Jordy Smith | Unreasonable

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Is being too competitive unreasonable?

Jordy Smith is no stranger to the stress and pressure of competitions. Traveling the globe relentlessly and competing with the best surfers in the world is how he makes his living. What are Jordy's thoughts on the future of competitive surfing? What will it take to be a contender in the years to come?

Currently sitting in the top 5 of the World Surf League, Jordy continues to push the boundaries of the sport with his athletic approach to surfing. From creative aerials to slashing, powerful turns, Jordy remains one of the best competition and free surfers in the world.

As part of O'Neill's recently dropped UNREASONABLE campaign, we catch-up with Jordy on the runway of Honolulu, Hawaii (shot during December's Billabong Pipe Masters) to get his vision on what's next within this dynamic and constantly evolving sport.

Jordy is indeed #UNREASONABLE

Timmy Reyes | Unreasonable

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Timmy Reyes started surfing at the age of nine in Huntington Beach, California. After a stint on the ASP World Tour, Timmy chose the road less traveled and now spends his time surfing remote, isolated, cold-water destinations. For Timmy it's not about crowds or contests, but rather the exploration and travel into the unknown where he truly feels alive.

Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series

Asher Nolan and Quincy Davis are Crowned Champions at the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O'Neill Series 
Domes Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico (Sunday, March 8, 2015) – The 2015 Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O'Neill Series finished and crowned champions today in 2-4 foot building surf. The surfers started the morning off in difficult small conditions but as forecasted by midday NNW pulses began to show and offered plenty of fun waves. The champions, Asher Nolan (FL) and Quincy Davis (NY), were able to prove themselves in varying wave and wind conditions.

Nolan channeled his stand-out performance on day one into a $10,000 champion check on the final day. He stayed consistent and stuck to catching rights off the Domes point and annihilating them with sharp backhand pocket surfing. The final showdown was between Asher Nolan and Francisco Bellorin. Both surfers opened the heat up with good waves but Asher was able to hold the win with the second highest wave of the day an 8.93. Bellorin also posted multiple excellents by putting his power surfing on display. Other top performances of day were semi finalists Michael Dunphy (VA) and Gabriel Escudero (PR). The highest wave total was awarded to Rafael Pereira (VNZ) with a 17.63, he received the O'Neill Performance of the Event award for $1,000. Pereira entertained the crowd with his air reverses and long combinations. He was able to use his speed to make long sections where other surfers were getting caught behind.

Part-time Rincon resident Quincy Davis put her local knowledge on display and came out the victor on the women's side of competition. Quincy was able to find herself on the better waves and utilize her priority toward a win over reigning champ, Chelsea Tuach (BRB) and take home the $5,000 first prize check. Although she came up short in the final, Tuach was able to win the O'Neill Performance of the Event award for her high heat total a 16.23 and receive a check for $1,000.  Other top surfers on the women's side were semi-finalists Emily Ruppert (FL) and Alexis Engstrom (PR).  Ruppert had a notable performance in her semi-final narrowly losing to Davis but posting the highest wave of the heat and second highest wave of in the women's division of the day, an 7.33.

Don't worry if you missed the action you can still catch up with the heat videos and results on:  

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Is Mark Mathews Unreasonable?

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Big wave surfing has long been a pursuit for the few. Those with enough skill and nerve to challenge Mother Nature when she is at her most extreme. O'Neill team rider Mark Mathews is one of the sport's elite and has proven himself in some of the toughest conditions around the world. Watch as Mark discusses the future of big wave surfing and how one day mere mortals like you and I might someday ride these beasts.

Wavos Rancheros

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Cory Lopez spends 4 days South of the Border, getting very barreled and putting it on rail.

O'Neill Unreasonable

The global campaign highlights O'Neill's long-lasting commitment to delivering above and beyond what would be considered reasonable by anyone's standards. O'Neill was founded by bringing the very best product into the market. From inventing the first wetsuit to the creation of the of the first surf shop and 4-way stretch boardshort, O'Neill's storied history of delivering product to consumers and world-class athletes has exceeded all expectations.

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The brand campaign not only highlights the UNREASONABLE nature of O'Neill's athletes and products, but also celebrates the youth of today.  Today's youth aren't defined as just surfers, snowboarders or skiers.  Today's youth is interested in experiencing all that the world has to offer.  They want it all and they want it now, which is completely UNREASONABLE in the very best sense of the word.

The campaign kicks off today with the launch of the brand's manifesto. To set the musical landscape of the video manifesto for UNREASONABLE, O'Neill partnered with alt-rock phenom AWOLNATION to feature the cinematic, title track "Run" from the upcoming new album due March 17 via Red Bull Records.

"Surfing and music go hand in hand. They are instinctual, rhythmic, happy, sad, heavy, soft, disappointing, rewarding, humbling, devastating, and glorious on any given day," said Aaron Bruno lead singer of AWOLNATION. "Only a surfer can understand the true spiritual soul cleansing of a barrel. Whenever we are out on the road, playing shows in front of thousands of people, I can't help but sometimes wonder what tubes I may be missing back home."

The video manifesto will be followed by videos featuring O'Neill's top athletes within the worlds of surf and snow.  The campaign will culminate with the "UNREASONABLE" film festival, a chance for top filmmakers such as Sundance Film Festival Award Winner, Stefan Nadelman to re-imagine the modern action sports film through the lens of UNREASONABLE.

Timmy Missions | Canada

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The latest Timmy Missions to grace the new year was a road trip with fellow O'Neill team rider Ian Crane.  The two drove up the coast from California to Canada. They endured frigid waters, hangovers, decent waves and a good mission.

Team O'Neill Welcomes Nate Yeomans

O'Neill Coldwater Classic

February 3, 2015, Santa Cruz, CA - O'Neill is proud to announce the signing of professional surfer, Nate Yeomans.  

In October of 2014 Nate Yeomans won the Coldwater Classic Invitational and took home the "winner take all" grand prize sponsorship from O'Neill consisting of $50,000 to travel the world and compete in the World Qualifying Series in pursuit of making the World Championship Tour.      

"I was doing job interviews before I went up to Santa Cruz to compete in the Coldwater Classic, trying to figure out my future.  Now I have this opportunity from O'Neill, to chase my dreams of making it back on tour." Said Yeomans.

Nate on his way to victory

"Nate is a great addition to Team O'Neill.  His amazing surfing and good vibes are things that we look for in our athletes.  " Said Shane Skelton Marketing and Team Manager for O'Neill.

"We are extremely excited to welcome Nate to Team O'Neill. He's an amazing surfer, a consummate professional and incredible ambassador for the sport and O'Neill" Said Brian Kilpatrick, VP of Marketing Communications.

Nate has come into the 2014/15-winter season with wind in his sails.  After his win in Santa Cruz ,his wife gave birth to his second child.  This life-changing event has given Nate a boost of confidence and motivation to do well in the 2015 QS season.

2015 is going to be busy for Nate.  He will be competing in all of the ASP Prime events as well as some select ASP star events.  During his travels O'Neill will be producing a documentary style video that follows the long hard WQS road and his interaction with Team O'Neill. The first teaser of this video will be available April.  All teasers and the video will be available to view at as well as Surfer, Grind TV and Surfline.  

"I'm really looking forward to competing in 2015 without financial stress.   I am just going to put my head down and give it my best." Said Yeomans when asked about his 2015 plans.

Timmy Missions: Baja, Mexico

3am was the wake up call for this Timmy Mission. We knew the swell was rising and the wind was going to blow 20 offshore. The morning started as most do, double shot of espresso and pastry from Starbucks (luckily we found one that was open at that time of morning). We made it to our destination by sunrise, high on coffee, and hoping our predictions were right. First glances, Timmy wasn't too impressed but decided to hop in the water and hope for the best. Hours went by with the wind swirling……onshore, offshore, onshore, offshore.  Suddenly,  a really hot 20kt offshore wind blew that stuck for the entire day. From that moment on,  the few humans lucky enough to be in the water probably had one the best sessions of their lives. For Timmy it was another day in the life of nomad.

The Ke Nui Tour

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The Ke Nui Tour is an edit documenting the teams stay on the North Shore of Oahu from the months of November and December. It showcases the highs & lows, the beatings, the bruises, the reef massages, and most of all the triumph.
The video hosts a star-studded crew of Global, US and Australian team riders: Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Eli Olson, Nils Schweizer, Jake Kelley, Colt Ward and Robbie McCormick.

Click here for more photos from Hawaii.

Hawaiian Spam | Week Five

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We are sad to announce this is the final video of the Hawaiian Spam Series. This is your Final weekly dose of uncut spam from the O'Neill House. Hawaiian Spam | Week Five.  Its been an amazing season on the North Shore with the entire O'Neill team. There has been some battle scars, love hate relationships with waves, team bonding, and of course finding girls & partying. Be sure to check out all the happenings on the trip by using the hashtag #TheKeNuiTour.

- Cory Lopez and the North Shore love the kick outs.
- Jake Kelley rips at skating.
- The entire team enjoyed a going away BBQ.
- Soli Bailey became a man on the trip and charged Jaws for the first time with Mark Mathews.
- Colt Ward fears that Jake Kelley is going to burn down the house while lighting an aerosol can on fire.
- Mark Mathews gets cleaned up at Jaws.
- Brett Barley has the worst slams out of anyone on the team this season.
- Ian Crane is leaving because all the girls want Soli now and Brett has snapped on him a couple of times.
- Who knew Colt Ward had dance moves?

Hawaiian Spam | Week Four

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Your weekly dose of uncut spam from the O'Neill House. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Four.
- Nils shaves his Movember Stache.
- Cory Lopez tells us that sometimes Brett Barley gets credit for Cory's waves and Cory gets credited for Brett's waves. Benefits them both.
- Soli Bailey joins in on the team shenanigans.
- Timmy is getting off the island and heading home to find slabs.
- Jordy is getting plenty of practice for the upcoming Pipe Masters.
- Jake Kelley gets pitched at Pipe and comes up with battle scars.
- Keiki Shorey team swim, body whomping.
- Bash Mendes gets a little surprise on his face after waking up from a nap.

O'Neill Nexen Road Trip - Storm Chasers

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With a hurricane set to make landfall in the near future, Torrey Meister, Cory Lopez, and Brett Barley packed up a truck with a week's worth of gear to scour the Outer Banks for a rifling sandbar.
(They found one.)

See full Surfer Magazine Photo/Video Feature here:

O'Neill Coldwater Classic Press Release

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NorthAmerica's Longest Running Surf Contest Continues Second Year of InvitationalFormat for Unsponsored Professional Surfers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug. 21, 2014 – For decades now, onestaple of late fall in Santa Cruz is the Coldwater Classic at Steamer Lane.  Last year ushered in a new format unlike thevarious incarnations the event has seen previously. That same format returns in2014 with the second annual O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Specialty Event, whichwill take place on two days of optimal conditions during a window of Oct. 28thto Nov. 1st, will give 16 unsponsored professional surfers thechance of a lifetime, an O'Neill Wetsuits contract worth $50,000 in travelincentives and contest fees to chase their World Championship Tour (WCT) dreams.


"The 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic was a complete success! O'Neill could not be more happy with the outcome, said O'Neill WetsuitsMarketing and Team Manager Shane Skelton. "We not only got great wavesduring the event, we also picked up an amazing surfer for Team O'Neill inTorrey Meister. We look forward to discovering another untapped talent at the2014 event."


The16-man field of competitors will include 15 invited unsponsored surfers and onewildcard determined by the public via an online vote. Wildcard video submissionswill be accepted Sept. 1-19 at The public will beable to vote on finalists Sept. 30 through Oct. 6.
What sets this event apart is what is on the line. Sponsorships arecritical in a surfer's mission to make the WCT. Last year, Torrey Meister earned the title and complete year of O'Neill sponsorsupport.


"I've seen my dreamscome to life since winning the O'Neill Coldwater Classic last year," saidMeister who is currently sitting 32nd on the ASP World QualifyingSeries (WQS) rankings.  "I've gotten topay off debt from last year and focus on surfing and making heats. I don't knowwhat I'd be doing this year if it weren't for winning the event. HavingO'Neill's support has been tremendous. Not just the financial backing, but having people stoked to watch you,to help you dig deeper when you need a score. It doesn't feel like a sponsorship, it's more personal than that. I callthem really good friends now." 
LikeMeister, one surfer will not only earn the 2014 title, but a yearlongsponsorship from the first American surf brand, O'Neill. With an estimatedvalue of $50,000 USD, the grand prize winner will receive a travel, event andexpense budget to compete in at least seven of the ASP World Qualifying Seriesevents in pursuit of qualifying for the World Championship Tour and a personalvideographer, at specific events and locations, to document the thrill ofvictory (or agony of defeat) with a minimum of six video segments during the2014 competition year.  O'Neill, theoriginator of the wetsuit, will also throw in a hefty arsenal of the bestwetsuits through an O'Neill Wetsuits sponsorship, as well as, boardshorts andapparel.   

