Nils Lauper

Nils Lauper


Born and raised in the magnificent Swiss Alps, it's no small wonder that Nils Lauper considers himself a natural born skier. The Swiss freestyler was too young to remember the first time he stepped into a pair of skis, but he must have liked it from day one because he's still loving it a couple of decades down the line. Nils' life continues to revolve around skiing and that magical white stuff, and whilst he's more than happy to chase the best conditions around the globe, he's also more than content to stay at home if that's where the goods can be found. Lauper has underlined the threat he poses to the world's best freestyle skiers by notching up some excellent results on the FIS World Cup circuit, and will almost certainly be looking to cross the Atlantic more often to let the USA know what's up.

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Q: What has been the biggest highlight of the past 12 months for you?
A: My highlight was that I had my best season ever. I got 3rd on the overall ranking on FIS World Cup in halfpipe.  

Q: Who do you enjoy riding with the most, and why?
A: I prefer riding with my girlfriend. We complete each other and have so much fun together.  

Q: Other than home, where is your favorite place to ride, and why?
A: Oh, there are so many places. I like Laax because that's where my favorite pipe is. Wanaka in New Zealand because everybody goes over there to have fun. And then there's the ski resorts in Japan because they have such a different culture. And let's not forget about the fun little resorts in Switzerland.  

Q: What are your main goals and plans for the next 12 months?
A: I want to compete at the European Open in Laax and finish on the podium - that's a big goal of mine. I also want to go back to New Zealand in this summer and then go to the US at the beginning of the winter to train.  

Q: How do you see your sport evolving in the next few years?
A: If the progression of skiing continues the way it is, freeskiing is going BIG.  

Q: Have you got any plans to film a new video part, and if yes, with which film company?
A: I'm working on a project with a friend. It's a brand new venture. I can't really say any more at the moment; it's all top secret. The project will be filmed by some newcomer filmers from Switzerland (BMP Productions).  

Q: What do you do for fun when you are not riding?
A: I try to go to the beach to surf as often as possible. Unfortunately it's not very close for a Swiss guy. Otherwise I like to spend a lot of time in the mountains, hiking and paragliding.  

Q: What achievement are you most proud of so far in your career?
A: I'm super proud of the fact that I'm still progressing every day at the age of 27 years young! 

Q: If you didn't ride for a living, what would you have liked to be doing now for an occupation?
A: I would probably be a farmer looking after 20 cows! Actually, I don't really know what I'd be doing instead. 

Q: What trick do you enjoy the most?
A: That changes every week. I actually haven't had a favorite trick for a long time. I like to be creative in my grabs and tricks to set myself apart from the other riders.