Sebastien Toutant

Sebastien Toutant


Sebastien Toutant aka Seb Toots has become a veritable freestyle snowboarding phenomenon. The French Canadian teenager exploded onto snowboarding's global stage for the first time in 2006, coming from nowhere as a 13-year-old amateur to win the Empire Shakedown contest on home soil. Since then, Toots has been busy traveling the globe and cementing his reputation as one of professional snowboarding's brightest young talents. Armed with his appetite for trick innovation and his ability to land the unthinkable, the industry has been forced to sit up and take notice. Despite his young age, Toots has already competed in many of the world's most important contests, and has also found the time to film memorable video parts. And while injuries are almost unavoidable for those that push the sport so hard, it is Seb's remarkable ability to bounce back even stronger from setbacks that truly sets him apart from the competition.

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Successful weekend for the O’Neill Snow athletes

Seb Toots takes 2nd at Toyota Big Air in Japan and Quebec‘s O’Neill Snow athletes get 3 podium spots at Axis Slopestyle at MSSI.

It all started with Seb Toots taking 2nd at Toyota Big Air in Sapporo, Japan, on Saturday. Sebastien has thrown a Double Backside Rodeo 1080 in the Semis for the best score of the event but unfortunately didn't stomped it in the Superfinal against Chas Guldemond, who spun a Backside 1260 for the win. Mark McMorris and Seppe Smits tied in 3rd.


Sebastien Toutant Toyota Big air in Japan Sebastien Toutant Toyota Big Air Japan Podium

And later that day, 3 O'Neill Snow athletes took a podium spots – including 2 First Place - during the Axis Slopestyle at MSSI.
In Men Open Snow, Antoine Truchon took 1st with the best two runs scores of the day. His winning run was a 50-50 front flip out on up rail / frontside 900 nose grab / switch backside 1080 double cork / switch backside rodeo 540 and frontside 270 in on the downrail staircase. Other Team rider Maxence Parrot took 8th but amazed everybody watching with a Double Backside Rodeo 900.
In Women Snow, Laurie Blouin, 14 years old, took 3rd place with spinning 360s on the Men's kickers. Laurie has been training hard and evolving enormously since the beginning of the season to become one of the best female snowboarder in the province.
Finally, in the Junior Snow category, the 12 years old and newest addition to the O'Neill Team, Francis Jobin, took the 1st place. The athlete from Quebec City scored the best two runs of the day and showed that he has to be taken seriously in the future. The winning run was frontside 180 in - switch backside 180 out on the flat downbox / switch backside 180 out on the flat downbox / backside 360 tail grab / backside 540 tail grab / cab 180 nose grab and frontside 180 in to switch 5-0 on the downrail staircase.
You can watch Francis' run and some highlights of Antoine at

Antoine truchon Podium Axis Slopestyle Mont St-Sauveur Laurie Blouin Podium Axis Slopetyle Mont St-sauveur Francis jobin Axis Slopestyle Podium Mont St-Sauveur

Antoine and Maxence are involved in the Coors Light Saint Sauveur Challenge 2011, a 3 day filming and editing video contest. You can watch their submission following the links below and help them win :
Antoine Truchon - 

Maxence Parrot –

You can also watch some footage of Sebastien, Laurie and Maxence while training on trampoline with team manager Max Henault at Maximise HQ :
Sebastien Toutant -

Laurie Blouin -

Maxence Parrot -

Seb Toutant wins FIS World Cup Big Air

Seb Toutant Wins FIS World Cup Big Air

Sebastien Toutant has won the second big air of the 2011 LG Snowboard FIS World Cup. In a high-class snowboard final of the fifth Stadium Winter Jam in Stockholm <,45.html> , Sweden, the Canadian rider earned 51.3 points thus edging off Finland's Petja Piiroinen (48.9) and Patrick Burgener from Switzerland (47.8) to the second and third rank respectively. It was the first World Cup win for the 18-years-old talent from Montreal who also took over the lead in the Big Air World Cup and Freestyle Snowboard Overall World Cup standings.

That he could bring home victory at his second World Cup competition was due to the double cork variations the French Canadian had nailed in the finals. After the best ranked rider of the qualifiers had stomped a huge frontside 1080 double cork he also threw in a backside 1260 double cork, which didn't count for his final score as well as a backside 1080 double cork in the decisive third run.