Since 1987, the O'Neill Coldwater Classic has been Northern California'spremier professional surfing event held at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. "TheLane," with its natural ancient Roman stadium like setting with steep, verticalcliffs overlooking the fabled right point break, is perhaps the best spectatorvenue for a surf contest to be found anywhere in the world.


Learn more and follow all of the action at and tag#oneillcwc

Special thanks to sponsors and event partners NexenTire, Futures Fins, Watermans Sunscreen, Flips Audio, Banzai Bowls, On aMission, Hotel Paradox, Cruzio Internet, East Side Eatery and Mulcoy Travel forsupporting the 2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational.

About O'Neill

O'Neill,the original California surf, snow and lifestyle brand, was founded in 1952when a young man named Jack O'Neill took his unstoppable passion for surfingand used it to battle Mother Nature. Jack's initial vision of producingfunctional and innovative board riding products continues to lie at the core ofeverything the company does. From the first neoprene surf wetsuit and boardleash to the world's first stitchless board shorts. O'Neill will always becommitted to growing its reputation as one of the world's leading youthlifestyle brands based on being the First Name in the water.


While manythings have changed since those humble beginnings, Jack's initial vision ofproducing functional and innovative board riding products continues to lie atthe core of everything the company does. O'Neill's core values — innovation instyle and technology — have seen the brand devote itself wholeheartedly to theevolution of the action sports lifestyle.  Fromthe first ever neoprene wetsuit and leash, to the world's first stitchlessboardshorts and range of groundbreaking wearable electronics, O'Neill'sprogressive spirit will always drive the company forward.  For moreinformation, please visit


In 1960, SURFERMagazine began as the original. After a long history of delivering provocativeand insightful editorial features, revealing interviews and award winningstate-of-the-art photography, SURFER remains the authoritative voice of thesurfing world and thus earned the moniker "the bible of the sport."The SURFER brand has also grown to include, Fantasy Surfer, andthe SURFER message boards. All of these assets combine to make the SURFERnetwork the most current and reliable channel of information to the surfcommunity. The magazine is published by TEN: The Enthusiast Network, whichreaches more than 22-million active sports enthusiasts through an integratednetwork of magazines, online properties, events and television programming. Tolearn more, visit


About TEN:The Enthusiast Network

TEN: The Enthusiast Network LLC is the world's premiernetwork of enthusiast brands, such as Powder, BIKE, SUP, SURFER, Transworld,Canoe & Kayak and GrindTV. With more than 60 publications, 100 Web sites,the world's largest automotive VOD channel, 800 branded products, 50+ events,TV and radio programs, TEN creates and delivers content that informs,entertains, inspires and connects with enthusiasts every day. For moreinformation visit

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O'Neill Wetsuit Clinic Video

2014/15 Fall Winter O'Neill Wetsuits

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The O'Neill Wetsuit's "Clinic Video" showcases all of O'Neill's latest and greatest Fall/Winter 2014/15 wetsuits. 

What separates us from the rest?  AREA 52 and over 60 years of wetsuit history and innovation.

AREA 52: O'Neill's exclusive R&D facility, staffed by full time engineering, design and prototyping teams who work closely with The World's Best Athletes to push the limits of wetsuit technology.

AREA 52 allows us to hand-build and refine multiple rounds of prototypes in the same fashion that Jack himself pioneered over sixty years ago. Extensive prototyping, fit checks and testing in the frigid waters of Northern California provides unparalleled insight when creating the best fitting, most functional wetsuits on the
planet. O'Neill Wetsuits is still located in Santa Cruz, California, the birthplace of modern cold water surfing and the proving ground for materials, features and benefits that keep you in the water longer. Over 60 years and countless industry firsts later, O'Neill's commitment to leading innovation continues stronger than ever

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Torrey Meister | Chapter 5 | Las Palmeras

Chapter 5 of the 2013 Torrey Meister saga

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For Torrey Meister, Winning the 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic, not only provided him with an O'Neill sponsorship and $50k to travel the world to surf the WQS.  He also received an additional prize provided by Mulcoy Travel and the Las Palmeras Surf Camp.  This prize was a free stay and guided tour to Salina Cruz to train in-between contests, test O'Neill product and film Chapter 5 of the 2014 Torrey Meister video series. 

See video here

With the local knowledge of the Las Palmeras Surf Camp owner David Ramirez and fellow pro surfer/surf guide, Josh Mulcoy, both Torrey Meister and O'Neill teammate Colt Ward, scored amazing surf for 5 days straight.  In this time both Torrey and Colt surfed a minimum of 8 hours a day, testing O'Neill sun protective products, boardshorts and dialing in their equipment for upcoming contests.   Torrey Meister | Chapter 5 | Las Palmeras will give you a taste of how good a surf trip can be.

See video here

The Torrey Meister series has documented the saga of his post O'Neill Coldwater Classic victory in 2013.  So far it has shown the challenges of chasing after the dream of qualifying for the World Championship Tour (WCT).  It has also shown some of the other great perks of surfing for Team O'Neill.  Please take a look at previous chapters at

The film can currently be viewed online at: Torrey Meister | Chapter 5 | Las Palmeras
Previous chapters can be viewed at:

O'Neill Coldwater Classic web site


O'Neill Waterskiers, The Wilson Bros, premier their new video filmed at The Boarding School in Orlando, FL.

Watch video here

Team O'Neill Waterskiers Brooks Wilson and KC Wilson really know how to carve the morning glass.  Check them out in their new "The Wilson Bros." video "Stare".  They really put their O'Neill Comp Vests through some rigorous testing.

Torrey Meister | Chapter 4 | Gooseberry Road Trip Video

Torrey Meister's win at the O'Neill Coldwater Classic in November of 2013 not only provided him with $50k to travel to compete in the WQS, it also provided a full O'Neill sponsorship. As a sponsored O'Neill surfer, Torrey got the invite to go on a 3 week O'Neill road trip from Santa Cruz to Canada with team mates Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes and Brett Barley to test and shoot the latest and greatest wetsuits. On this photo/video trip, the boys scored amazing waves and went to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Be on the look out for Chapter 5 of the Torrey Meister saga in July.

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Torrey takes a Canadian flight Torrey with a frozen tail chuck O'Neill Coldwater Classic

To see previous chapters of the O'Neill Torrey Meister Series, please visit

Torrey Meister | Chapter 3 | OZ FLURRY

After winning the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Torrey Meister has been grinding out the WQS (World Qualifying Series) of the ASP Tour in pursuit of gaining enough points to make the ASP WCT (World Championship Tour). He recently traveled to the East Coast of Australia to compete in two ASP 6 Star events. Unfortunately he did not get the results that he was looking for in Australia, but he made the most of his trip, by meeting up with a fellow O'Neill Team Rider, Soli Baily. They toured the Sydney area filming and free-surfing, to prepare for the rest of the year.

Watch Video Here

Watch video here!

Full Rotation Down Under

To see more chapters of the O'Neill Torrey Meister Series, please visit

O'Neill Coldwater Classic

Torrey Meister at Home - Chapter 2

After winning the 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic, Torrey Meister was given a once-in-a-lifetime shot to make it to the big leagues of surfing: the World Championship Tour (WCT). We've been following Meister as he battles through the rigors of qualifying, loaded up with $50,000 to spend pursuing his dream. The World Qualifying Series (WQS) — a series of contests Meister will be surfing in this year — kicked off in January on the North Shore of Oahu, which is the perfect location for Meister to showcase his lightning-fast and absolutely fearless style of surfing.

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O'Neill Coldwater Classic


In November of 2013 Torrey won the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational and took home the "winner take all" grand prize, which was a sponsorship from O'Neill consisting of $50,000 to travel the world and compete in the World Qualifying Series in pursuit of making the World Championship Tour.

Click here to watch video Sticker on the nose!

To see more chapters of the Torrey Meister O'Neill Series, please visit

O'Neill Coldwater Classic


Aspen, 25th January, 2014. Team O'Neill rider Max Parrot (CAN) just tore the roof off the Winter X Games, taking gold in the Big Air contest on Friday night ahead of Yuki Kadono (JPN) and Stale Sandbech (NOR), before doubling up the very next day in Slopestyle, edging Mark McMorris (CAN) into silver and Sandbech into his second bronze medal of the weekend.

"It's just the best feeling!" said Parrot, "Putting those two triples down to win Big Air gold was a dream come true, but snagging my second gold in less than 24 hours... well, that's just crazy! Even after last night's madness, I knew I had a decent chance of challenging for a medal in Slopestyle if I managed to put down my run. It was fun going toe-to-toe with Mark and Stale – they're both so difficult to beat, so I could not be happier right now!"  

Seb Toots back home in Montreal - Photo: Yann Roy & Ren Rob

Considered by many to be the most prestigious competition on the international pro snowboarding calendar, Winter X Games arguably plays second fiddle to another mega-contest you well may have heard of once every four years – and this year, that beast of an event will be going down in Sochi, Russia in less than two weeks' time. 
Parrot's double-gold medal performance in Aspen, Colorado marks the 19-year-old freestyle rider out as one of the most in-form riders going into the ultimate medal-fest next month. The goofy-footed rider has proven himself to be hands-down one of the most consistent riders in the game, stomping double and triple corks at will – and always with bucket loads of style. 
The French Canadian rider will now be focused on bringing is A-Game to the land of vodka and furry headwear, where he'll go up against the Slopestyle elite once again, including Shaun White (USA), who was noticeably absent from Winter X Games after opting to prepare – or save himself – for the trip out East.  
Speaking from Aspen after his Slopestyle victory, Max added: "It's going to be honor to represent Canada next month, and fun for me and Toots [Sebastien Toutant] to try and win a Slopestyle medal for our country. Hopefully I can keep sticking my runs like I have done this weekend. It's anyone's game on the day, and now I can't wait to get out there!"  


Warmond, January 9, 2014. O'Neill is delighted to announce the signing of French freestyle skier Julien Lange. The 22-year-old French rider is considered one of Europe's most gifted freeskiers, and joins fellow skiers David Wise, Oystein Braten and Paddy Graham among the Team O'Neill ranks. 
Growing up in the ski resort of Tignes in the French Alps, the call of the snow-capped mountains has always been present for Julien, who spent a large chunk of his formative years bashing gates before eventually making the switch to freestyle skiing. An equally prodigious talent on the football pitch, Julien must be one of the few players to turn down the offer of a training contract with the mighty Olympique de Marseille.  
Inspired to pursue his chosen career by legendary freeskier and compatriot Candide Thovex, Julien has progressed through the freestyle ranks from relative late-starter to multiple Winter X-Games Europe contender in just a few short years. His enormous bag of tricks coupled with his effortless style in the air also makes him the author of several standout video parts.

Julien Lange (FRA) - Photo:

"Julien is an amazing talent, not just in terms of freeskiing, but across multiple sports and disciplines," says Bernhard Ritzer, Director Global Sports Marketing at O'Neill. "Whether it's football, ski racing, hitting kickers or coaching kids, Julien does it all to the highest level. We're very happy he settled on freeskiing as his sport of choice, and we're looking forward to seeing him progress even further as he continues his ascent to the top of the sport. Welcome to the team, Julien!" 
Remarking on his new-found status as an O'Neill team rider, Julien commented: "I'm super-excited to join the team. It feels insane to have the support of such a well established brand, and I'm stoked at the prospect of skiing alongside the likes of David, Oystein and Paddy. It's a great start to the year - bring it on!"

Julien Lange in Val d'Isere, January 2014 - Photo:


Bayonne, France - December 3rd - At first, Alaska doesn't sound much like a surf destination but this is just a matter of perception. The O'Neill team rider and adventurer, Damien Castera, sees it all the way around. For him the Last Frontier means empty lines ups and perfect waves but not only. Alaska is also about a back into the wild experience, Damien spent 2 month there surfing and hiking on self-sufficiency: fishing for food, rough encampment for accommodation and pepper sprays as self-defense against bears or any other wild life you can encounter there… Check out this flick which gives you a beautiful overview of what Damien's has been experiencing for 60 days….

Damien Castera in Alaska

Empty line-ups

Watch now: 


Congrats Torrey Meister Winner of the 2013 Coldwater Classic Invitational!

