Arnaud Rougier

Arnaud Rougier


French freeskier Arnaud Rougier is one of a new breed responsible for steering skiing's progression out on the open mountains. Based out of Tignes in the French Alps, Arnaud is equally comfortable laying down gigantic tricks in the untamed backcountry as he is in manicured snowparks. After announcing his arrival on the international scene in 2005 with a handful of  big podium results, Arnaud has continued to lead the evolution of freestyle skiing by incorporating freestyle tricks into freeride lines. The result is a consistently fluid and versatile display of top level skiing that has not gone unnoticed by his peers and the international media. Despite spending a large part of the year shooting video and photos, Arnaud still finds time to showcase his many talents in freeski events around the world. In the off season, Arnaud enjoys chilling out with his mates, skating and wake surfing.

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Q: What made you decide that you wanted to turn skiing into your profession?A: I've skied since I was born. It's what I do best. 
Q: What do you enjoy about taking part in competitions?A: Although I take part in competitions I have to confess it's not my favourite part. I prefer filming and having a bit more freedom. 
Q: What's the most exciting thing going on in skiing right now?
Freestyle skiing is changing so much. There are new tricks, new material, new spots and new riders… I'm so proud to be part of this progression.
Q: Other than home, where is your favorite place to ski, and why?
A: Last winter I was in Alta Utah. It's a crazy place where the snow looks like cotton and there are so many spots to build backcountry kickers.
Q: Which kids do you think are going to make it big in the next few years?
A: There are so many kids who really quick ass. The best is Jossi Wells, a kid from New Zealand. But there are a few good French kids to look out for as well.
Q: How did you first get sponsored, and what would your advice be for any young skiers looking to make a living from skiing?A: I found my first sponsor ten years ago; I was just riding in Tignes with my friend Pierre Espargillière. The manager from Sun Valley saw us and gave us our first free ski set.
Q: What's the best thing about being a pro skier?A: The best thing is traveling around the world to get the best footage and riding with the best riders.
Q: What's your main goal for next season?A: To travel a lot to find the craziest spot for next year's movies.
Q: Describe your perfect dayA: Snow, friends and sun!