Hailey Partridge

Hailey Partridge


Nicknames: Hay Hay

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: O'Neill, Hobie, O'Neill Surf Shop, Gorilla Grip, Betty Belts

Magic Stick: 5'11" 18 1/8 2 /8

Local Surf Spot: The Lane

Favorite Surf Spot: The Lane, The Hook, Trestles

Surfing Heroes: Sarah Gerhardt, Bruce Irons

Traveled to: Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, Italy, The Cook Islands and Hawaii

Music: Slightly Stoopid, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Pepper, The Expendables

Best concert: I went to a Ribsy's Nickel concert here in Santa Cruz with all my friends and we had a blast.

Dream Date: Bruce Irons for sure

Interests: Horseback riding, traveling, being with family and friends

Ever tried snowboarding? Yes, but only once, I've been skiing since I was little and I think it's way more fun than snowboarding

Ever tried sponging? Oh yeah, ever since I was about three but I've moved on

Movies: Modus Mix, Smash It Up, The Notebook

Most embarrassing moment: I had just gotten out of the water at Laniakea and I was taking off my wetsuit top when I hear these guys drive by hooting and whistling. I finished pulling it off and I looked down and my swimsuit top had gotten lifted up and both my boobs were completely uncovered, it was so embarrassing. 

Food: Sushi and mexican

Must have O'Neill: The "Mod" Wetsuit

What makes you unique: I always have more fun than anyone out in the water!

Craziest Injury: This isn't really a crazy injury but it was one of my most painful injuries. I was surfing Zippers in Cabo with my Dad and my sister when I duck dove a wave and when I came up it felt like someone was jabbing a fork into my legs. I knew a jellyfish was on top of me and I started kicking and paddling away as fast as I could. I finally got it off and I was crying like a baby by the time I got to the beach. After about 2 hours when the excruciating pain finally went away, I had hundreds of reds dots all over my right leg and on my left leg I had a huge "Z" shape on the back of my thigh.

Goals: Graduate college, travel, and surf all over the world

In 5 years: In five years I hope to have graduated college and either have a career I love or be traveling and surfin

Current Focus: School and surfing

Favorite Manuvers: Floaters, getting barreled

Music before a session: Mostly mellow music, Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, Ribsy's Nickel and Pepper

Dream session: 4-6 ft day out at Trestles with only me and some close friends

Can't live without: My surfboards, swimsuits and sunshine

Interview with Hailey

What type of board do you ride at The Lane?
I ride a few different boards at The Lane, mostly my 5'11", sometimes my 5'10" fish or longboard and my 7'0 on the bigger winter swells.

How is it like being a girl surfer in Santa Cruz? 
It's actually really fun, sometimes you'll go and be the only girl, but sometimes my friends and I will out number the guys!

How and when did you start surfing
My dad and mom, Rym and Winnie Partridge got me into surfing. When my sister and I were about 5, my mom got us boogie boarding. Then or dad got us longboarding and then shortboarding and we haven't stopped since. 

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1. Most embarrassing moment?
Slipping down the rocks in front of so many people at the Lane (my homebreak) right before a heat. 

2. Favorite quote?
"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." –Mahatma Gandhi

3. Chocolate or Vanilla?

4. Glass on fins or fin systems? Why?
Fin systems because they are easier to travel with. 

5. Favorite surf destination and wave?
Scorpion Bay, Mexico

6. Favorite maneuver?
Barrels, front side hacks

7. Celebrity crush?
David Beckham

8. What's in your traveling quiver?
Usually one or two 6'0"s, a 6'4" and a 7'0" or 7'6" or even a longboard depending on the location of the trip. 

9. Status (Married, single, whatever?)

10. Favorite website?
Surfline and Facebook

11. Sounds?
Tropical rain, waves crashing on coarse sand and the sounds when an airplane is taking off. 

12. Biggest influence in your life?
My parents

13. Favorite Surfers?
Sofia Mulanovich, Stephanie Gilmore, Joel Parkinson, and Jeremy Flores

14. What traits in the opposite sex are most attractive?
Honesty, a good sense of humor, and nice abs are a plus 

15. Worst wipeout?
I belly flopped/face planted on an overhead wave at Scott's Creek (a spot north of Santa Cruz) and couldn't move my neck for three days. It felt like I had strained every muscle in my neck. 

16. Words to live by?
Live well, laugh often and love much