Torrey Meister claimed the 2013 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational title today earning the enviable winner-take-all yearlong O'Neill sponsorship worth $50,000.  With an unconventional new format pitting 16 mostly unsponsored surfers against each other for one grand prize, the ASP Specialty Event ran today in pumping conditions at Steamer Lane. 

Round One's draw set the event up for local triumphs, upsets, and legitimate opportunities for each competitor to prove they could compete on the elite level. The biggest upset came at the hands of Huntington Beach's Billy Hopkins when he eliminated Granger Larson, who is currently one position away from qualifying for the 2014 World Tour. Santa Cruz's Shaun Burns and Noi Kaulukukui used their local wave knowledge to defeat Cory Arrambide, a successful amateur competitor from California, and Dion Atkinson, No. 35 on the One World Rankings, respectively.

The Quarters kicked off with a Hawaiian heat between Hank Gaskell and Torrey Meister. Meister started off quick with a nine-point wave (the highest of the event up to that point) for a massive air punt on the inside section. Gaskell was unable to come back, ultimately earning Meister a Finals berth after defeating Ricardo Christie in the Semis. Local favorite Noi Kaulukukui upset Chris Waring, a runner-up in the 2008 O'Neill Coldwater Classic, in a tight heat, but lost to Australian Wade Carmichael in the Semis.

Photo: Ellis

The Final was characterized by multiple lead changes, as Meister and Carmichael went wave for wave in a seesaw battle. Late in the heat, Meister led with twin 6.67s, leaving Carmichael searching for a 6.54. However, the ocean did not cooperate, and Meister took the win. Along with the trophy, Meister earned a yearlong sponsorship from O'Neill worth $50,000 to pursue his elite pro surfing aspirations.  

When asked about the win, Meister responded: "I'm excited about riding for O'Neill.  It's been a long time since I've had a sticker on the nose of my board.  It's been great that O'Neill put this event on for us.  They seem like cool people and I'm excited to ride for them."



Warmond, The Netherlands – November 4, 2013 - Ever sat behind your desk with your headphones on,daydreaming about an empty line-up? Or missed your stop on the bus because yourmusic took you away to the top of a mountain?

Well then picture this: Two return tickets. One foryou. Another one for your best friend. The destination? Wherever you choose onplanet Earth to turn that dream into reality.

Kicking off on November 4, our #-hosted competitionwill invite fans from all over the globe to upload photos and videosdemonstrating their own unique interpretation of how music has the power escapereality and transport you to #thenextride.

Whether it's riding the chairlift on your own in themiddle of a snowstorm, putting off writing that paper after another long day atyour desk, or yourself in action at your favorite spot on the other side of theworld, there's really no right or wrong when it comes to subject matter for#thenextride - just shoot it and tag it for your chance to win it.

All entries submitted with #thenextride throughFacebook, Twitter or uploaded on will be judged by apanel of O'Neill team riders & marketing managers using a judging criteriathat includes imagination, creativity, and a good old fashioned sense of fun. 

Running for a total of 13 weeks, we'll be awarding apair of our new headphones - The Drop - to a weekly winner before the entrywindow draws to a close on January 31. A single entry from all finalists willbe crowned the ultimate winner one week later on February 7.

With such a mind-blowing prize up for grabs, this isone competition you can't afford to miss. Get all the detail about thecompetition on

For more information about Philips | O'

O’Neill proudly present its first Hong Kong flagship store LCX Tsim Sha Tsui.

“The Original Since 1952” Exhibition to celebrate O’Neill’s 60 yrs of innovation and design.

23 October 2013, Hong Kong – O'Neill, the original Northern Californian surf, snow and lifestyle brand is proud to announce the opening of the first Hong Kong flagship store in LCX, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The 1,800-sqr foot store is located in the zone famous for fashion and lifestyle. This unique store features elements inspired by founder Jack O'Neill's house in Santa Cruz California. These elements mixed with deep natural tones, emphasize the O'Neill brand and its values of authenticity, progression, unconventional spirit and joy. With white and wood as the key colour tones, the white tiled wall sits well against the stone grey flooring, adding a rawness and originality to the space. Tiled walls with the Original logo and metal wall units with rear lighting, are both examples of where authenticity meets progression. The distinct shades of wood on display and warm lighting bring style and simplicity to the overall design. The combination of materials utilised for this store give the customer a feeling of Santa Cruz and a great shopping experience. One could picture themselves in the heart of Jack's hometown close to the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

"The Original Since 1952" Heritage and Art Exhibition
When Jack O'Neill first pioneered the world's first wetsuit and opened the first surf shop in 1952, he set the wheels in motion for O'Neill to become not only the first name in the water, but also one of the most forward-thinking and innovative brands in the game. For more than 60 years Jack O'Neill has stayed true to the lifestyle he loves, Jack's perseverance and the love for exploring and enjoying nature, propelling O'Neill to become the industry pioneer.
The Original Since 1952 heritage and art exhibition will be held to celebrate the official launch of O'Neill flagship store Hong Kong and spotlighting Jack's boundless vision. This creative showcase will feature artwork from overseas such as Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFettridge, Mark Penxa, Jim Philips Jnr etc. These and other works were showcased as part of the 2012 Innovation Art Tour and have travelled the globe.
We are proud to have as part of this exhibition 10 local artists. From the renowned artist Simon Birch, to influential artist Jay FC, photographer Paul Tsang, member of the band LMF Prodip Leung, graphic designer Rex Koo, singer/songwriter Ryan Hui, Sam Chan@ Outsignlab, top surfer/artists Blackboy and Sai Sai, and singer songwriter Yukilovey. They have each created their own interpretation in the form of Jack O'Neill, celebrating his love of innovation and pioneering.
In addition to the incredible artworks, the exhibition will feature innovative wetsuits from 6 decades, as well as heritage art, advertising and the evolution of the brand.
In celebration of the launch, two of O'Neill's world class athletes will travel from overseas to appear. "Big Wave" surfer and adventurer Mark Mathews and" Snowboarding Superstar" Seb Toots will travel from Australia and Canada respectively to be part of this huge occasion.
Ten local artists, photographers, designers and surfers share "The Original" spirit

Ten local artists, photographers, designers and surfers share "The Original" spirit

About "The Original Since 1952" Exhibition
"The Original Since 1952" will be exhibiting at the first O'Neill Hong Kong store at LCX and LCX Oasis 1 from 23 Oct 2013 to 3 November 2013. All local artists' work will be up for auction in mid-November (details to be announced soon). The money raised will be donated to Hong Kong Clean Up and AquaMeridian Conservation & Education Foundation, in continuation of O'Neill's vision.
About O'Neill – "The First Name in the Water"
Jack O'Neill invented the first wetsuit in the 50s; he later opened the doors to the world's very first surf shop on the San Francisco great highway in 1952. He moved the surf shop to Santa Cruz, California in 1959 – home to some of the best cold-water waves. Continuing to provide innovative products and breaking new frontiers, Jack was soon rewarded with soaring sales, and O'Neill became "The first name in the water".
O'Neill's passion for sports has made his business expand from surf wear to snow wear and youth lifestyle brand. Today, O'Neill stores can be found in most major cities – USA, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan. This Autumn/Winter 2013, the brand is proud to announce the opening of the first retail store in LCX, Hong Kong, bringing their originality and innovative products to Hong Kong. This is part of a broader strategy of launching the brand in China and accelerating growth in Asia.
About AquaMeridian Conservation & Education Foundation (ACE)
Founded by Ms. Sharon Kwok in March 2013, AquaMeridian Conservation & Education (ACE) Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with a mission to engage the public in conservation issues and environmental protection activities. ACE is presenting school talks, seminars, and conducting educational activities throughout Hong Kong, as we believe that education is the key to our planet's sustainable future. Please contact for more information.
About The Hong Kong Clean Up
Having engaged over 100,000 citizens in cleaning up over 350,000 kg of trash and now in its 13th year, Ecovision's Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge ( is firmly established as a well-loved and vital part of the Hong Kong event landscape. Its aim is to educate, empower and advocate on the subject of waste reduction in support of a cleaner, healthier future for Hong Kong and the planet. For more information, please contact -
The first O'Neill retail store in Hong Kong:
Address:                     LCX 17, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Enquiries:                   852 - 37554923
Operating Hours:       10:00am – 10:00pm
O'Neill Official Website:

Its on | Portugal Pro

There was finally enough of the right elements to get things happening again at Peniche today. Carrying a niggling bruised toe injured last week during a free surf session Jordy grimaced through the pain to grind out a win against the Portuguese hero who packed Kelly's bags in R2.

Dooma Hardman has spoken and said the event will finish tomorrow! Jordy needs a win in Portugal to keep his slim WT hopes alive, lets hope he can find his best and climb the podium.

The back way to avoid the fans

Post heat

"Yaa, my toe kinda hurts but i'm stoked to win"


O’Neill invites you to join us on our mission to help the world #RIDEMORE

#RIDEMORE is an open invitation for all riders to join in and enjoy the ride in every possible way. Why? Because every day can't be a bluebird powder day. Some days you can't even get to the mountain. Some days the best riding is in your hometown. #RIDEMORE is about finding alternative ways to ride wherever you are. To find different terrain, to step outside the ordinary, and most of all - be creative.
#RIDEMORE kicks off on October 15th with the release of O'Neill's latest film set in Montreal. Featuring team riders Seb Toots, David Wise, Max Parrott, Frederik Evensen, Erica Langman and Veronique Picard - watch as they turn the Canadian city into a freestyle playground – jibbing every imaginable hit. Throughout the season, the creativity continues and our pros will be sharing images and videos on the #RIDEMORE Tumblr page – throwing down the gauntlet that challenges you to think & ride outside the box.
Most importantly, we want to help YOU #RIDEMORE. Why? Because over 60 years ago, Jack O'Neill invented the wetsuit and gave birth to an industry out of a San Francisco garage - just because he wanted to surf longer. We're here for the same reason we've always been here: to enable the world to ride more. 

Here's how you can join the ride… 
Every week we'll be giving away prizes of outerwear, accessories and headphones – all you need to do is upload and share images or videos that inspire you to #RIDEMORE on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our Tumblr page…
Once a week, one of our pros will post a new trick, tagged with #RIDEMORE and the trick name, e.g. #RIDEMORE#5050. Recreate and share your take on the trick  - it doesn't have to be on snow - and our favourite entries  (based on creativity, not craziness) will win prizes and massive kudos.
Do you walk past a set of steps in your city and daydream about 50:50'ing them on your way to work? Can you imagine yourself landing a massive 540 on the slope outside the Sacré Coeur? Upload a picture of your dream city riding spot and at the end of the season O'Neill will make it rideable with a truckload of real snow.  Each week one of the most original entries will be rewarded with O'Neill gear #RIDEMORE #CITYNAME 
Plus throughout the season local O'Neill stores throughout Europe will be giving away swag and organizing pop-up events to get local riders connecting together and helping everyone to #RIDEMORE. 

Go to:

Fredi Evensen - Photo: O'Neill / Frode Sandbech

Watch the movie 

Portugal Pro

Day 1

Surf check. It was one of those days yesterday where we should have surfed the first spot we checked. 200km later we were in Ereceria and found a fun left wedge with the wind blowing up the face perfect for punts. It was a sotrmy moody day here in Portugal but plenty of raw swell which was nice to see after too many flat days in France.


B & W surf check

Lets go check that other spot?

How about out here?

No way, look at that left..

…. Were out there!

Sunrise on a layday | Portugal

Day 2

Lay day 1 of 3 (according to the forecast). Not much happening this morning in the ocean so Woody & i decided to capture a Peniche in all her glory at day break….

Portuguese dwellings

Green energy

Harbour board walk

Medieval defence

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

Postcard 4

"Au Revoir"

Jordy Smith takes us on a backstage journey through France, reminisces on what might have been at Lowers, breaks down the title race & rips up the Wave Garden. Life on the road ain't easy but it sure doesn't look too tough either!

Indar Surf Europe

Surf Europe's Hidden Lives series showcases the folk behind the folklore. You've seen so many action videos that when you blink, Johnny Hotrad is landing another fin chuck inside your eyelids.

Hidden Lives takes a cinematic step back, before delving inside the mind of some of the most intriguing wave-riders in the galaxy. Where do they come from, what makes them tick, where are they going? Hidden Lives puts the epic in biopic…

If a single wave could shape a surfer's destiny, Indar Unanue's 2008 bomb at Waimea shot the Basque lad from obscurity on a path to becoming one of Europe's premiere freesurfers.

