Brett Barley

Brett Barley


Sponsors: O'Neill, JC Hawaii, Smith, DaKine, Cobian
Local Spot: 1st Jetty at the Lighthouse
Favorite waves: Home break, Pipe, Snapper, Macaronis,...not California
Food: Anything and everything.
Music: Mostly punk, but I like just about anything, except country though
Movies: Talladega Nights, Simpson's The Movie, Benchwarmers, Napoleon Dynamite, anything funny.
Readings: the Bible is my #1 necessity
Travels: Australia, Indo, Hawaii, Central America, all over the coastal US

Brett Barley is a Cape Hatteras local who is known to bust big moves and get shacked silly at his home break the Lighthouse. He is a goofy foot who can really throw the tail around with big airs and futuristic moves that are inspiring. His surfing is polished and well rounded with versatility being the name of the game.

But where Brett has really been causing a stir is his pursuit of riding big Pipeline. He has put his name on the list of up and coming chargers, which is a remarkable feat when you take into consideration the current Pipe hierarchy.  Brett has been tackling some legitimate 12 beasts and consequently his stock has rose from his performances in the serious stuff. You know the kids got balls when the bruddahs at Pipe are telling him to go. Affirming this fact is his recent stellar performance in the Volcom Pipeline Pro where he gained the highest heat total of the entire event, a 19.67 out of a possible 20. He went on to make the semifinals and took down the best of the business.

When not surfing he loves to edit footage and make surf movies.  He also has a passion for his church and community.  Brett recently assisted in building a community skate park, and has been seen using his surfing talents to tackle the place.  His plans are to sharpen his surfing skills, hit the WQS, charge big throaty tubes, and represent North Carolina in a positive light.

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The Ke Nui Tour

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The Ke Nui Tour is an edit documenting the teams stay on the North Shore of Oahu from the months of November and December. It showcases the highs & lows, the beatings, the bruises, the reef massages, and most of all the triumph.
The video hosts a star-studded crew of Global, US and Australian team riders: Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Eli Olson, Nils Schweizer, Jake Kelley, Colt Ward and Robbie McCormick.

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Brett Barley | Bits & Bytes

Click here to watch the video!

Brett Barley in Bits & Bites. Brett kept waiting to get the right footage to release an edit, but the waves never picked back up and the seasons passed by. This is his way of starting fresh. 
If you haven't seen the "Storm Chasers" feature on Surfer Magazine with team riders Brett Barley, Cory Lopez and Torrey Meister, then click here to check it out.


1. Most embarrassing moment? 

I would say in 8th grade when my teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom.  so I ended up peeing in my pants in front of the whole class.  But honestly... I was kinda proud of it. Ha Ha.

2. Favorite quote?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understandings.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. -Prov. 3,5-6

3. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla... but if I had my way it'd be PeanutButterCup

4. Glass on fins or fin systems? Why?

I've only ever had one good board with glass ons.  So... Future Fins it is.  Plus they are more practical for travel.

5. Favorite surf destination and wave?

Cape Hatteras, NC.  Lighthouse First Jetty.  May not be a far destination (3min drive) but it's my favorite one.  Next would be Pipe in the winter.

6. Favorite maneuver?

If getting barreled counts as a maneuver then for sure its favorite.  If not, then power carves.  When you do a good one, its the best thing you can do.

7. Celebrity crush?

Honestly never had one...

8. What's in your traveling quiver?

Anywhere from multiple shortboards... to 6'8"s and 7'0"s, up to 7'4". Oh and of course, a WaveSki.

9. Status (Married, single, whatever?)
Married, since June 16, 2009

10. Favorite website?

Buoyweather... I probably look at it at least 50 times a day. Hi my names Brett, and i have a problem.

11. Sounds? 

Punk, Electronic, Rap/Hiphop, Chick Music, and Techno for sure.

12. Biggest influence in your life?

God.... unquestionably.

13. Favorite Surfers?

Shane Dorian and The Hobgoods.

14. What traits in the opposite sex are most attractive?

Eyes... I love my Wife's eyes.

15. Worst wipeout?

At Pipe in Feb. of 2008.  Took off on the corner of a second Reefer hitting the First reef bowl (pretty much at Aints)... Airdropped, and tried to stick it but face planted. Got sucked over and straight into the reef where I hit my head and blacked out for a good 3 sec or so. Luckily I came to, and made it to shore fine.  But my back was messed up for about a month.

16. Words to live by?

Live every minute like it's going to be your last.  Because it can end without warning and you don't want to be short of your goal....