Nick Riley

Nick Riley
Sponsors: O’Neill, Raen Optics, Chilli Surfboards, Famous

Favorite Surfer/s: Rasta, Benji Weatherly, Andy

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I started surfing around age 7 I guess because I didn't live near the beach the first year we moved to Australia. As soon as we did it was the same way I think the majority of groms start, their Dad pushing them into a couple of little ones. I have been hooked ever since.
I grew up in Manly and pretty much watched Richie Lovett surf everyday. I always loved the way he approached waves and the style and ease he did it with. There we're a bunch of amazing surfers to look up to in the area like Dayyan Neve, Kai Otton, Twizzle & Christian Cook.
I had a pretty strong junior career, finishing 6th in my last year on the Junior Series and was in the top 10 for the 2 years before that. I took the QS on last year and finished 3rd in a 5 star QS in the Canaries which I was stoked with as well as a couple of 5ths. Hopefully I can keep the momentum this year and move further up the rankings.
I love point breaks, Left or right, it doesn't matter to me. Its the best feeling when you take off on a wave and can see it lining up for yards, Its even sweeter too if its barreling.
In the Short term, I'm really going to focus on competing in the O'Neill Cold water events and try to take the 50 G's for CWC champ. This year I will also be competing in selected WQS events globally and would be stoked to finish in the top 50. Other than that I'm going to be focusing on building my profile here in Australia and Long term I would love to have a real go at making the WCT. It's always been a dream of mine.
I'm just super stoked to be back on the O'Neill team especially with their focus on a more edgy product here in Sydney. The whole range is looking rad, my favorites are the beaver tail vest, short john and the 19"hyper freaks.