Fresh of the plane on the North Shore and severely under-gunned, Indar, whose name means 'power' in Basque, charged a set wave at the Bay on a 7'0″ turned heads near and far and set himself up for a career chasing perfect swells around the globe.

Hailing from the competitive surfing hotbed of Zarautz, Indar shunned the WQS path for the life of the exposure pro, making a name for himself in thick, hollow swells around the world. But who exactly is Indar? What drove him to a career chasing perfect swells? Check out Hidden Lives: Indar Unanue, a story about the power of dreams and the dreams of Power.

Final Lay Day | France

Were were up but the forecast waves were still down as the sun peered over the pines in the SW of France this morning. We ended up hunting a few waves down and got our feet in the wax again before its all hands on deck tomorrow at la Graviere.

Jordy is in heat 12 tomorrow up against Kieren Perrow, look for fireworks the boy is fired up!

Binocular surf check

Moody apartments

Arvo session

Now Now sunset

The swell started to show on sunset

Moody light

Golden glow

Woody working the angles..

Its on | France

Its on at la Grav.

Eyeing the teepee's

Spot a gap & go!

Hossegor by morning

Backside drag

Post surf


Cast Your Vote at Sept. 30 Through Oct. 6

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Sept.30, 2013 – O'Neill  is calling on the public to help determine four wildcards for the O'Neill  Coldwater Classic Invitational at Steamer Lane, November 6-10, 2013. Eight  finalists have already been determined and now the public gets to weigh in on  the decision by going to to vote.

Nearly 100  videos were submitted to the open call, of which eight standouts were  determined as the finalists. Now you,the general public, can weigh in on who will make it into the main event for achance at the "winner take all" grand prize, a life-changing yearlong  sponsorship from O'Neill Wetsuits including $50,000 in travel incentives and  contest fees.

The eightfinalists are:

Dylan  Goodale, 22, Kilauea, HI.                     Chris  Foster, 23, Kapaa, HI

Andrew  Jacobson, 18, Malibu, CA                 Kalani  Robb, 36, Sunset Beach, HI

Kilian  Garland, 26, Santa Barbara, CA           Noi  Kaulukukui, 32, Santa Cruz, CA

Billy  Hopkins, 21, Huntington Beach, CA       Quinn  McCrystal, 23, Huntington Beach, CA 

"It was great to  get so many talented surfers submitting videos," said Shane Skelton, O'Neill  Wetsuits, Marketing/Team Manager. "We are excited to see which surfers thegeneral public will vote into the four wildcard slots." 

The four  wildcard winners will round out a 16-man field of competitors that includes 10  invited surfers (Stu Kennedy, Granger Larsen, Wade Carmichael, Torrey Meister, Hank  Gaskell, Dion Atkinson, Shaun Joubert, Ricardo Christie, Chris Waring, Cory  Arrambide) and two company chosen wildcards (TBD).

Learn  more and follow all of the action at #oneillcwc

Specialthanks to Futures Fins, Watermans Sunscreen, Banzai Bowls, Sierra Nevada, HotelParadox and Surfline for supporting the 2013 O'Neill Coldwater ClassicInvitational.

About O'Neill

O'Neill,  the original California surf, snow and lifestyle brand, was founded in 1952  when a young man named Jack O'Neill took his unstoppable passion for surfing  and used it to battle Mother Nature. Jack's initial vision of producingfunctional and innovative board riding products continues to lie at the core ofeverything the company does. From the first neoprene surf wetsuit and boardleash to the world's first stitchless board shorts. O'Neill will always becommitted to growing its reputation as one of the world's leading youth  lifestyle brands based on being the First Name in the water.

While many  things have changed since those humble beginnings, Jack's initial vision of  producing functional and innovative board riding products continues to lie atthe core of everything the company does. O'Neill's core values — innovation instyle and technology — have seen the brand devote itself wholeheartedly to theevolution of the action sports lifestyle.  Fromthe first ever neoprene wetsuit and leash, to the world's first stitchlessboardshorts and range of groundbreaking wearable electronics, O'Neill'sprogressive spirit will always drive the company forward. For moreinformation, please visit


In 1960, SURFER Magazine began as the original. After along history of delivering provocative and insightful editorial features,revealing interviews and award winning state-of-the-art photography, SURFERremains the authoritative voice of the surfing world and thus earned themoniker "the bible of the sport." The SURFER brand has also grown toinclude, Fantasy Surfer, and the SURFER message boards. All ofthese assets combine to make the SURFER network the most current and reliablechannel of information to the surf community. The magazine is published by  Source Interlink's GrindMedia, which reaches more than 22-million active sportsenthusiasts through an integrated network of magazines, online properties,events and television programming. To learn more, visit

About GrindMedia

Source Interlink Media's GrindMedia is the world's  largest action/adventure/outdoor media company, with 29 leading media assetsfeaturing brands such as, SURFER, SURFING, TransWorld SKATEboarding, Bike,POWDER, TransWorld Motocross, Snowboarder, Canoe & Kayak and more.GrindMedia reaches more than 40 million engaged consumers every month through  its print, online, mobile, TV/video and events. Delivering significant reach  across both action sports enthusiast and various in-market consumer audiences,GrindMedia also produces more than 40 leading events and webcasts such as  Surfer Poll Awards, TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards, Powder Video Awards,Lowers Pro and EnduroCross. GrindMedia is also the exclusive action and  adventure sports content provider for Yahoo! Sports. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:

Dawn  Hamilton

KHPR for  GrindMedia


cell: 310.923.0863

Lay Day 3 | France

Another Lay Day here in the South West of France so we decided to pack up the car and head south into Spain. First stop was a 3 hour session at the Wavegarden which was insane; 100m ride every 3 minutes on a flat day, hell yeah!

Post surf we thought it would be rude if we didn’t stop in San Sebastian for a little tapas and a stroll throughout the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town.

Amazing what you can get up to on a flat day in Europe!

Early Birds

Wave Garden tech

Slicing and dicing

San Sebastion afternoon

Tapas treats

Have a look up

7pm, time to go!

Lay Days | France

Its not too often that it gets this flat in the South West of France in September. The best thing to do is stay active and not stop moving. We’ve had plenty on between searching for knee high waves to grovel, team signings & the French “Now Now” premiere.

B&W Pine Forest.

Colour Pine Forest.

Le Forest.

Hossegor O'Neill team signing.

Hossegor O'Neill team signing.

La Siesta.

Now Now speech. "Woody doesn't speak too much French, but from what I've heard he's a pretty good French kisser"!



Take  50 tonnes of snow, dump it in one of the capitals coolest areas, throw in a sprinklingof iconic London street fixtures then invite 20 of the UK's best skiers & snowboardersand we give you, O'Neill Shoreditch Showdown. Putting a stamp ona secret EC2 venue, the exclusive snow event will land in the big smoke onThursday 21st November to put UK street riding well and truly on themap.

Sandwiched  between a selection of hip bars and late night cafes, the East London venuewill create a striking backdrop for a floodlit night of urban jibbing from ourcountry's finest. Bringing mountain life to the streets, the inner-cityplayground will resemble a film set of an authenticsnow-filled London street. Featuring an original double-decker bus, telephone kiosk,red pillar post box and a multitude of rails, the stage is set for next levelcreativity and progression. 

Opening  its doors to a select crowd of 500 successful ticket winners and VIPs, thisexclusive street-lit contest will show London's east side how world-class UK streetriding is, while a live VJ set and on-site graffitiinstallation makes this event fresher than the hipster farmers' market down theroad. 

And  if this isn't enough tolook forward to, there are even talks of a secret after party with specialguest artists. So……. keep your eyes on www.oneillshoreditchshowdown.comand #oneillukfor further updates. 

The day before

With the womens event done and dusted & a great conditions forecast for the opening day of the 2013 Quik Pro France, we could see the men hit the water as early as 7:45am.

Jordy (seed 3) will be in heat 4 of the round up against Matt Wilkinson & wildcard Ramzi Boukhiam.

Post surf RED footage.

Its a long beach with lots of options.

Classic French apartments.

Hossegor sunset.

View from the waters edge.


Jordy in Hossegor

Traveling between events is taxing even for someone with as many stamps in their passport as Jordy Smith. 14 boards, travel bags & camera equipment is just the tip of the iceberg. When you arrive and unpack your bags knowing that you will be in a place like Hossegor for the next 2 weeks its the best feeling in the world.

Stop No 7 is looking like the WT maker or breaker. With only 5000 points separating the top 4, this event will be vital for the eventual World Champ. Jordy is going into this event full of steam after finishing 3rd last week in Trestles and feeling like it could have been his if the cards had fallen his way.

Keep the top of the podium clear in Hossegor, Jordy has his abseiling kit ready for the summit.

Paris layover snooze.

Getting ready.

Capreton bunker session.

Someone has a new toy.

Bunker view.

Late arvo light

Boardwalk blues.

Top of the dune surf check.

STAB X O'Neill present Jordy Smith's movie NOW NOW

Jordy Smith's latest film "NOW NOW" is unadulterated surfporn. It's less about the editors artistic impression, and all about what one  of the most relevant surfers in the world is doing between dawn and dusk.

Jordy Smith stormed onto the World Tour in 2008 with no  apologies and no prisoners. Since first pulling on a 'Smith' jersey, he's  brought home victories (J-Bay), accomplished personal goals (winning outside  South Africa, in Rio), clocked 10s (everywhere) and shown us all how endearing  the transition from cocky benchwarmer to graceful batsman can really be.

Watching all 6'3" of him hospitalise a beachbreakend section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will  steal your breath. But Jordy doesn't just dance for the judges – 2013's been a  year in which he has shocked with freesurf clips, it was only a matter of time  'til we would be gifted a digital extended play.

Welcome to NOW NOW, a collage of moments tagged and  bagged during the first six months of this year. Filmed in Mozambique, South  Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy's batteries  charged and allowed us the pleasure of NOW NOW: "I just want to go surf.  That's what I want to do."

Jordy commented, "This movie kinda just happened, I  wasn't really expecting to drop another movie so soon after Bending Colours,  then I did a few trips down to Mozambique to test boards and get dialed for  Snapper and scored some epic waves."

"I love Durban, its probably the best place in the  world to get clips. The waves are so consistent and super hollow and rampy. I'd  seen a few of the young Brazilian kids sticking backflips which got me amped. Iended up sticking two big ones in Ballito, that's when I realised that we were  sitting on some sick footage & had to make this movie."

On sale Friday 13th September 2013 on iTunes

Coldwater Classic Video Submission


End Of The Road - Day Two

Day two and there is still no sign of the forecasted SW swell. There is just enough surf to wet the rails but not quite big enough to drag your butt just yet! We had a fun little session at Teahupoo this morning and brought the GoPro to capture a couple of moments. Fingers crossed the SW fills in tomorrow!

Post surf coconut, fresh of the palm.

Tahitian cheers.

GoPro duck dive & a glimpse of the reef!

Man mountain.

End of the road | 1

With Teahupoo only 4 days away from starting Jordy is here early to test boards and get acquainted with the Pacific reef break that results have eluded him thus far. With a positive performance in Fiji 2 stops ago he's full of confidence & looking forward to getting his title campaign back on track with a career best performance here in Tahiti.

A new 6'3 step up fresh out the box.

6'3 to 6'8 which translates to 3 foot to 8 foot surf.

Jordy's home for the next 2 weeks.

Room with a view.

Stacked and ready.

End of the road.

Peace man.

You never get tired of a Tahitian sunset.


August 12, 2013 - O'Neill has launched a new contest in association with, the surf-focused campervan rental company based in south-west France

The online contest, which coincides with the launch of O'Neill's new Autumn/Winter collection, invites visitors to O'Neill's Facebook page to reveal details to their dream campervan surf trip. 

There's a great prize at stake for the winner - to be selected at random from all entries received - including a one-week VW campervan rental courtesy of, an O'Neill wetsuit, and an O'Neill clothing package handpicked from the new collection. A not so-unlucky runner-up will also win a O'Neill boardshort or bikini.

Get involved today and tell us where you and your mates would head for the surf getaway of a lifetime. 

Enter the contest here.
See the new collection at

Jordy Smith at the US Open

Day one at Huntington Beach for US Open showed that Jordy hasn't lost any of his drive since his runner up finals appearance at home in the Mr Price Pro 6* Prime two weeks ago. Jordy breezed through to the 48 after a solid show of power & hi-fi performance in the tricky HB slop. Jordy has never won the US Open, but with another $100K up for grabs first prize and his focus in 2013 he won't want to finish bridesmaid in this one.

Jordy Smith won his heat and advanced into the next round. 

Jordy & Lyndall hiding out in the VIP Competitors area.

