Øystein Bråten

Øystein Bråten

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Q: When did you start skiing and why?

A: I started skiing because I looked up to the freeskiers in my local ski resort and wanted to be just like them. When I got toknow them I found out how much fun it is to be part of the ski community whereeverybody is a friend no matter how old you are. At first I was skiing aroundon regular alpine skis in the park until the day they broke, then my parentsbought me a pair twin tip skis.


Q: What has been the biggest highlightof the past 12 months for you?

A: The biggest highlights for me so farhave mostly been this season, with 8 1st places in competitions around inNorway and 3rd place in AFO and 2nd in youth World Champs.


Q: What's the best thing about ridingfor a living?

A: I look forward to finish school so Ijust can focus on skiing.

Q: Who do you enjoy skiing with themost, and why?

A: I enjoy skiing the most with AndreasHåtveit, Bendik Øye, and all the other guys at home that I ski with a lot. Ithink it is cool to ride with them because they are so passionate about skiing,and they are always stoked to go out and ride.

Q: Which skier inspires you the most?

A: Andreas Håtveit for sure inspires mea lot. He have turned pro the hard way learning every single trick in the book,and is such a good skier. I also pick up a lot of inspiration from skiers likeJossi Wells, Sammy Carlson and Kim Boberg. I think all those guys have suchcool styles, and it is something that I get inspiration from.

Q: Other than home, where is yourfavorite place to ski, and why?

A: My favorite place to ski has to bethe glacier Folgefonna, located on the west coast of Norway. The park has sucha good flow and all the features use to pretty dope. Mammoth Mountain is alsosick!


Q: What are your main goals and plansfor the next 12 months?

A: My main goals is to just ski as muchas I can, try to take my skiing to a higher level, doing bigger competitionsand get a lot of cool stuff on film.


Q: How do you see your sport evolvingin the next few years?

A: It is hard to say, but I think itjust will continue grow and sick new tricks will be stomped!


Q: Have you got any plans to film a newvideo part, and if yes, with witch film company?

A: My plan is to film with theNorwegian crew, Chaoz Productions. Hopefully it will turn out good.


Q: What do you do for fun when you arenot skiing?

A: When I´m off skiing I usually goskate in our miniramp, jump on trampolines and hang out with friends.


Q: What achievement are you most proudof so far in your career?

A: That will be my 3rd place inAustrian Open this year.

Q: If you didn't ski for a living,what would you have liked to be doing now for an occupation?

A: I think I would continue with mydancing, because a couple of years ago I turned Norwegian champion in folkdance, for people under 18. I think that is such a cool thing, and I wish I hadmore time for that now too.

Q: What trick do you enjoy the most?

A: The tricks I enjoy the most isalways changing, but these days I enjoy carve cork 7s with blunt a lot. 


Q: What's your favorite ski resort?

A: Andreas Håtveits backyard.


Q: What music you listen to?

A: Could be everything. From hip-hop totechno, house, rock.

Q: Has skiing ever injured you andwhat's the worst injury?

A: Actually I have been pretty luckywith injuries and have gotten away with only sore parts on my body mostly.Hopefully I will keep that streak going.