Jorge Gill

Jorge Gill


Jorge Gill is one of thelatest additions to O'Neill's European Wakeboard team. The teenager currentlyresides in London but will undoubtedly spend more and more time on the road ashis career continues to take off. In 2009, Gill was one of only 32 athletes toreceive a SportsAid award to help the wakboarder with his coaching, travel andaccommodation expenses. The award was handed out as part of the Mayor ofLondon's scheme for sport in the capital city. Jorge also enjoyed his best 12months to date last year thanks to a strong showing at the IWSF WorldChampionships in South Korea. Despite only recently returning from injuryfollowing a heavy crash, the young Londoner showed plenty of promise throughoutthe competition and ended up with a well-deserved 4th place finish. Gill alsocompeted in the European Boat Championships in Portugal last summer, where hecame away with a respectable bronze medal in the individual event, while GreatBritain did enough to took home the gold medal in the team event. The rookie ofthe team has already spent a fair bit of time down in Spain, where he's enjoyedan opportunity to train alongside established O'Neill team rider Cyril Cornaroand also starred in the O'Neill's wakeboard photoshoot. Looking ahead to thecoming season, you can bank on Jorge working even harder to ensure he confirmshis reputation as one of the most exciting wakeboarders of his generation.  

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Q: What has been the biggesthighlight of the past 12 months for you?

A: The biggest highlight ofthe last 12 months for me has got to be taking part in the World Championshipsin South Korea and getting 4th place.

Q: What's the best thingabout riding for a living?

A: I'm 14 and still atschool but hopefully I'll be wakeboarding for a living soon.

Q: Who do you enjoy ridingwith the most, and why?

A: My friends in the UKbecause they're lots of fun and make me laugh.

Q: Other than home, where isyour favorite place to ride, and why?

A: Anywhere sunny where thewater is flat.

Q: What are your main goalsand plans for the next 12 months?

A: I just want to keepimproving and get onto more podiums.

Q: Have you got any plans tofilm a new video part, and if yes, with which film company?

A: I have never been in awakeboard video; hopefully it will happen soon.

Q: What do you do for funwhen you are not riding?

A: When I'm notwakeboarding, I like to snowboard and skateboard. Other than that, I also enjoykickboxing.

Q: What achievement are youmost proud of so far in your career?

A: After three years ofriding, 2009 has been my best year yet. I came 1st in the British Nationals,3rd in the Europeans and 4th in the World Championships. Those are thehighlights!

Q: If you didn't ride for aliving, what would you have liked to be doing now for an occupation?

A: I don't ride for a livingyet, but I really like cooking so maybe that could be an option for me if everI needed something to fall back on!

Q: What trick do you enjoythe most?

A: I enjoy Crowmobe, Tantrumto Blind but the tricks I like doing most are big into the flats - stuff likeHS fronts and Heel 5s.