Pre heat prep with Garth Tarlow & fellow O'Neill team rider Cory Lopez.

Keeping a close eye on the tricky HB lineup.

All eyes on seed no. 2 before he runs down through the crowd for his round 1 battle.

Jordy Smith in Durban

Back in the Zulu Natal for the Mr Price Pro Prime QS. Waves have been really fun around Ballito and Jordy has been hunting waves & clips in his complimentary Land Rover Defender.. Couple of heats under his belt Jordy is pumped to get back on the podium in front of his home crowd.

Bali lay days

Morning light.

Morning pop!

Afternoon prayers.

What are you looking at?

Balinese girl hiding in the Warung.

Bali Pro ceremony

Day 3

First day of the waiting period here at Keramas & the morning started with an Balinese Ceremony to bring good karma to the event. The Top 32 dressed in traditional Balinese attire and joined in on the spiritual ceremony. Unfortunately for Jordy the only shirt size they had was size medium!

Top 32 dressed for the occasion.

Preying for big waves for the event.

Craft maintenance. Wet rubbing the Bells/Rio weapon ready for heat 4 today!

Jordy in Bali

Day 2

The event starts tomorrow & with the forecast looking epic i think it will start at Keramas first thing in the morning. Word from the contest director Tommy Whits is that Oakley won't be just waiting for perfect offshore conditions, they will also utilise the onshore breeze to encourage big turns and airs from the top 32. Jordy is heat 4 in the morning so expect fireworks as the big South African looks to take out the first event at Keramas.

Carpark's was on again today.

View from the local Warung.

Local Keramas lady weaving reed baskets to hold the HIndu offerings.

We visited a local Keramas school today that have a program to support saving Bali's coral reefs. The kids had a drawing competition to win Oakley hats and stickers.

Jordy joined in to win some Oakley gear!

African theme. The kids were pretty impressed.

Jorrdy, Seabass & Bruce Irons entertaining the kids.

Pretty excited to meet the pro's & get some stickers.

Jordy Smith arrived in Bali

Day 1

This Cucukan Villa will be our home for the next 14 days

First surf in Bali froth. Nothing like day 1 in a new location.

Traffic in Bali is crazy.

Double shaka. Carparks had a couple sick ones this morning.

Local dog enjoying breakfast in the form of a Hindu offering

Keramas pooch enjoying a breakfast for the gods.

First session froth..


O'Neill is proud to announce that Ben Howard, the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, will join O'Neill as a brand ambassador.

After first developing a cult following among the UK's tight-knit surfing community, Ben has gone on to cement his reputation as one of the most unique songwriting talents to emerge in recent years. 
Ben's popularity exploded in 2011 following the release of 'Every Kingdom', his debut studio album that was later nominated for the prestigious 2012 Mercury Prize. The 26-year-old's arrival on the mainstream international music scene was confirmed earlier this year when he won British Breakthrough Act and British Solo Male Artist at the BRIT Awards 2013. 

A passionate surfer since the age of 11 thanks to an active upbringing on the south-west coast of England, Ben's long-standing affinity with the ocean, and everything that goes with it, is something that permeates the mellow, semi-acoustic sound he has made his own. 
As Ben's popularity has soared, he's spent an ever-increasing amount of time on the road, performing to sold-out crowds at festivals and gigs across Europe and around the world. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, he always takes time out from his busy schedule to catch a few waves and re-connect with the ocean. 
"I'm really excited to join O'Neill as a brand ambassador," said Ben. "It's going to be a fun adventure."    

The collaboration will see Ben working closely alongside our team of designers to create a limited edition O'Neill x Ben Howard signature product series scheduled to launch as part of the spring/summer 2014 collection. 
To find out more about Ben: 

O'Neill Wake The Line 2013 is in the books

"O'NeillWake The Line" Friday was out of the way with the event's first everQuarter Pipe and Kicker contest champions crowned. Back to normal proceedingswith anything but normal wakeskating and wakeboarding in store, the Stadionbadgates were opened, the thousands flocked in and the worlds biggest obstacleriding spectacle was underway.

Eight of the best wakeskaters in the world madeup athletes repping the US, Germany and South Africa started proceedings. Thetried and tested head to head format remained the same for all the action. Theone coming up best out of three runs moves through to the next round. It was acase of big guns against newbie, the only testing result for the German crowdswas seeing local hero Lukas Suss fall foul of some solid riding from YanLacomte, taking on "O'Neill Wake The Line" for the very first time. Afour man super final was made up of former winners and podium placers, REEDHANSEN and JAN KISSMANN, going toe to toe against those in Cologne at theirfirst ever "O'Neill Wake The Line", DIETER HUMPSCH and Mr YANLECOMTE.

The day moved at a rapid pace as always and witha smattering of rain, a few gusty high winds that came and went, the Cologneskies just about held out for us. It was looking as though we were going to getthe battle that many were anticipating between Germany's own NICO VONLERCHENFELD and Canada's RAPH DEROME, both seemingly in possession of the runsthat would be hard to beat by anyone else. Round three was all she wrote forNICO however in a shocking early exit for the former "O'Neill Wake TheLine" champ, popping the handle so uncharacteristically after not reallyfinding his true form all day. OLI DEROME's solid pressing in every direction andan unreal, stomped, backside 540 late indy meant his rags to riches story wascomplete, making it through to the final after an initial early exit. TheHENSHAW vs. VOLLERT battle will be one to remember. Both old hats when it comesto the "O'Neill Wake The Line" pressure cooker and this couldn't havebeen more obvious, the pairing taking it to the wire and a third run deciderthat gave the judges the hardest decision of the day. It went HENSHAW's waymaking for an all out Candadian take over of the final with just the Austrian,HERNLER, standing in between our transatlantic friends and a clean sweep of thepodium.


Super final time, a packed house, the most insanedays riding ever seen and still more to come. The technicality of all thewakeskaters was something to behold, all manner of shoves and flips in and outof pools, on and off rails were getting dropped. It was a one / two for theriding compadre's of REED HANSEN and DIETER HUMPSCH, both dropping varial flipsout of the spillway pool, REED's locked in moves edging him ahead of the SouthAfrican. It was not to be another podium experience for local JAN KISSMANN muchto the crowd and his dismay, having shown such poise, control and dominanceevery time he took to the water up to this point, fluffing his first run andYAN LECOMTE using this to put the squeeze on with his second run. KISSMANN justcouldn't fight his was back into the top three, making it two first timers onthe podium and KISSMANN settling for fourth.

The super final surpassed all previous climaxesto "O'Neill Wake The Line" with RAPH DEROME further enhancing hisdominance of the wake world taking down the other three finalists with not eventhe slightest waiver. Surprisingly, where double flips have seemingly been theflavour of the past year it was a spin, grab, tech fest off the kickers, RAPH'smonumental heel side cab 900 melon grab half way through, sealing his title offthe back of the biggest presses of the day. HENSHAW's unique use of the set-upseparating him from the rest was surely what secured him his second place,followed by the consistency of OLI DEROME taking down third.

A betting man would not have made much money ifhe'd put a money on RAPH at the start of this year's "O'Neill Wake TheLine" simply because the buzz always had RAPH coming up with the goods.Who'll be able to take him down if anyone? Well there are plenty of riders herethat will be back in 2014 to give it a good go along with yet more newcomersand the best of the wakeskating fraternity hungry for the prestige, honour andbragging rights that come with owning the top spot at the one and only"O'Neill Wake The Line presented by Relentless Energy Drink"! 












NINE QUEENS hosted by Virginie Faivre - The rider’s list is in!

Move over boys because the world’s best freeskiing girls are about to step-in, start-up, and storm the castle at the Nine Queens Freeski event at Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria’s mountain wonderland of Tyrol from 11-16 March 2013 with a huge contest day on March 16th, starting at 10am.

The brand new video trailer is online:

Innsbruck (AUT) February 19th, 2013 - O'Neillteam rider Virginie Faivre, 2010 halfpipe world champion and five times winnerof the European Freeski Open, will host this royal congregation at "TheChateau", a uniquely shaped and massive snow obstacle built by the twistedminds at Schneestern, Europe's premier park shapers. The castle is formed fromover 50,00m3 of snow and with integrated kickers, rails and jibs it will givethe athletes the chance to really test their skills, being able to grab up to27 metres of airtime!


Before the specially invited media professionals, thegirls will have a week to showcase their outstanding skills; with dedicatedheli-filming and photo sessions all aimed at delivering the best opportunityfor the girls to progress the sport of freeskiing.

As Her Royal Flyness Virginie Faivre says, "I amtotally pumped for it all to start to be honest. We have the crème de la crèmeof freeskiing here, the best girls in the world, and with a whole week to playon what has to be the most amazing obstacle that I have ever seen, it is sureto be a fantastic show!"

Joining Virginie to battle it out at the 2013 NineQueens are some of the top names in world of freeskiing. Norwegian TirilSjaastad Christiansen, winner of the slopestyle gold medal at the 2013 X-Gamesin Aspen, brings a skibag full of her trademark flow. Kaya Turski, 2012 X-Gamesgold medalist, hails from Canada and isn't afraid to throw down a 1080 or two.Estonia's wunderkind, 12-year old Kelly Sildaru debuted at the Nine Queens in2011 and the strength of her performances showed that she is a genuine star inthe making. Eva Patscheider is representing the local Austrian contingent.


Here's the complete list of starters:

1. Virginie Faivre (SUI)

2. Keri Herman (USA)

3. Eveline Bhend (SUI)

4. Kaya Turski (CAN)

5. Anna Segal (AUS)

6. Eva Patscheider (AUT)

7. Emma Dahlström (SWE)

8. Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen (NOR)

9. Jen Hudak (USA)

10. Grete Eliassen (USA)

11. Lena Stoffel (GER)

12. Kelly Sildaru (EST)


The Nine Queens will reach its peak when a huge number of spectators are expected for the official Contest Day on Saturday, 16 March, offering everyone the chance for an up-close and personal public viewing. The event will finish with a big party at Patschi, Serfaus, hosted by



Program Overview


Monday 11 – Friday 15 March

Closed photo sessions and media focused projects


Saturday 16 March:

10.00 – 3.00pm       Big Air Competition

3pm                            prize giving

From 10pm Afterparty at Patschi's by Sweet Protection and


More details about the event and an overview of the CONTOUR WANNA BE A QUEEN online video competition where we invite any girls out there who think they'd like to mix it with the Nine Queens to submit their best videos for a chance to join us in Serfaus Fiss Ladis at



Further info about Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


The winter sports paradise Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with its three historical villages is located on a sunny high plateau above the Tyrolean Inn Valley, framed by the mighty 3000-metre Samnaun mountains and the Ötztal Alps. Here winter sports fans have the choice of 212 km of superbly groomed ski runs, of which 131 km are at over 2000 m altitude, 119 km of cross-country skiing trails – groomed daily –, 70 cable 70 different modes of transportation, freeride slopes, terrain parks, and the whole gamut of winter fun sports. With the Kinderschneealm childrens' entertainment centre, the Murmlipark and Berta's Kinderland, excellent ski schools, all-day childcare, separate children's restaurants and many other family-friendly attractions one can safely say that Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has one of the best winter offering for families, and has indeed been commended several times as the most family-friendly resort in the Alps.



O'Neill global team rider, Sebastien Toutant, clinched his first World Snowboard Tour Big Air title this past weekend after finishing in second place at the maximum rated 6-Star Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck, Austria.

The 20-year-old French Canadian rider, who won his first Big Air pro contest at the age of only 13, continues to go from strength to strength after claiming the World Snowboard Tour Slopestyle crown at the end of last season. 
Speaking after snagging his latest podium result in the Bergisel stadium, Toots said: "I'm super-happy to add the Big Air title to my list of accomplishments. It's been a tough season and the standard of riding is getting better and better every year, with doubles and triples all over the place! To come out on top of the pile at the end of all that madness feels really great." 
The final standings give proof, if ever it was needed, of the intense level of competition at the top of the sport. Finishing the Big Air season off in Austria with an impressive points tally of 827.76, Toots only just managed to edge out main rival Stale Sandbech by 1.01 points, and third-placed Mark McMorris by just over 10 points.  

