Roll on Spring & Summer 2018

Spring and summer come rolling in like fast, fun waves. Time to kick back in boardie’s and bikinis and drink in life like it’s the last cocktail of a monumental summer festival.

Find freedom. Get creative. Have fun. These are the brass tacks of our 2018 spring and summer collections. Check out our fiercely functional surf shorts, built to make getting wet fun and free. Or our super stretchy Stretch Shorts and technical Hyperfreaks for popping airs and getting radical. And we even created the world’s first denim bordshort, for that rock & roll style, in and out of the water. For the fairer sex we’ve created a smorgasbord of active bikinis, with a fit for every body shape and style. And we have a range of Boho beachwear, for that 24/7 festival feeling. Also if you’re looking for active wardrobe that fits adventure living then look no further than our versatile Active line, for fun and freedom on both the wet and dry side of the tide line.

Last but not least, we’ve revived some truly bodacious classics from O’Neill’s 80s closet and given them a 2018 twist. Think thrusters, go-faster fonts, neon, lashings of zinc and DK cracked up to 11 on the Walkman. Are you having fun yet? Come join the O’Neill wave cult.


Live the beach life anywhere with O’Neill.

From island hopping adventure, to fun filled staycation we have the perfect warm weather wardrobe to freshen up your summer. Men get to beat the heat in functional summer essentials, complete with iconic surf style detailing and classic logos. While bright, stand out pieces with fluid summer cuts add a flavor of the exotic to our women’s summer collection. Wherever you spend summer take a bit of the beach life with you.