Kevin Langeree wins PKRA Germany for the third time.

Kevin Langeree wins PKRA Germany for the third time.

Victory moves him to second in the World Rankings

The Dutch kiteboarding sensation Kevin Langeree has won the 4th stop of the PKRA World Tour

Kevin 1st


"I've been busy celebrating my 1st place here in Germany! It's already the 4th time that the PKRA is held here in St. peter Ording and I was able to win it 3 times in a row!!

We had the perfect conditions on the first day of wind, I was out on my 6m the whole day. It was a classic NorthSea storm and I'm really used to those conditions cause they are the same as at home. That really gave me an advantage to the other riders.

On the day of the singles it was really my day I landed all my trick in every heat I rode so before I knew it I was in the final again! In the final I had to go up against Aaron. Just before the final stared the wind dropped a bit so I toke a bigger size kite and that was a good decision. I landed a double front mobe, double back spin pass, doublesbent pass, a one handed kgb, a switch KGB and some other powered HP's.That was good enough to win the singles.

The next day it looked like it would be the last day with wind so we tried to finish of the doubles. Youri had a 3rd place in the singles in the doubles he was riding really well and kicked Aaron of his 2ndplace. That means that I had to go up against Youri in the finale ofthe doubles. An all Dutch final!

In the beginning it went pretty well but during the end of the heat we both started crashing a bit. In the last minute I still landed a front mobe to blind that really helped me to win that heat!!!!
The next event is in Brazil in October so we have a really long break to train!"

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