The final standings give proof, if ever it was needed, of the intense level of competition at the top of the sport. Finishing the Big Air season off in Austria with an impressive points tally of 827.76, Toots only just managed to edge out main rival Stale Sandbech by 1.01 points, and third-placed Mark McMorris by just over 10 points.  
Michael Heath, Global Marketing Director at O'Neill, said: "Nobody deserves this title more than Seb. He's been playing a huge part in fueling the progression of the sport in recent seasons, redefining what's possible on a snowboard. It's great to see that combination of raw talent and hard work paying off, and it's just one of the reasons why we're so proud to have him be part of Team O'Neill. Congrats, Seb!" 
Next on the agenda, Toutant turns his attention back to Slopestyle - a discipline that will for the first time form part of the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi 2014 in Russia. And with a last-minute invitation to Laax to compete in the Burton European Open possibly on the cards, and the Burton US Open of Snowboarding going down in early March, Toots will be going all-out to defend his Slopestyle crown against the world's best. 

For more information about O'Neill, visit


The final day of the 6 Star O’Neill Evolution, an out-and-out highlight stop on the World Snowboard Tour, set the scene for the legend that is Gian Simmen to bid a fond farewell to the world of contest snowboarding.

Closing the curtain on a competitive career that has been more than two decades in the making, the 35-year-old Swiss style master fittingly chose the O'Neill Evolution and the Swiss resort of Davos, located just a few miles as the crow flies from his home resort of Arosa, to say goodbye. "Finishing my 23-year contest career here is a dream come true," said Gian, a three-time Olympian. "It's the closing of a circle. I rode a board for the first time here in Davos; won my first major contest here; won my two World Championship titles right here too. So to finish off my contest career in Davos – it's the icing on the cake."
Having officially closed out his competitive career the day before with a very respectable 6th place in the Halfpipe Finals, and a typically enormous Backside Air on the last hit of his last run, Saturday afternoon's 'Legends Session' presented fans and fellow riders – both past and present – with an opportunity to honor Gian's remarkable contribution to the sport.

Gian Simmen (SUI) boosting airs sporting a 1980′s-inspired day glow one-piece O'Neill snowsuit.
The laid-back, fun-filled jam session saw a veritable who's who of European snowboarding royalty gracing the Halfpipe to doff their caps to one of snowboarding's greatest ambassadors. Among others, Xaver Hoffman, Michi Albin, Reto Lamm, Pascal Imhof and Johnny Eisenhut all rolled back the years and reminded the young guns how it's done. Not surprisingly, Gian was the standout rider, boosting double-overhead airs while sporting a 1980s-inspired dayglow one-piece O'Neill snowsuit. Style by the mile from the retiring hero.
Reflecting on his career at the end of an emotional day, Gian said: "Snowboarding has given me so much: the friends, the experiences, the chance to live a very special lifestyle – it gave me a place to clear my mind. As the first rider to win Olympic Gold almost 15 years ago, I understood very quickly there would be certain expectations of me. I just hope people remember me for the work I've done for snowboarding, the work I still plan to do, and hope they enjoyed my riding and riding with me over the years. I can't thank everyone enough for this amazing journey."
We're sure we speak for the whole snowboarding community when we say: "Thanks for the memories Gian; it's been one hell of a ride, and long may it continue!"

O’Neill Wake The Line 2013

presented by Relentless Energy Drink

Save the dates: On May, 24th and May, 25th "O'Neill Wake The Line presented
by Relentless Energy Drink" will once again transform three Olympic size
open air pools in Cologne, Germany into a 1000 ft. wakeskate and wakeboard
playground. Legendary location, completely new designed setup, 12.000 fans
and $60.000 price money promise a stunning show.

New in 2013 will be a two-day-extension of the event. On Friday spectators can
watch a best trick contest over both quarter pipe and kicker. Also part of Fridays
action will be the riders draw for Saturday and a live music act performance. The
main wakeskate and wakeboard competition will be held on Saturday. Both days will
be rounded up with the aftershow party at Playa in Cologne, right next to the
Established in 2012 the "WTL Qualifier" series, which identified 12 wildcard winners, who joined the 2012 seated riders, will also take place in 2013. The dates and places for 2013 are:
- 6/7th April: Penrith, Australia
- 4th May: Orlando Watersports Complex, USA- 17-19th May: Moscow, Russia
- 18th May: Wasserski Langenfeld, Germany

So 12 wildcards are up for grabs again. Who will join the 2012 top 8 riders, the
winner of 2011 and the rail rider of the year 2012 for the "O'Neill Wake The Line"
2013 riders field?
The ticket sale will kick off 19th of January at and at the
two-day-extension six different ticket categories are available. Get your tickets now
and be part of "O'Neill Wake The Line" 2013.

Team O’Neill at X Games Aspen 2013

Team O’Neill Returns for Newest Installment of ‘O’Neill Experience’ at X Games Aspen 2013

'O'Neill Experience'  online campaign follows Seb Toots, David Wise and others during X Games week in Colorado, January 24-27

Montreal, Canada (January 15, 2013) O'Neill, the original surf, snow and youth lifestyle brand for over 60 years, will head back to Aspen, Colorado for X Games Aspen 2013 with snow stars Sebastian Toutant ("Seb Toots"), David Wise, Maxence Parrot, Celia Miller, Aspen Spora and other team riders. In addition to taking part in all the competition and activities associated with the Games, the team will be shooting the popular "O'Neill Experience" online and social media campaign. Located at, this third installment of the O'Neill Experience will offer additional behind-the-scenes video and photo content from on and off the slopes.
Gold medal favorites Seb Toots and David Wise will kick off the campaign, chronicling their journeys from home and time spent with family and friends while in Aspen. The O'Neill cameras will also follow Seb and David to competitions, practice, media appearances, nightly industry parties and downtime with other athletes on and around Buttermilk Mountain, home of X Games Aspen action. Seb will be competing in SlopeStyle and Big Air, while David is aiming to repeat his gold medal in Ski SuperPipe.

All content will be updated live via, along with O'Neill Snow's FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and other partnering blog sites. In addition, the exclusive content at www.oneillexperience.comwill include up-and-coming star snowboarder, Quebec's Maxence Parrot, and Lake Tahoe resident, Aspen Spora, who competed in the ski SuperPipe as an 11 year old last year, with a highlight video receiving more than 142,000 YouTube views to date. Other O'Neill athletes appearing in Aspen include snowboard favorite Celia Miller from Breckenridge, CO and members of the O'Neill United program, flow team riders who have received increased exposure this season thanks to O'Neill social media support.
"Last year's O'Neill Experience at X Games was such a success with Seb, we decided to expand the behind-the-scenes access with our athlete team and offer more for fans in 2013," said O'Neill Snow's Juliet Korver. "We'll have daily athlete interaction through social media, special videos, interviews and point-of-view footage from the mountain that you can't see anywhere else."
During the O'Neill Experience, fans will be given the chance to win exclusive O'Neill gear, including hats, tees, DVDs and even athlete signature outerwear, which will be hidden in an undisclosed location within Aspen, with clues offered on O'Neill social media platforms daily through X Games Aspen week. Winning fans will receive personal congratulatory messages from O'Neill athletes during the daily O'Neill Experience videos.
"I had a blast at last year's X Games and can't wait to share the experience with other O'Neill riders," said Toutant, who will be wearing his signature O'Neill apparel during the campaign. "My fans, family and friends really enjoyed seeing how I balanced my time between having fun and focusing on the competition. We have lots of cool activities planned for this year and the cameras will be rolling, so the O'Neill Experience will be even bigger this time around."
Highlights from the O'Neill Experience at X Games Aspen 2012 included Seb prepping for competition in the athlete lounge, dog sledding with family on a day off, David Wise celebrating his surprise gold medal and Aspen Spora enjoying the X Games experience for the first time. A second version of the O'Neill Experience took place last summer in Whistler, BC, where the entire O'Neill athlete team came together for a week of boarding, skiing, paintball, cookouts and outdoor bonding with Camp of Champions attendees.


O’Neill is pleased to announce the re-signing of Jordy Smith for another 5 years.

Regarded as one of the most naturally gifted and progressive talents of his generation, Jordy first signed with O'Neill as a 19-year-old World Junior Champion in 2007. During the course of the last five years, the South African has become one of the standout performers on the elite ASP World Championship Tour. 

After winning the World Qualifying Series title in 2007, Smith embarked on his maiden World Tour season in 2008. Since then, he's racked up numerous career highlights with O'Neill by his side. Among other achievements, the 24-year-old secured top honors on the Transworld Surf Exposuremeter in 2008, starred in the game-changing surf film Modern Collective in 2009, snagged two World Tour victories at his beloved Jeffrey's Bay, and finished runner-up on the World Tour in 2010. More recently, Jordy starred in his own profile film Bending Colours, which earned a 2012 Surfer Poll Movie of the Year nomination. 

"We are fortunate to have a surfer of Jordy's calibre representing O'Neill," said O'Neill Global Marketing Director, Michael Heath. "Whether it is during competition or while free-surfing, Jordy continues to prove he is one of the most progressive surfers in the world." 

On his partnership with O'Neill, Smith stated, "The last five years with O'Neill have been unbelievable. They have given me so much freedom and yet so much support at the same time. I have built a relationship with O'Neill in which they help me out in so many different aspects of my life, and not just in surfing."  

Currently, Smith is ramping up for the 2013 World Tour, which kicks off in Australia in early March, and remains focused on regaining the competitive form he enjoyed in the first half of 2011 before a rib injury derailed his WCT title challenge.   
"I've been training and surfing a lot; reflecting on last year, and changing a few things" continued Smith. "First and foremost, my goal for the next five years is to win a World Title. I'm going to put my head down and definitely go for that." 

O'Neill Wetsuits Adds Ralph The penguin To The Team

O'Neill had added a new member to its UK team. The unusual addition is a 14 year Humboldt Penguin named Ralph who happens to be a permanent resident at Marwell Zoo. The not so feathery new team member has been given a brand new custom made O'Neill wetsuit in order to protect him from the cold elements that he faces after moulting his feathers too early!  

Originating from South America, the Humboldt Penguin moults annually but unfortunately for Ralph it happens all too quickly. Over the past few years Marwell Zoo have been protecting Ralph with custom made wetsuits and so when O'Neill heard that Ralph was on the lookout for a new one they were more than happy to oblige.

Anna Ing, Team Leader of birds at Marwell said: "Ralph was in desperate need of a new wetsuit as his old one was starting to fall apart- his wetsuits see a lot of activity with him constantly on the go, swimming, climbing rocks and preening! He certainly looks the part with his custom made O'Neill wetsuit!" 

Steve Peters, European Marketing Manager O'Neill Wetsuits comments "At O'Neill we strive to help and support marine habitats as well as understand the important relationship between the sea and the external environment. It was an absolute pleasure for us to provide Ralph with a new wetsuit and in celebration we have made him an official member of the team, after all, he is the ultimate Coldwater Specialist".

Ralph and penguin partner Coral have already been busy preening his new O'Neill wetsuit! 

Jordy Smith Collection || Duned

Jordy has been coming to Cape Town since he was a grom and has never surfed this wave the locals call "Dunes". He said, "I didn't think many people surfed there and always heard it was the starkest wave around." Now, every surf we go for this wave "Dunes" is engraved in his memory and never seems to disappoint. The feet melting walk is worth every step.

One of many photos click HERE for full gallery.


O'NEILL x OHANA is a piece created to really highlight our athletes. The word Ohana means family in Hawaiian and everyone in this short film has spent countless years riding for the same brand we call O'Neill. Jordy Smith, Ian Crane, Timmy Reyes, Cory Lopez, and John John Florence (as seen in order) all feature their best waves from the time they spent on this rock called Hawaii. It's 8 minutes full of gold and you don't want to miss the end section with JJF. If you ain't having fun, then what the hell are you doing? Enjoi these next 8 minutes. Might blow your mind… Press Play.This is a short film starring Team O'Neill.

Fresh Blood x HAWAII

Fresh Blood raids the North Shore of Oahu. Colt Ward, Jake Davis, Kain Daly, and Jake Kelley spend one week on the 7 mile miracle.


When the waves are flat in Hawaii things get weird around the O'Neill house.


More Portraits HERE

DONE | John John Florence

John John Florence and his filmer, Blake Kueny, have been tight-lipped about a movie project they've been working on for the last 11 months. It's called Done and it's a 23-minute gold mine of full rotators, deep barrels and casual style, shot on the RED Scarlet. If you're in Hawaii, you can watch Done at the skate park on the North Shore on Sunday night. If you're not, you can watch the trailer here all week. When the real deal is dropping on iTunes sometime before Christmas. You will not want to miss it.


Jack O’Neill one off art pieces to go to auction on with bids closing 28th November 2012


Sydney, Aust., Nov.19, 2012 – Surf brand O'Neill, widelyrespected as the 'first name in the water,' is concluding it's highlysuccessful global art tour revolving around one of the surf industry'sincredible pioneers Jack O'Neill. The main commissioned art pieces will gounder the final online hammer November 28th. All 6 of these amazing one offworks will be auctioned with, and proceeds of all sales areto be distributed evenly to 6 charities – O'Neill SeaOdyssey, Japan TsunamiAppeal, Surf Aid,Protect OurWinters, ChristchurchEarthquake Appeal & South Africa's Umthombo.


