Sierra Partridge

Sierra Partridge


Sponsors: O'Neill, Hobie, O'Neill Surf Shop, Gorilla Grip, and BettyBelts

Magic Stick: 5'11" 18 1/8" 2 1/8" Hobie Squash Tail

Local Surf Spot: The Lane

Favorite Surf Spot: The Ave, Scott's Creek, Lowers, Rocky Point and V land

Surfing Heroes: Layne Beachley, Sarah Gerhardt, and Timmy Reyes

Music: Damian Marley, The Black Eyed Peas, 50 cent, Eminem, Jack Johnson, Tristan Prettyman

Best Concert: Ribsy's Nickel concert on Saint Patrick's Day

Craziest Injury: My craziest injury happened when I went carve boarding for the first time. The hill was pretty steep and made my first turn going down the hill then I got going too fast and started to bomb the hill, but the carve board started wobbling and I ate it going really fast. I ended up scraping up my shoulder and entire right side pretty good.

Interests: Traveling, Paddling, Running, Horseback riding, and Spending time with my family and friends.

Ever Snowboarded? It's so fun, but I'm not very good at it.

Ever Sponged? Sponging is awesome, especially at gnarly beach breaks.

Movies: Wedding Crashers, Without a Paddle, Million Dollar Baby, You Me and Dupree,
Young Guns 2, and Smash It Up

Most Embarrassing Moment: At C Street I was running out for a heat and it was high tide so you couldn't really see the rocks. I thought the sand just kept going so once I was running in knee deep water I slipped on the rocks and did a face plant in front of everyone. 

Food: Sushi

Traveled to: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico

Music before a surf session: Rock or rap 

What makes you unique in surfing: I go for it!

Dream date with: Mick Fanning

Must have O'Neill: Psycho 2

Goals: To travel as much as I can and surf the best waves in the world. My biggest goal is to surf Mav's after I've trained hard enough so that I'm mentally and physically ready.

In 5 years: Graduated college, traveling, and hopefully doing well on the 'QS

Current focus: Surfing and school

Favorite Manuvers: Barrels and floaters

Dream surf session: A perfect right point break, about head high with all my friends and we trade off waves all day long.

Can't live without: The ocean, my family, and my surfboard


-2nd '06-'07 season NSSA North West Open Event #2
-5th '05-'06 season NSSA Gold Coast Explorer Event #9
-5th '05-'06 season NSSA Gold Coast Explorer Event #7
-4th '05-'06 season NSSA Gold Coast Explorer Event #5
-4th '05-'06 season NSSA Gold Coast Explorer Event #2
-1st Hobie Dana Point Laguna Beach Paddle Race
-1st Santa Cruz to Capitola Wharf to Wharf Paddle Race

Interview with Sierra:

What type of board do you ride at The Lane?
When I surf The Lane, I usually ride my 5' 11" Hobie Squash tail. But The Lane holds all types of swells so when it's small I'll ride a Longboard and during the winter I'll ride up to a 7' 4" gun at middle peak when it's big. 

How is it like being a girl surfer in Santa Cruz?
It's great being a girl surfer in Santa Cruz, there aren't too many girls who surf regularly, but the ones who do rip. The women who I really look up to in Santa Cruz are Kim Mayer and Sarah Gerhardt because they're the nicest people you'll ever meet and they surf really well. Most of the time the local guys out in the water are cool and will respect you and give you waves, if you give them respect and you surf aggressively. 

How and when did you start surfing?
I've lived in Santa Cruz my whole life so since I was little I was always at the beach either boogie boarding or swimming. Later my Mom and Dad started taking me out Longboarding to Cowell's when I was nine then I just kept working my way up and started surfing the Lane with my Dad when I was about twelve and that's when I really got into surfing.

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1. Most embarrassing moment?
After a Hobie paddle race that I already didn't do very well in, I landed on the beach and fell flat on my face when I tried to run up the beach because I was so tired.

2. Favorite quote?
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

3. Chocolate or Vanilla?

4. Glass on fins or fin systems? Why?
Fin systems, easier for traveling

5. Favorite surf destination and wave?
Europe; Pantin, Spain

6. Favorite maneuver?
Getting barreled

7. Celebrity crush?
Julian McMahon and Adrian Grenier

8. What's in your traveling quiver?
Depends on where I'm going, but usually two shortboards, a step up, and a maybe mid size gun

9. Status (Married, single, whatever?) 

10. Favorite website?

11. Sounds?
Anything and everything!

12. Biggest influence in your life?
My family

13. Favorite Surfers?
Joel Parkinson, Rob Machado, and Sofia Mulanovich

14. What traits in the opposite sex are most attractive?
Honest, Athletic, Outgoing, and likes animals

15. Worst wipeout?
On bigger day I fell on the first wave of a set, my leash broke and I had to swim all the way in 

16. Words to live by?
An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.