flexibility and fit.
technobutter 3 firewall technobutter 3 firewall Most insulative, lightest neoprene foam core ever, with heat retaining thermal interior layer and quick dry properties.
smoothskin carbon-firewall smoothskin carbon-firewall The interior thermal lining absorbs body heat in core areas and retains it, The SmoothSkin exterior sheds water and reduces wind chill.
fluidflex firewall fluidflex firewall Windproof exterior with water wicking interior thermal jersey.
ultraflex ultraflex Ultra Stretch, Super soft and premium neoprene for superior feel, flexibility and high performance.

seam construction

double super seam stitchless technology double super seam stitchless It is a stitchless seam construction that utilizes a non-chafing grade, silicone-based urethane applied to both sides blocking out water without restricting flexibility. It is stronger, faster and 60% lighter.
Single fluid seam weld Single fluid seam weld It is a seam construction that utilizes a non-chafing high-grade, silicone-based urethane applied to outside of a glued and blindstitched seam blocking out water without restricting flexibility.
glued and blindstitched critically taped glued and blindstitched O’Neill’s blindstitch is the Flexloc Stitch which is stronger and more flexible than the traditional blindstitch and eliminates unraveling of the seam. If the thread breaks, the seam will not leak.
Flatloc stitched Flatloc stitched The stitch uses 4 needles and 6 threads, and works by overlapping the panels and sewing them together. It is a strong stitch and is comfortable, but not sealed so it is not intended for extremely cold conditions.