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Thousands Gather At Squaw Valley For Jeremy Jones Further World Premiere

Date: September 12th, 2012

Story and Photos by Seth Lightcap

It’s easy to throw around the word ‘epic,’ but really, what else do you call a world premiere showing at the base of Squaw Valley’s KT-22 chairlift packed with a couple thousand people all celebrating under the stars? Epic pretty much nails it, right?

Seriously though, THOUSANDS of fans and friends descended on Squaw Valley for the world premiere of Further last Friday bringing with them an atmosphere that was truly indescribable with words even as epic as ‘epic.’ The only thing that does justice to describing the show of support for Jeremy Jones and the new movie at the premiere is the size of the words that were projected onto Squaw’s Tram Face that night – F@%KING HUGE!

The gravity of the occasion was not lost on the man of the hour, Jeremy Jones.

“The energy tonight is really special,” Jeremy said as he gazed into crowd that stretched back from the screen over 200 yards. “It’s why we make these films – to get everyone together for a gathering of the tribe. What’s also cool is that we are on very hallowed ground standing at the base of KT. That lift has had such a huge impact on my life and the lives of many other people here tonight. It’s really, really special.”

Fellow Further star Ryland Bell was equally blown away by the showing.

“People were flooding in,” Bell said. ”Way more people came out than I thought. The stoke was super high.”

Lucas Debari, the third rider in the ultra heavy AK segment of Further, bumped the stoke assessment of the evening even higher still.

“I bet Burning Man didn’t have a higher stoke per person ratio than out here tonight,” Debari said.

It was a toss-up who the night really belonged to. Of course it belonged to the fans who came out to show the love and witness the debut of a ground-breaking backcountry snowboarding film, but it also belonged to Jeremy and the Further production crew, who finally got the chance to celebrate after two years of tireless work. Before the showing Jeremy brought all the Further athletes and production staff to the stage to the thunderous appreciation of the crowd.

What those at Squaw saw on the big screen as the film rolled for the first time is also indescribable. How do you describe the look on someone’s face after they’ve just ridden a life changing line at midnight in the Arctic Circle? Moments in the movie like these struck Further rider Forrest Shearer as one of the highlights of the film.

“I was really excited to see Terje Haakonsen riding with Jeremy in Svalbard,” Shearer said. “It’s a big deal to see him on one of these missions and watching him and Jeremy shred together in such a special zone was super sick.”

When asked about what this film meant to him, Jeremy described it point blank – Further is his best effort yet.

“This is a no B.S. look into going into the mountains and doing our thing,” Jones said. “It captures the highs and the lows and it’s pretty revealing. The people I surrounded myself with on this project were the best people I could and we all put everything we had into it. What you see in the movie is our best effort.”

The evening’s festivities started in the sponsor village where fans had the chance to check out Jeremy’s outwear collection from O’neill, fondle the 2013 Jones Snowboards lineup and learn about Cloudline’s shred tours to Japan. Clif Bar kept people snacking on tasty morsels while they waited to get a poster signed by Jeremy and Forrest Shearer.

The support from these sponsors plus many others is what made the Further project possible, Jeremy said before the premiere.

“Everyone says you gotta thank the sponsors but you really do,” Jeremy said. ”We couldn’t have made this with out them. Action sports films in general are really important to the community and the sponsors make them happen. Huge props to them, the production crew and the riders!”

Kids of all ages lined up to get an autographed poster from Jeremy Jones and Forrest Shearer before the premiere.

The 2013 Jones Snowboards Carbon boards were looking ridiculously hot on display. The Carbon Flagship and the Carbon Solution (a splitboard version of the Flagship) were the boards Jeremy and Ryland rode in Alaska’s Wrangell St. Elias range while filming for Further.

The Squaw Valley Air Force jumped out of a plane as the party people started to assemble in the sponsor village.

Prior to the premiere there was a silent auction benefiting Protect Our Winters. Lucky bidders donated thousands of dollars to an amazing cause and took home gear and auction items worthy of drooling over.

When the lights went down, the raffle kicked into high gear. This lucky dude won a Jones Snowboard’s Solution splitboard and had the board handed over to him by the man himself.

Everyone was thrilled to see the movie, but these three were probably a bit more anxious to see it than most. Further athletes Lucas Debari, Ryland Bell and Forrest Shearer finally got to see their hard work the last two winters pay off on the big screen.

If you missed the Further World Premiere at Squaw Valley, I’m sorry. As you can tell by the look of Squaw’s Tram Face, the atmosphere in the air was all-time. But don’t stress it! That wasn’t your last chance to see Further on the big screen. The Further premiere tour will be stopping down at nearly a hundred different locations worldwide over the course of the next three months. Don’t miss the show when it comes near you!


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