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Date: April 16th, 2012

Preparations for the O’Neill Kitesurf World Cup are stepping up a gear as organizers await the arrival of the world’s best freestyle and race kitesurfers from May 15-20, 2012 in Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

After formerly hosting the O’Neill-Nuon Kitesurf World Cup at the turn of the new millenium, O’Neill is excited to continue building on its deep roots in kitesurfing by supporting the prestigious PKRA World Tour. Sitting alongside a number of other major events in 2012 including the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz, O’Neill Wake the Line, O’Neill One Way Runway, the O’Neill Kitesurf World Cup offers up yet another opportunity to celebrate 60 years of innovation with fans and industry insiders alike.

2012 is a big year for O’Neill as the brand originally founded by Jack O’Neill in 1952 celebrates its 60th anniversary. O’Neill Global Sports Marketing Director, Bernhard Ritzer, commented: “We’re very pleased to welcome the O’Neill Kitesurf World Cup into our special 60th anniversary celebration. The Netherlands has never played host to a PKRA World Tour stop despite benefiting from superb kitesurfing conditions and a rapidly expanding fan-base, so there’s no better time for O’Neill to put that right.”

Kevin Langeree, PKRA World Tour Champion 2009 and long-time O’Neill team rider, said: “I think it’s absolutely awesome that O’Neill is bringing the PKRA to Holland. I’ve been competing on the tour for the last 9 years, and there has never been a tour stop in Holland. I’m going to be competing in my own backyard so let’s just hope that will give me the edge against the other riders. I’ll get to crash in my own bed every night, and all of my friends will be there to support me. That’s going to give me an other boost, for sure!”

So don’t miss the O’Neill Kitesurf World Cup when it goes down in The Netherlands in May 2012, when you’ll also be able to catch the O’Neill Art Tour 2012 – a unique tour visiting many of the world’s major cities that celebrates O’Neill’s unrivaled 60-year heritage.

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