The all new O’Neill Pyrofreak features the latest in ground breaking seam sealing technology- The Super Seam Weld.
The latest in seam sealing technology- O’Neill’s Super Seam weld is 60% lighter than other seams available. This new low profile seam offers greater comfort, stretch and durability.

The Pyrofreak includes the revolutionary new Super Seal Cuff System- this is water tight and is the most advanced streamline cuff available. The Super Seal Cuff is fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending, to prevent water entry and improves durability in the wrist and ankles. The UltraFlex XDS neoprene and Super Seam Weld makes this wetsuit stretchier and lighter than any suit before.

Style: 3877

American sizes: XS - 2XL