The feature artworks are by renowned artists ThomasCampbell, Geoff McFetridge, Liam Gerrard, Jim Phillips Jnr, Tim Chapman andMark Penxa who adds. "For me, Jack's face is the O'Neill brand. He isgenuine, sincere and he broke himself for what he loves it is all right therefor everyone to see and that is why the level of success has been so high forhim and his company. Honesty. It really does go a long way. He wasn't toodifficult to draw. I had always wanted to paint a portrait of him and was justlooking for a reason. I had it worked out pretty well in my head but, it wasmore fun for me to finally work on than anything and those are always the bestprojects to work on."  


Jack O'Neill, 89, has lead a life of innovation anddiscovery. All from a simple notion of just wanting to surf longer, he became atrue non conformist waterman and adventurer, in every sense.  Fromdeveloping the first wetsuit, the first surf shop, to hot air ballooning,surfing, sailing, and creating a global brand. The surfing world owes a lot toJack.


Brand Ambassador and Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager,Rob Bain, says 'When we set out this year to celebrate Jack's life and the60 years of the O'Neill brand, I personally had no idea just how inspiredpeople would be to learn the story. It has been such a joy to see the interestin Jack, the art submissions worldwide, and the chance to now make the main artpieces available for collection."


"The pinnacle of the tour for me, was when Jack andhis family visited the final Santa Cruz exhibition, and he was so stoked andhad such a great big smile on his face. That for me, was a great moment. I haveno doubt that these one off pieces will greatly add in value as the years passby, and the money raised will be deeply appreciated by the charities. Let's digdeep and celebrate the life of Jack, and give to a good cause."


For art bidding and more info, visit:


For art tour info visit:


Special thanks to theO'Neill family their support of the 60 Years of Innovation Global Art Tour.

Geoff McFetridge Jim Phillips Jr Liam Gerrard Mark Penxa Thomas Campbell Tim Chapman

Kids of the Black Hole

Watch as Team O'Neill's Santa Cruz team Wyatt Barrabee, Wilem Banks, Ratboy, and Shaun Burns making their rounds throughout Santa Cruz.



Salzburg, Austria (October, 30 2012) Thelong-awaited surf film, BendingColours, has arrived.Red Bull Media House, inassociation with Kai Neville Studio and O' Neill, will premiere their latestcinematic creation about Jordy Smithat the Del Mar Theatre, in Santa Cruz, on November 5, 2012. For fans unable to make the trip to Santa Cruz, all the actionfrom Bending Colours will be live-streamed for free at beginning at 8:00PM PST.


Witness interviews with Jordy and other athletes, filmmakers andspecial guests on the red carpet, follow the cameras inside with the crowd tocatch the introductions and watch the film live as it premieres to the world.If viewers miss any of the excitement, the entire live stream loop will bebroadcasted continuously for 24 hours.

Jordy Smith Bending colours

Just around the corner from the O' Neill Cold Water Classic, an ASP World Tour Stop, Jordy Smith willbe joined on the Red Carpet by fellow surf stars such as Julian Wilson, JohnJohn Florence, Josh Kerr and Tom Curren. Bending Coloursfollows a year long free surfing journey with Jordy Smith and documents hisprogression from teenage prodigy to oneof the world's best surfers. The 24-year-old combines ultra-progressive stylewith a competitive savvy beyond his years. This combination leaves us with onlyone conclusion, and that is that it is only a matter of time before he becomesworld champion.


"Iwanted to document the free surfing of Jordy, from the early years to today.How he's grown as a surfer", says director Kai Neville who has earnedhimself the reputation ofbeing a visionary in the genre of surf documentary. State-of-the-artcamera equipment and original direction allow the viewer to experience surfingcloser than ever before. Futuristic maneuvers are slowed down to reveal everyflex of board, body and manipulation of water molecule in the minutest detail. BendingColours redefines the parameters of surf movies with Jordy, along with acast of the best surfers, pushing the limits of high-performance surfing.


Filmed in exotic locations such asSouth Africa, La Réunion, Hawaii and Indonesia, the film takes the viewer on anunparalleled cinematic trip showing the beauty, power and soul of surfing at itsbest. Watch BendingColours on and tune in on November 5from 8:00PM PST forthe 24 hours on demand free live stream! From November,6 2012, Bending Colours will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray™ and iTunes.More information, additionalcontent, exclusive previews and details about the live premiere on


Jack O’Neill and the O’Neill Brand Honored Through 60 Years of Innovation Art Exhibit Last Night in Santa Cruz

With only small surf on offer at Steamer Lane today, event organizers at the O'Neill Coldwater Classic opted to call a lay day for competition with an eye on the projected swell for the coming days.

Jordy Smith checking out artwork honoring Jack O’Neill at last night’s exhibition. Photo: Ryan Miller

Event No. 9 of 10 on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), the O'Neill Coldwater Classic carries the weight of potentially crowning the 2012 ASP World Champion as well as playing a vital role in the requalification campaigns of the world's best surfers.
"With the dropping swell and incoming tide we have decided to call competition off for today," Rich Porta, ASP International Head Judge said. "We'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:15 am to make the call for a possible start to Round 2."
When O'Neill Coldwater Classic competition resumes, reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 40, will face off against O'Neill Wildcard and Santa Cruz local Jason Collins (USA), 38, in the opening Round 2 heat.
Watch the O'Neill Coldwater Classic webcast LIVE via and start the conversation with #oneilcwc
In addition to O'Neill, the event is supported by Philips O'Neill, Surfer Magazine, Surfline. Australian Surfing Life, Surf Session, Surf Portugal, Fluir, Waves, Santa Cruz Conference and Visitor's Council, and the Dream Inn hotel.
Heat 1: Kelly Slater (USA) vs. Jason Collins (USA)
Heat 2: Mick Fanning (AUS) vs. Jadson Andre (BRA)
Heat 3: John John Florence (HAW) vs. Matt Wilkinson (AUS)
Heat 4: Adriano de Souza (BRA) vs. Adam Melling (AUS)
Heat 5: Julian Wilson (AUS) vs. Raoni Monteiro (BRA)
Heat 6: Owen Wright (AUS) vs. Tiago Pires (PRT)
Heat 7: Josh Kerr (AUS) vs. Damien Hobgood (USA)
Heat 8: Jeremy Flores (FRA) vs. Kolohe Andino (USA)
Heat 9: Adrian Buchan (AUS) vs. Kieren Perrow (AUS)
Heat 10: C.J. Hobgood (USA) vs. Heitor Alves (BRA)
Heat 11: Miguel Pupo (BRA) vs. Alejo Muniz (BRA)
Heat 12: Bede Durbidge (AUS) vs. Brett Simpson (USA)

Three Days- Jordy Smith

This piece documents three days of Jordy and his preparation for the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. It gives you an inside look at what he represents and his overall outlook on surfing.
Check out our new on going series "Three Days".

Fighting Fear: Photo Gallery

Check out all the behind the scenes photos from the new movie Fighting Fear with Mark Mathews which Premieres on the 16th!

Vote for John John: Kustom Airstrike

Vote for John John: Kustom Airstrike

You've seen what went down in the Mentawais during this year's Kustom Airstrike boat trip. Now it's time for jury-duty. Voting has officially opened and you, the people, must vote for John John for best aerial.

Go vote at the, now

Cory Lopez- Legendary

At 35 years old Cory Lopez is in the best shape of his life and not slowing down. Recently, Cory took the groms down to Costa and showed them how real men work. He was up at 4:30 each morning doing his wake up rounds, in the water by 5:30. Cory was ripping whatever surf he could find for 10 hours a day, eating two meals, just pure stoke and love for surfing.  In Costa Rica he is known as Legendary and this video will show you why...

Cory Lopez- Legendary

Team O'Neill riders David Wise and Seb Toots taking gold at the Dew Tour.

Seb Toots won the men's snowboard slopestyle Finals on Sunday with his second-run-score of 94.50, increasing his lead on his victory lap. With the win, he also took home his first Dew Cup at the Toyota Championships at Snowbasin Resort in Utah.

David Wise took the lead in his first run and held onto it until the end. In that winning run, Wise started with a switch double 1080, into right 9, left 9, alley oop flatspin 5 tail to end with a double cork 12. Total score of 94.50

David Wise

Seb Toots 

Successful weekend for the O’Neill Snow athletes

Seb Toots takes 2nd at Toyota Big Air in Japan and Quebec‘s O’Neill Snow athletes get 3 podium spots at Axis Slopestyle at MSSI.

It all started with Seb Toots taking 2nd at Toyota Big Air in Sapporo, Japan, on Saturday. Sebastien has thrown a Double Backside Rodeo 1080 in the Semis for the best score of the event but unfortunately didn't stomped it in the Superfinal against Chas Guldemond, who spun a Backside 1260 for the win. Mark McMorris and Seppe Smits tied in 3rd.


Sebastien Toutant Toyota Big air in Japan Sebastien Toutant Toyota Big Air Japan Podium

And later that day, 3 O'Neill Snow athletes took a podium spots – including 2 First Place - during the Axis Slopestyle at MSSI.
In Men Open Snow, Antoine Truchon took 1st with the best two runs scores of the day. His winning run was a 50-50 front flip out on up rail / frontside 900 nose grab / switch backside 1080 double cork / switch backside rodeo 540 and frontside 270 in on the downrail staircase. Other Team rider Maxence Parrot took 8th but amazed everybody watching with a Double Backside Rodeo 900.
In Women Snow, Laurie Blouin, 14 years old, took 3rd place with spinning 360s on the Men's kickers. Laurie has been training hard and evolving enormously since the beginning of the season to become one of the best female snowboarder in the province.
Finally, in the Junior Snow category, the 12 years old and newest addition to the O'Neill Team, Francis Jobin, took the 1st place. The athlete from Quebec City scored the best two runs of the day and showed that he has to be taken seriously in the future. The winning run was frontside 180 in - switch backside 180 out on the flat downbox / switch backside 180 out on the flat downbox / backside 360 tail grab / backside 540 tail grab / cab 180 nose grab and frontside 180 in to switch 5-0 on the downrail staircase.
You can watch Francis' run and some highlights of Antoine at

Antoine truchon Podium Axis Slopestyle Mont St-Sauveur Laurie Blouin Podium Axis Slopetyle Mont St-sauveur Francis jobin Axis Slopestyle Podium Mont St-Sauveur

Antoine and Maxence are involved in the Coors Light Saint Sauveur Challenge 2011, a 3 day filming and editing video contest. You can watch their submission following the links below and help them win :
Antoine Truchon - 

Maxence Parrot –

You can also watch some footage of Sebastien, Laurie and Maxence while training on trampoline with team manager Max Henault at Maximise HQ :
Sebastien Toutant -

Laurie Blouin -

Maxence Parrot -


O'Neill Evolution 2011

Warmond, The Netherlands - January 24, 2011 - Just like they do at the end of every January, theworld's political and business elite are preparing to don their moon boots andhead up to the picturesque mountain resort of Davos in Switzerland for theAnnual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. 
Butlittle do they know that for the people of Davos, the main show has alreadybeen and gone. 
Why?Because the 2011 edition of the O'Neill Evolution will go down as one of themost significant milestones in the history of professional snowboarding. Thiswas the year that four of the sport's best Slopestyle contest riders raised thebar by stomping trick after trick when it mattered most, and the year thatthree close friends ended up on the podium after arguably the best and mostthrilling Superfinal ever. And spare a thought for Belgian rider Seppe Smits -a score of 93.57 would normally be more than enough to win any contest, but onthis special night his score wasn't even good enough for a spot on the podium.Enough said... 

O'Neill team rider Seb Toots, who claimed the win with a perfectly landed cab double cork 1260, summed up the night's momentous events by saying: "The quality of riding in this final was insane. Everyone was stepping it up on every run. Eric, Mark and Seppe just killed it. I'm just so stoked to win the title with the last run of the contest, and to be on the podium with two of my best friends."  
So find it within yourselves to forgive the people of Davos if they struggle to focus on the serious global issues this coming week. While the world's economy begins to stutter back into some form of recovery, they're no doubt still dazed and dazzled after witnessing the sport of snowboarding in a whole new light.   
1. Toutant, Sebastien 96.64 
2. McMorris, Mark 94.77 3. Willett, Erik 94.63 4. Smits, Seppe 93.57 


Canadian freestyle snowboard star Sebastian Toutant has just signed a new 5 year contract with O'Neill.
The 18 year old snowboarder – knownthroughout the world of snowboarding as Seb Toots - signed the contract infront of a crowd of fans at the O'Neill Evolution in Davos Switzerland justhours prior to his Slopestyle victory at the TTR World Snowboard Tour 6StarEvent.
"O'Neill has been behind me since the verybeginning, so this renewed partnership means a lot," said Seb. "I'm stoked onthe company, its people, and the amazing signature products that they've helpedme create. So I'm sure the next five years with O'Neill will rock, just likethe last five have!"

