Indar Unanue

Indar Unanue


Born in San Sebastian and living in Zarautz, Spain, Indar is the big wave adventurer to look out for. The seemingly fearless Spanish surfer made his presence known when he charged Waimea Bay in Hawaii.

At 12 years old Indar joined hislocal surf club where he started to hang out with like-minded wave riders with whom he stillrips with today (Igor Muniain, Mario Azurza, Marcos Sansegundo, MikelUrigoitia).

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Interview with Indar Unanue
Vancouver Island, Canada
October 28, 2009

Q: As a kid what did you dream of being when you grew up? Where did this desire come from?

A: I always wanted to surf and travel – exactly what I am doing now. My parents didn't surf, but I grew up in Basque Country in Spain on the water, so I just started surfing with my friends from a young age and loved it.

Q: Was this dream ever likely to be reality for you?
A: When you're younger you only think about 'surf'. You don't think about all the other stuff around it that you need to make it work – training and stuff. It's difficult but I knew I wanted to do it and I love what I do so it's good.

Q: Is what you are doing now… surfing for a living – a dream for you? Can it also be a bit of nightmare?
A: It is. I never wanted to do anything else. I think the hard part is what to do when your surfing career ends. Whatever I do after I want to stay in this industry for sure.
Q: What is it about surfing that makes you get up in the morning and want to continue doing it every day?A: It's exciting and it's a part of nature. It's so exciting when you are looking at the swell charts with friends, seeing a swell coming in, getting excited about what it's going to be like and where you are going to go.
I like looking for big waves. Whenever I see a big swell I get nervous and can't sleep. A lot of people think I am crazy for riding big waves but for me it's the most fun. But I do it with a respect and still always taking the most care.
Q: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?A: Around my area where I grew up there are so many professional surfers who I have looked up to. People like Aritz Aranburu were the ones I looked at and thought – I would like to do that!
Q: What's your dream destination in the world? Why?A: My home. Not for the waves though. For me I go home to chill out. My family is there and it's relaxing. For good waves I would say Hawaii in winter – it's paradise for surfing.