Duncan Zuur

Duncan Zuur


O'Neill team rider and top international wakeboarder Duncan Zuur is one of the most successful wakeboarders to come out of Europe. After establishing himself as an ever-present threat on the competitive wakeboard scene on both a national and international scale, Zuur has become well-known for pulling off audacious stunts, including wakeboarding across a flooded St. Mark's Square in Venice and carving his way down the narrow canals of Amsterdam. Born in Sydney, Australia, Duncan seems to feel more at home on water than on land - something that his list of accomplishments seems to support. From multiple national championship titles to World Championship medal positions, Duncan is someone you can rely on to perform at his best when the pressure kicks in. Off the water, Zuur enjoys a whole load of other sports including snowboarding, surfing and trial biking. Keep an eye out for this charismatic veteran of the European wakeboard tour as he has absolutely no intention of taking his foot off the pedal.

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Duncan Zuur wins Dutch Wakeboarding Championships 2009

After four years out of competition in his native Holland, wakeboarder Duncan Zuur made quite a comeback on Saturday.
Known for his stunts wakeboarding through the Amsterdam canals and through the streets of Venice, Duncan took out the Dutch National Championships in Amsterdam on Saturday.
He will now continue to train as he sets his sights on the European Championships.

Duncan on stage Interview

Q: When did you start wake boarding and why?
A: I started wakeboarding almost 20 years ago. At that period I was a 3-event water-skier, but luckily wakeboarding came around the corner as the new watersport. Totally stoked from the beginning until now on!

Q: What has been the biggest highlight of the past 12 months for you?
A: Unfortunately 6 months ago I got injured on my shoulder, one day before nationals...season was over... 3 weeks spending holiday in Spain was my highlight.

Q: What's the best thing about riding for a living?
A: You do the thing you like the most since you were born! "Playing with water" How cool is that!!

Q: What's your most embarrassing moment?
A: Embarrassing? That's not in my vocabulary!

Q: Which wake boarder inspires you the most?
A: Tough question, because there are a few riders that inspires me big time, but the one I respect the most is Parks Bonifay!

Q: Has wake boarding ever injured you and what's the worst injury?
A: I never have met "the Injury" instead of last year.. Too bad! I always take care of my body. Good warm up, stretching etc., etc., but 6 months ago I ripped off my pectorals major. That's the big chest muscle you really need with wakeboarding.

Q: Other than home, where is your favorite place to Wake, and why?
A: To many beautiful places on this planet! 3 months ago I was at the Maldives for a Water Women event by Positive H20 a foundation who's taking care of our oceans. This was a very special moment with very special people at a very special place.. 

Q: How do you see your sport evolving in the next few years?
A: Young talent are popping out anywhere on the globe. So good to see, Talent doing badass tricks, impressive and so much more to come.

Q: What are your main goals and plans for the next 12 months?
A: First off all I'm working very hard too get back in shape after my injury. So my main goal for this season is get back on board better and stronger than ever!

Q: What music you listen to?
A: Very various! I've got Rap/Hip hop on number one!

Q: What do you do for fun when you are not wakeboarding?
A: That's a big list! Always playing around... driving my ATV, Kite boarding, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, and last but not least spending fun time with my 2 girls...

Q: What achievement are you most proud of so far in your career?
A: 2nd place at the Worlds in South-Korea 2009..

Q: If you didn't Wake for a living, what would you have liked to be doing now for an occupation?
A: CEO of Apple

Q: What trick do you enjoy the most?
A: I really enjoy Raley tricks the most!