Seb Toots

Seb joined O'Neill back in 2005 and in his5 years with the brand has grown into one of the most exciting freestylesnowboarders in the world, pushing the boundaries and setting new standards inhis sport. 
"We are extremely proud to renew thiscontract with Seb for the next 5 years as one of the top snowboarders in theworld," Bernhard Ritzer O'Neill Director Global Sports Marketing. "Havingsupported him since he was a rookie we are excited to continue to grow thispartnership and support him in what is going to be a huge snowboarding careerahead." 
"Seb has already established himself asone of the global faces of O'Neill alongside freeride legend Jeremy Jones andsurfing superstar Jordy Smith," said Bernhard Ritzer.  
Currently sitting 6th on the Swatch TTRWorld Snowboard Tour, Seb's victory here at the O'Neill Evolution comes off theback of his recent win at the Shaun White Air & Style in Beijing. Next upis Seb's first ever X Games in Colorado where expectations are high. 

Seb Toots Seb Toots O'Neill Evolution


SURF IN CHINA?! By Jarrad Howse

Mark, Jarrad and locals

China is not you average surf destination. Most people relate the PRC (People's Republic of China) to industrial sweat shops & yum cha. I too was one of the skeptics until last week when I along with Mark Matthews & Rob Bain descended on beautiful Hainan Island to take part in the 2010 Wanning International Surfing Festival & compete in the O'Neill Surfing Hainan Open.

It crossed my mind a couple of times that the pain of filling in visa forms and standing in cues at the consulate might just out weigh the reward of swell, surf and sunshine. I was very relieved and extremely excited that my rare state of pessimism hadn't jinxed us as we were greeted with consistent 3 foot lefts peeling into Riyuewan Bay, kissed with sunshine and airbrushed with offshores. The sight of almost perfection was enough to transform the three of us into groms & started a surf prep frenzy of FCS fins and board shorts to see who would be the first into the brine to ride a wave in the South China Sea.

China right Mark Victory Rob Bain

Hainan Island is two flights from Sydney then a 45 min coach from Sanya Airport to Wanning County. It being a surf destination in its infancy you are limited to a couple of options for a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. Le Meridian Hotel, Shimei Bay (where we were  lucky enough to stay) is a 5 star dream that you never want to wake from. Built on the sand with a river mouth left for a view it has the most comfortable beds on the planet, a world class gym, 4 restaurants, awesome staff and a karaoke room, what more could you ask for! Option B, The 21 Hotel is your typical salty dog surf lodging, totally comfortable but stereotypically China. It will save your pocket $220 per night and comes with the perk of being first into the lineup at Riyuewan every morning for free. The cool thing about this new surf destination apart from tropical water is its consistency. The few locals I spoke to bragged of head high waves and offshore trades every week between Nov & April.

The following 6 days were a surreal surf adventure that danced between banquets with Government officials, media scrums, autograph signings, fun competition and exploring the palm lined, surf ridden coast of Hainan Island. The Chinese Government have Wanning County spotlighted as its tropical getaway oasis and with O'Neill's support of Mark Matthews, Rob Bain and myself there to give it surf credibility along with direction to grow tourism organically always keeping the environment & specifically the ocean at mind.

I may have won the race for the first wave of the trip but eventually lost the heat going down to Bainy & Matthews in the Semi's. Mark went on to win the Pro short board division & Bainy took out "Wingnut" (Endless Summer 2) to stand atop the podium for the Pro longboard bragging rights. 45 locals & working expat's from around the globe competed in 5 divisions, over 3 days. The festival & event truly embraced the surfing spirit, a celebration of good times in the ocean with friends and memories I will never forget.

Hainan Island in China might not be the new Bali but its lineups are deserted and its ready to be explored!

Jarrad off the lip
Surfing hits China's shores
Surfing festival
Jarrad TV
Mark + locals

Surf legend Jack O'Neill's home threatened by surf

Founder of O'Neill sports empire proposing seawall to guard his property from waves

Wetsuit pioneer Jack O'Neill made a career of protecting surfers from the ocean's chilly waters.

House Jack O'Neill

By Kurtis Alexander

PLEASURE POINT -- Wetsuit pioneer Jack O'Neill made a career of protecting surfers from the ocean's chilly waters. Now he's trying to protect himself from its fury.
The 87-year-old Santa Cruz icon says his home on East Cliff Drive is threatened by damaging down-coast currents as a result of a new 1,100-foot-seawall being built by the county. O'Neill claims his best defense is a seawall of his own, and he's asking state regulators for permission to build one.
"I was satisfied with my house the way it was," O'Neill said Wednesday, looking out at the emerging seawall that runs up against his property. "But the wall creates a little hurricane when the sand and sea get washed down, and it eats out what's at the end."
O'Neill, who moved to the Santa Cruz area in the late '50s to open a surf shop, has lived in the house he's now trying to protect for 40 years. The two-story home, while modestly built, is one of few that sits directly on the bluffs above Pleasure Point's famed surf breaks and is a longtime landmark on the county shoreline.
"It's a fantastic spot," O'Neill said from his sofa, which provides a 180-degree view of the bay that inspired the international wetsuit company he built and has since passed on to his son, Pat, to run.
O'Neill's seawall plans call for expansion of the county's concrete seawall around his property. The work, which he says will cost him at least $1 million, involves removing the rock and riprap that now offers him protection from the waves and replacing them with a sturdier wall contoured around his home.
Like the county seawall, which is in its final stage of construction, O'Neill's wall would be sculpted and colored to look like the bluffs.
The California Coastal Commission is scheduled to make a decision on O'Neill's proposal next week.
"He's in a very vulnerable spot," said commission planner Susan Craig, noting that seawalls often deflect wave energy to nearby areas that are not armored with concrete. "This new seawall could provide him better protection over time."
Commission planners are recommending their governing board approve the project at its meeting Wednesday in San Luis Obispo, with the proposals O'Neill has made for the public.
One is a path in front of the seawall for beachgoers to use during low tide. Another is making sure the parcel next to his property, which he also owns and is commonly called the "dirt farm," is not developed and remains open to people walking along the bluff top.
Surfrider Foundation regional manager Sarah Damrom, whose organization fought unsuccessfully to stop the county seawall, reluctantly said she would not oppose O'Neill's plans.
"We don't support armoring the coast there. However fighting things piecemeal doesn't seem like it's going to solve the problem," she said.
Surfrider and other environmental groups have challenged the rationale for seawalls, noting they only deflect the erosion problem. But with the numerous seawalls on the coast, critics have softened their protest, particularly to smaller projects, and have instead sought to sway planners to their line of thinking.
Some worry seawalls, like the ones at Pleasure Point, could dampen the waves the surf community has come to rely on.
A surfer coming up from the beach Wednesday, though, didn't concern himself with that potential.
"Hey, it's Jack O'Neill's house," he said. "Let him do what he needs."


Warmond, The Netherlands – November 26, 2009 - Dutch kiteboarder, Kevin Langeree yesterday became PKRA World Champion for the first time ever.

“It’s so hard to believe,” said Kevin. “This season has been amazing. I was so focused on winning the world title, and I did it!” he said.

Dutch kiteboarder, Kevin Langeree yesterday became PKRA World Champion for the first time ever.
"It's so hard to believe,"said Kevin. "This season has been amazing. I was so focused on winning the world title, and I did it!" he said.


The 21 year old O'Neill kiteboarder from Noordwijk in the Netherlands had three years previously been runner up to British kiteboarder Aaron Hadlow. And once again it came down to the final event on the tour – the Teri Kite Pro in the warm waters of New Caledonia.
Kevin came second in this final PKRA stop on the World Tour, however it was enough to push long term rival Aaron Hadlow off the top of the rankings and take the World Title.

Unhooked nosegrab

The young talented kiteboarder isn't going to take it easy from here however. "I'm going to enjoy this victory," said Kevin. "But I will keep training hard. I want to be ready for next year's tour."

Kevin Langeree


October 13 2009, Berlin, Germany - Sixteen year old Seb Toots won the on the weekend with a perfect backside 1080 double cork – showing just why he is currently TTR World Tour number one.

"I am super excited to win," said Seb "There were a lot of good ridersthere so it means a lot to me. It's like a dream to come out first."

The Canadian beat an impressive lineup at the big air contest in its first year in Berlin, taking victory over Eero Ettala and current TTR World Champ Peetu Piiroinen with his backside 1080 double cork. And he made it look easy. "I think the hard part about a backside 1080 double cork is learning it," said Seb. "It's always scary to try the first time, but once you can control it, it's a great trick."
His first place comes right after finishing second at the a few weeks ago.
"Peetu and Eero are really good riders and you never know what they are gonna throw in the contest," said Seb. "Eero got first place at, and I got second so I am really stoked to be first this time with this good line up of riders."

Seb Toots got 2nd at Big Air

Seb Toots has continued his onslaught of the season – coming second at the in Zurich over the weekend.

Seb 2nd

The 16-year-old Canadian snowboarder who currently sits top of the TTR World Snowboard Tour ranking list, pulled off a Rodeo 5 and Back 1000 Double Cork to come second behind Eero Ettala.
And this is only the start of the season. Expect big things this year from the young star.

New Member for O'Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill Wetsuits Adds Ralph The penguin To The Team

Californian surf, snow &lifestyle brand O'Neill adds a new member to its UK team. The unusual addition is a14 year Humboldt Penguin named Ralph who happens to be a permanent resident atMarwell Zoo. The not so feathery new team member has been given a brand newcustom made O'Neill wetsuit in order to protect him from the cold elements thathe faces after moulting his feathers too early!  

Originatingfrom South America, the Humboldt Penguin moults annually but unfortunately forRalph it happens all too quickly. Over the past few years Marwell Zoo have beenprotecting Ralph with custom made wetsuits and so when O'Neill heard that Ralphwas on the lookout for a new one they were more than happy to oblige.

Anna Ing, Team Leader of birds at Marwellsaid: "Ralph was in desperate need of a new wetsuit as his old one was startingto fall apart- his wetsuits see a lot of activity with him constantly on thego, swimming, climbing rocks and preening! He certainly looks the part with hiscustom made O'Neill wetsuit!" 

StevePeters, European Marketing Manager O'Neill Wetsuits comments "At O'Neill westrive to help and support marine habitats as well as understand the important relationship between the sea and theexternal environment. It was an absolute pleasure for us to provide Ralph witha new wetsuit and in celebration we have made him an official member ofthe team, after all, he is the ultimate Coldwater Specialist".

Ralphand penguin partner Coral have already been busy preening his new O'Neillwetsuit! 



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Verbier, Switzerland – 22 March 2010 - O'Neill freeride skier, Ane Enderud has won the Freeride World Championship 2010 following a spectacular victory in the final event of the season – at the Bec des Rosses in Verbier, Switzerland.
"I just can't believe I am on top!" said Ane after her run, which brought her the World Tour victory.
It is the second year in a row that the Norwegian skier has taken the accolade. And it is made all the more remarkable by the fact that she was forced to sit out the first part of the Freeride World Tour this season with a back injury.
"I am super happy especially after the disappointing start of the season when my back problems forced me to pull out of the competition in Chamonix," said Ane.
However, determined as ever, she followed this up with two victories and a second place result.
And her victory in Verbier on the weekend was the final achievement, which secured her title. "I got a bit lost down the Bec des Rosses and changed my line choice when I skied it," said Ane. "So I was stoked to take the big cliff jump and land it clean without having inspected it beforehand!"

Bobby Martinez, part time Gold Coast local and latest Team O'Neill signature fine tunes South of the Super Bank

Martinez, team O'Neill's latest signing has arrived on the Gold Coast in preparation for the 2010 Dream Tour event at Snapper Rocks. Bobby has been zoning in and avoiding the Superbank crowds by taking the drive south of the Tweed River making the most of the hollow pipes and punt sections at Fingal.

Stay tuned to as team O'Neill surfers Jordy Smith, Bobby Martinez, Roy Powers and Shaun Cansdell tear up the Gold Coast.