Dimi De Jong

Dimi De Jong

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Q: What's it like to grow up where you do?
A: "It's great!"

Q: Which place is home away from home?A: "The snow - anywhere"

Q: What do you prefer to eat before a session?A: "The Mac"

Q: What was your  worst crash?A: "At the junior pro i fell on my head and fell of the world for a short while.."

Q: Describe your dream house on a dream location.A: "In Switzerland with my own park in the backyard."

Q: What ride from last season you remember the most?A: "My Final run at the Burton European open."

Q: What was your best trip last year?The Dutch National Championship (NK)

In what comditions are you at your best?A: "Wherever there's snow, kickers kick ass and the pipe is well shaped."

Q: What's the O'Neill lifestyle to you?A: "Fun and tough"

Q: What do you do when you don't train?A: "Make homework"

Q: How do you see your future in the sport?A: "I just want to be a pro."

Q: What O'Neill event appeals most to you?
A: "O'Neill Evolution"

Q: What's your favourite O'Neill product?A: "I like everything, O'Neill rocks."