Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francisco formative years were accompanied by several freesports including skateboarding, surfing and water skiing. At the age of 14, the young Argentine picked up his first sail, and then traveled to Maui, Hawaii after finishing high school to compete in a professional event. After traveling around the world and competing in lots of different countries, Francisco started to reap the rewards of all his efforts, culminating in his PWA Wave World Title in 2000. Always striving to improve and with an unquenchable thirst to sail and compete in the best and most incredible places on Earth, Francisco expresses himself by sailing in the most creative and extreme way possible, always respecting nature and his own values. When he's not charging out into the waves of Maui, this legendary windsurfer enjoys spending time with his family, yoga, surfing, biking and swimming. Always on the search for the best equipments, which is exactly what he gets with O'Neill, Francisco started his own windsurfing brand in 2004, Goya Boards and Sails.

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- When did you make your decision to dedicate your life to your chosen sport?
"Through out high school but it wasn't until I moved to Maui in 89 when I finished high school that my decision started being real, windsurfing was just the one thing that made me the happiest."
- What's the best thing that happened to you in the past year?
"In family together with my wife we been enjoying her pregnancy and birth of Teo, he was born on March23 2006, and Luna turned 4 years old 2 months after. In windsurfing last month we were riding waves with a couple of friends in BrandonBay until 10PM and my windsurfing business keeps on growing, letting us get closer to the sport we love."

- What are your plans for the next 12 months?
"Keep a nice balance between family, my windsurfing brand, bussines, traveling and off-course, "time in the water""
- How do you see your sport evolving in the next 5 years?
"A lot of kids are getting into it, they are already pushing the limits in every angle, together with all the evolution of the equipment and the improved distribution/communication and experience of the sport as a whole, IS IS CLEAR WINDSURFING HAS THE GREATEST POTENTIAL OF ALL SPORTS.
- Who do you think is doing a good job of pushing the sport at the moment, and what are they doing differently?
"For what I see at the moment everybody is doing a good job, today most of the people involve in windsurfing is doing it for the passion  they have tours it more than any other reason."

- Have you been filming recently, and who with? What can the kids see you in?
"We just released our first FWD movie with my friends/partners a couple of months ago, for a preview go to"

- Do you ever feel burnt out, and what do to turn things around?
"Sometimes I get overwhelm when I look at the whole pile infront of me, the best solution I found for that is to just deal with one thing at a time and give it all to each moment, eventually the light starts coming in and after the day/month/year I realize all that focus and passion is one way of realizing any dream."
- What advice would you give to any kids wanting to turn pro?
 "Believe in your dreams! That is why you have them.Yes, it is worth it!"
- Other than your chosen sport, what else are you passionate about?
"I'm learning to enjoy more things as I grew up. Yoga feels great, I been also doing this 2 day trips on my bicycle around the island that are magic."

- Where on this planet would you like to retire to, and why?
"verywhere, I don't see myzelf in one place, I really enjoy traveling, it is so refreshing, makes home (Maui) so much more alive everytime I come back."

- What are you doing tomorrow?
"A Litte of everything. I'm in Argentina for a couple of weeks visiting friends and family and if the forecast is good I'm out here riding."

- If your life wasn't what it already is, what do you think you'd be doing instead?
"Hard to imagine, but sure something related with water, open spaces, travel, sports and off cours challenges."
- What's the best thing about riding for O'Neill?
"It's a company that believes in individuals!"