Jordy in Bali

Jordy in Bali

Day 2

The event starts tomorrow & with the forecast looking epic i think it will start at Keramas first thing in the morning. Word from the contest director Tommy Whits is that Oakley won't be just waiting for perfect offshore conditions, they will also utilise the onshore breeze to encourage big turns and airs from the top 32. Jordy is heat 4 in the morning so expect fireworks as the big South African looks to take out the first event at Keramas.

Carpark's was on again today.

View from the local Warung.

Local Keramas lady weaving reed baskets to hold the HIndu offerings.

We visited a local Keramas school today that have a program to support saving Bali's coral reefs. The kids had a drawing competition to win Oakley hats and stickers.

Jordy joined in to win some Oakley gear!

African theme. The kids were pretty impressed.

Jorrdy, Seabass & Bruce Irons entertaining the kids.

Pretty excited to meet the pro's & get some stickers.