O'Neill Lycra & UV-Shirts

Of course our UV protection products are available for men, women and kids of all ages. Our collection features many designs and colors to let you free to choose the look that suits you the most as well as a few key features such as sleeves length. Whether it's for you, a friend or your kids, there's a skin protection for you.


The best of protection

UV Protection is a very serious matter we, at O'Neill, wanted to address. Most fibers aren't designed to protect you from the sun and usually absorb a small amount of UV radiations. That's why we wanted to design t-shirts that really protect you from UV rays. Being a surf brand, we naturally wanted them to be wearable on the board and to protect your skin from rashes as well. The answer to all of this requirements lies in Lycra, a synthetic fiber, elastic enough to pull the threads together so tightly they block UV radiation efficiently. We pushed lycra to the limit and designed a whole collection of UV skins of all kinds, shorts, shirts, with or without sleeves, and combined them with the best of O'Neill technologies. The results are here, with the very best of skin protection products: featuring U.P.F. 50+ UV protection, 4 way stretch and quick drying fabric, strategic seamless paddle zones, boardshort connector... amongst other top-of-the-line features.


Long sleeves Lycra UV shirts

O’Neill Lycra shirts with 50+ UV protection - keeping you safe and protected!

O'Neill has a great collection of Lycra shirts and rash guards with 50+ UV protection. Our Lycra UV shirts are water resistant, made of lightweight fabrics and available in cool graphics, but the most important thing, it protects your skin against sunburn! UV protection and UV protective clothing are a hot topic during the summer. Protect yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays, the more skin you cover the better. An O’Neill long-sleeved shirt with high neckline, that shields the back of the neck, will do just that. An O’Neill UV shirt absorbs and blocks much of the radiation from the sun. By exposing your skin to the sun too often can cause serious skin damage, like premature skin aging and skin cancer.

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Wearing just a t-shirt when you go to the beach or swimming pool does not help to stay protected from the harmful UV rays, because most fibers naturally absorb just a little bit of UV radiation. You need special UV shirts which are made of elastic threads that pull the fibers tightly together, thereby reducing the spaces between the holes in the fibers. Lycra is a synthetic fiber and is perfectly qualified to block all the UV radiation! O’Neill Lycra UV shirts are available for men, women and kids of all ages. Combine your UV shirt with an O’Neill baseball cap and a good pair of O’Neill sunglasses. Don’t get burned with an O’Neill Lycra UV shirt!