• Oslo

    October 21st

  • Amsterdam

    October 23rd

  • Zurich

    October 24th

  • Munich

    October 25th

  • London

    October 26th

  • Moscow

    October 28th

  • St. Petersburg

    October 29th

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Launch of the Crash during further premiere

Date: September 27th, 2012

The dynamic partnership between Philips | O’Neill continues and during the FURTHER premiere tour,  we will present to you the toughest headphone we have ever produced: ” THE CRASH” .





The TR90 headband of THE CRASH will counteract all the force you put it through, resulting in a virtually indestructible headphone. Surviving forces up to an earth shattering 1500 kg of static force, is the proof that THE CRASH punches well above its weight. In addition, the 40MM Neodydium drivers produces a pro-Level sound, while being protected with an ultra strong metal cabinet. Unrivaled strength doesn’t have to mean comfortable though. In fact The Crash features an Active and Chill mode, which offers a perfect fit whether the headphone is blasting tunes through your ears or left around the neck for when you want to chill.

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