In front of thousands of spectators who had line up in the 1912 Olympic Stadium of the Swedish capital, "Seb Toots" didn't seem to be fussed at all before dropping in as last rider of the contest although he was. "I'm always nervous although I have been to many competitions already. But the more I do the more confident I get. I'm stoked that I was able to win this as the event and the level of riding in the finals was super good." In addition, the young gun also made him a late birthday present: "I turned 18 a few days ago so this is nice!"

Piiroinen, a very surprised runner-up

Petja Piiroinen was also very pleased with the result as he hadn't expected to make it to the podium at all according to the "lean" score he had earned in his first attempt (cab 900). After his final jump, a backside 1080, he went straight to the riders lounge to get changed. But a few minutes later, he got informed that he had placed second so the Finnish rider "had" to come back to the price giving ceremony.

"I'm super stoked. When my coach told me that I'm second I was just like 'Wow!' I was about to leave already. So, this was a big surprise for me", the 19-years-old summed up.

Burgener grit his teeth

Patrick Burgener was also very happy. No wonder as the talent from Switzerland podiumed in his first ever big air World Cup competition; despite the fact that he had lost a piece of his tooth while crashing in his second run.

"For sure I had that bail in mind. But I'm pleased with the result", the 16-years-old said after switch backside 1080 and cab 900.

The LG Snowboard FIS World Cup will continue in Lech <,61.html> . On December 7th and 8th, 2010, the season's first two snowboard cross races are scheduled in the Austrian Winter sport town. The first of the competitions comes with a night final so don't miss the action!

Seb Toots got 3rd place at 2010 US Open Slopestyle in Stratton, Vermont

Seb Toots_photo Max Henault

O'Neill rider Sebastien Toutant finished 3rd at the Burton US Open Slopestyle last Friday. Freshly back from a recovered broken ankle at the beginning of December during Air&Style in Innsbruck, he got nothing less than another podium position for his first event of the year.
Under a warm sun and slushy conditions the landings were a little bit tricky, but the O'Neill team performed well. After the semi-finals, Jason Dubois, Seb Toots, Mark McMorris and European Janne Korpi were in the top 16 list for the finals.
Seb finally landed his double backside rodeo 9 to switch frontside 9 and his signature tricks – the Tootsie Roll, a back 1080 double cork – during his last run making him jump to 3rd position with a 93.33, a difference of only 0.34 points with the 2nd place. "It feels good to be back on my board", Seb said. "I'm just glad that I am recovering well and that I have had a lot of support."
The O'Neill Team Manager, Max Henault said "Before his injury, Seb did 9 podiums in a row, so we can consider this one as a 10th because it's his first competition since then. Also, even if he's back on his board, he's still not 100% recovered, so we're pretty much confident about what's next." Next events to check out are the Ride Shakedown in Canada in April and the Super Park in Mammoth in May. Max added "This year riders are pretty strong and every podium is even more significant. We really have a good team and we are working hard to keep them on top."
European Janne Korpi did pretty well in Halfpipe earning him a 5th place. He also got rewarded at the Burton Global Open Series for having the 3rd highest cumulated points during all the Open events in Slopestyle and Halfpipe bringing home 20,000 US$ and finished 5th overall of the TTR World Tour giving him an extra 9,000 US$.
Our video of the event will be available soon, but you can check on for now.


October 13 2009, Berlin, Germany - Sixteen year old Seb Toots won the on the weekend with a perfect backside 1080 double cork – showing just why he is currently TTR World Tour number one.

"I am super excited to win," said Seb "There were a lot of good ridersthere so it means a lot to me. It's like a dream to come out first."

The Canadian beat an impressive lineup at the big air contest in its first year in Berlin, taking victory over Eero Ettala and current TTR World Champ Peetu Piiroinen with his backside 1080 double cork. And he made it look easy. "I think the hard part about a backside 1080 double cork is learning it," said Seb. "It's always scary to try the first time, but once you can control it, it's a great trick."
His first place comes right after finishing second at the a few weeks ago.
"Peetu and Eero are really good riders and you never know what they are gonna throw in the contest," said Seb. "Eero got first place at, and I got second so I am really stoked to be first this time with this good line up of riders."


Where From: Montreal
O'Neill rider since: 2006
Riding Style: streets rails, big jump and backcountry
Favorite place to ride: new zealand, snowpark
Best accomplishment: 1st on the TTR World Tour at 16 years-old
Motivation: My evolution in the snowboard.
Favorite word: yeah Bro!
Favorite O'Neill product, and Why?  My Signature Jacket...   Cause its mine! hehe
Thanks to: My family and my sponsors