Timmy Reyes

Timmy Reyes


Timmy Reyes has the total package. He is a smooth, powerful surfer who loves cold water, and likes to take on big, powerful waves. There are no secrets to Tim's success so far -- he simply surfs hard and loves the sport.  

Even though Timmy Reyes moved to the beach and started surfing at 9 years old, much later than others on tour, the Huntington Beach, Calif. transplant has been making waves on the ASP World Tour since he arrived in 2005.  A regular footer, Timmy flies under the radar most of the time, choosing to travel alone, and explore private surfing spots with close friends.

When the Reyes family moved to Huntington Beach from West Covina, Calif., they had a love
for the ocean, and Timmy entered the Junior Lifeguards program.  In high school, after he placed second in his very first competition, Timmy realized surfing was his calling and he quickly became a trophy hunting machine.
Growing up in Huntington taught him how to fight and scramble for waves in the crowded surf, making the man-on-man heat format of the WCT tour seem like an everyday surf session.
Spending time with good friends and mentors also helped Timmy progress faster.  Guys like O'Neill teammate Bobby Martinez, Anthony Petruso, and Micah Byrne helped make him who he is today in the water.

In 2007, after a huge floater and a misplaced foot, Timmy tore his knee and required a complete replacement of his ACL, MCL and meniscus .  Through rehab and hard work, he made it back on tour in 2008 and had what he calls a "sleepy year."  Contrary to his words, Timmy still took third in the 2008 Pipeline Masters that year, proving to the world that a devastating injury can't even slow him down.

Being a professional athlete is no easy task, and living out of a duffel bag makes even the most unique places tiresome.   However, Timmy takes it all in stride.  His sense of humor and positive perspective on life allows him to live in the moment and enjoy what comes his way.

These days, he spends the majority of his time focusing on improving and separating himself from others at contests in order to have the upper hand.  Having recently hired a personal
coach, Timmy is working on getting more out of his heats and improving his endurance in the water.  All of this is helping him get to the state of mind that he competes best in: focused and calm.

With his quick thinking and fast improvisation in contest surfing, Timmy Reyes is someone to keep an eye out for on the podium. 

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Timmy Reyes | Unreasonable

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Timmy Reyes started surfing at the age of nine in Huntington Beach, California. After a stint on the ASP World Tour, Timmy chose the road less traveled and now spends his time surfing remote, isolated, cold-water destinations. For Timmy it's not about crowds or contests, but rather the exploration and travel into the unknown where he truly feels alive.

Timmy Missions | Canada

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The latest Timmy Missions to grace the new year was a road trip with fellow O'Neill team rider Ian Crane.  The two drove up the coast from California to Canada. They endured frigid waters, hangovers, decent waves and a good mission.

Timmy Missions: Baja, Mexico

3am was the wake up call for this Timmy Mission. We knew the swell was rising and the wind was going to blow 20 offshore. The morning started as most do, double shot of espresso and pastry from Starbucks (luckily we found one that was open at that time of morning). We made it to our destination by sunrise, high on coffee, and hoping our predictions were right. First glances, Timmy wasn't too impressed but decided to hop in the water and hope for the best. Hours went by with the wind swirling……onshore, offshore, onshore, offshore.  Suddenly,  a really hot 20kt offshore wind blew that stuck for the entire day. From that moment on,  the few humans lucky enough to be in the water probably had one the best sessions of their lives. For Timmy it was another day in the life of nomad.

The Ke Nui Tour

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The Ke Nui Tour is an edit documenting the teams stay on the North Shore of Oahu from the months of November and December. It showcases the highs & lows, the beatings, the bruises, the reef massages, and most of all the triumph.
The video hosts a star-studded crew of Global, US and Australian team riders: Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Eli Olson, Nils Schweizer, Jake Kelley, Colt Ward and Robbie McCormick.

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O'NEILL x OHANA is a piece created to really highlight our athletes. The word Ohana means family in Hawaiian and everyone in this short film has spent countless years riding for the same brand we call O'Neill. Jordy Smith, Ian Crane, Timmy Reyes, Cory Lopez, and John John Florence (as seen in order) all feature their best waves from the time they spent on this rock called Hawaii. It's 8 minutes full of gold and you don't want to miss the end section with JJF. If you ain't having fun, then what the hell are you doing? Enjoi these next 8 minutes. Might blow your mind… Press Play.This is a short film starring Team O'Neill.

Nike Pro: Day 1

John John had the highest two wave score of the day. This photo incorporates it all.

Even though Ian Crane lost in the trials his performance was spot on.

Timmy Reyes is known for his man carves and used them to his advantage.

Jake Davis was blowing up! Unfortunately he could not pull through during final round of the trials.
As day one came to a wrap, John John Florence, Cory Lopez, and Timmy Reyes have advanced to round 2 and are one step closer to the win. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update.


- When and where are you filling this out?
"In my house a few hours before leaving for Barbados
Describe your first board, how much it cost, and where you bought it from:
My first board was from my parents; 4'11" black rails, 2" thick with no rocker."
- Who got you into surfing?
"My Dad."
- How old were you when you first stood up?
"4 or 5 years old"
- What beach was it at?
"Huntington Beach"
- Describe your first tube:
"I can't describe it because my eyes were closed."
- Nickname, and how you earned it:
"Rimmy and Squirel; one was a spelling error in Surfer Mag and I don't know how I got the other one."
- Superstitions:
- Best session ever:
"Log Cabins , March 1998"
- Favorite ever board:
"Al Merrick, 5'10" that got ran over by a 1970 van."
- Best place you've ever been and why?
"Tahiti because the waves are perfect, people are nice and you don't have to travel that far."
- Best mates:
"Shawn Ward, Micah Byrne, Anthony Petruso, and all my buddies that I hang out with."
- Legends:
"Kelly Slater , Matt Archbold"
- Three favorite CD's:
"2 Pac, Sublime, Brittany Spears because she is hot!"
- Cult video:
- Favorite surf movie and why?
"Not too sure, because all videos are good. Some are just better than others."
- Describe the most radical surfer (in and out of the water) you've ever seen:
""Archy" he freaking rips!!"