Kallee Krebs

Kallee Krebs

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Most embarrassing moment?
Tripping over myself at a contest when i was running out to my heat, a lot of people were watching.

Favorite quote?
"junk you girl"

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate, hands down

Glass on fins or fin systems? Why?
Fin system, always had it always liked it. I like glass too though.

Favorite surf destination and wave?
Anywhere from off the wall to rocky lefts on Oahu.

Favorite maneuver?

Celebrity crush?
Nick Jonas

What's in your traveling quiver?
5'7 and 5'8 Tokoro

Favorite website?

Iron and Wine

Biggest influence in your life?
My dadio and mom.

Favorite Surfers?
Kelly an Occy.

What traits in a boy do you find most attractive?
Eyes and have to be funny.

Worst wipeout? Sucked over the falls at Pipe broke my board.
Words to live by? "Hey, Why not?"