Boys swimwear

The real young daredevils among us definitely can’t be without a cool O’Neill swimwear outfit this summer! O’Neill has launched a new kids swimwear line that includes specially designed boys swimwear. Eye-catching boardshorts and swim shorts with O’Neill Hyperdry, that means your swimwear is dry again in no time! Boys swimwear can be perfectly combined with our Lycra UV shirts. Don’t get burned this summer!

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O’Neill always leads the way when it comes to activity in and around the water. But when you’re active in the water, it’s also very important to protect yourself properly against surf rashes, sunburn or indeed against the cold winter weather. O’Neill has developed the best boys swimwear to make sure you can enjoy your favourite water sports for as long as possible!

High-tech boys boardshorts that offer protection against surf rashes, all finished with O'Neill Hyperdry, the Nano-technology that creates a water-repellent protective layer. The Lycra children’s UV T-shirts are UV resistant up to UPF 50+ so that you’re always protected against the harmful effects of the sun. Combine your boardshorts with a UV T-shirt and you can spend hours in the sun without getting burned! If the seawater is still too cold to wear just swimming trunks, our kids wetsuits are the ideal solution. Stay active in the water all year round with an O’Neill wetsuit.

The boys swimwear collection also includes an extensive flip-flop collection in a wide range of summery colors, so you’re sure to find a pair of flip-flops that matches your new swimwear outfit! We’ve all experienced that embarrassing moment at the beach when you discover that your towel is much too small to cover you while you’re changing your clothes! Now all you have to do is pull the Jack Hoodie Towel over your head and change your clothes hassle-free! So what are you waiting for? Buy one now and be the envy of your friends!

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