It's Over!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the amazing O’Neill x Jones campaign - it’s been real!
We’re super stoked for all those who won O’Neill x Jones gear and the trip of a lifetime to Lake Tahoe.
If you didn’t win better luck next time and stay tuned to for the latest news, how-tos, product reviews and giveaways.

Backcountry Essentials How To

Learn how to pack your sack for a backcountry mission from freeride legend Jeremy Jones.
It’s tough beyond the ropes so pack right and be prepared!

Beacon Search Practice How To

Check out how backcountry pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones practices beacon searches in his back yard.
“It’s the scariest thing in the world when your buddy is under the snow and you need to find them” says Jeremy.
Learn how your beacon works before you go into the backcountry: It is life or death out there!

The Night before Riding Backcountry How To

Watch as Jeremy Jones explains his pre-backcountry routine, checking snowfall, avalanche rating
and slide history before he rides. “Before going in the backcountry use your resources” advises Jeremy
“and that includes your local avalanche forecast.”

Basic Skinning Technique How To

Watch and learn how to skin up the mountain with backcountry legend Jeremy Jones.
Be prepared, pick your route and fuel up are among Jeremy’s top tips for the perfect ascent to fresh pow.



Walk for Powder

Find out why backcountry snowboarder Jeremy Jones prefers to hike his lines rather than take a sled or heli.
It goes beyond the environmental impact of the mechanical means: “If you are willing to hike” says Jeremy “there are no boundaries.
You can go anywhere in the world.”

Who is Jeremy Jones

Watch this short introduction to the most infamous backcountry snowboarder in World.
We know who Jeremy Jones is because he’s been on the team for 15 years, and so should you!


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