Joackim Guichard

Joackim Guichard


Joackim Guichard is one half of the Guichard twins. Born in Oslo to a French father and Norwegian mother, Joackim and his twin brother Lucas are now fortunate enough to live on the sunny south coast of Portugal. The multi-lingual Joackim has raised more than a few eyebrows in recent years with his explosive displays of surfing, including everything from deep barrel rides right through to progressive aerial maneuvers. The 19-year-old has already scored several important podium positions, including a second place finish behind Tiago Pires in Portugal's national championships back in 2008. While Joackim was disappointed not to take the title, he knows that finishing second to a current Dream Tour surfer was no bad achievement in itself! This season, Joackim will be looking to grow his WQS experience in a bid to get one step closer to achieving his long-term goal of qualifying for the elite World Tour. Outside of surfing, Joackim loves spending time with his family, and also enjoys cooking and playing tennis when poor conditions keep him out of the water.

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Q: When did you start surfing and why?
A: When I was 13 years of age..

Q: What has been the biggest highlight of the pas 12 months for you?
A: Hanging out with my loved ones, family and girlfriend! Cruising around and doing what we love, surfing!!

Q: What's the best thing about surfing for a living?
A: I guess freedom, there is no boundaries comparing to civilization, only one, is to respect the ocean! And clears your mind!

Q: What's your most embarrassing moment?
A: Being a human being! Hahahahaha

Q: Who do you enjoy surfing with the most, and why?
A: My brother, cause we started at the same time! And that's what's brings us together, so we push each other in a positive and balanced way, and it brings happiness to our lives!!

Q: Which surfer inspire you the most?
A: Dane Reynolds, Mick Fanning

Q: Other than home, where is your favorite place to surf, and why?
A: Nias (Indo) cause its a wave machine, every single wave will barrel if its above 6ft!!

Q: What are your main goals and plans for the next 12 months?
A: Do a few contests, travel for coverage, and most of all have fun with it! No matter what! And bake a carrot cake!! Love it!!!

Q: How do you see your sport evolving in the next few years?
A: Back flips and banana splits!

Q: What do you do for fun when you are not surfing?
A: Tennis, eat fine cuisine with a smooth wine to take it down with habibah! Family time along with friends, concerts, traveling's and much more ...

Q: What achievement are you most proud of so far in your career?
A: To do what I love the most!

Q: If you didn't surf for a living, what would you have liked to be doing now for an occupation?
A: Dancer, tennis player or a chef!!

Q: What trick you enjoy the most?
A: Barrels

Q: What type of wave is your favorite?
A: 5ft barrel followed by turns..

Q: What's your favorite surf destination?
A: Nias, Indonesia

Q: What music you listen to?
A: Various artists, from old rock zappa, to blues, jazz, funk, electronic, chill out ...

Q: Has surfing ever injured you and what's the worst injury?
A: Lower back, 5 stitches on my noose and did the splits once! Boy that hurt quite bit!

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